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Val Trading Thread!

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Hey everyone ^^


I hope everyone is doing well today!~


As we all know, the Valentine's event is upon us.

It's my first year and I've already drawn up 5 lineages I'd love to accomplish, but I will need some help.


What I am looking for:

CB Erador

CB Radiant Angel

CB Sweetling (with Luv or Lov code)

CB Canto (Hoping for Sophos/blue)

CB Saku, Floral, Mutamore, and 2009 Val

2g Sweetling x Black Tea (or longer lineage)

Named Ancestors Please!


What I can Offer: (I'll keep this list updated)

2 CB Sweetlings

2 CB Arsani 

1 2g Sweetling (Black Tea x Sweet) (Traded 4 Canto)

Or eggs from any of my dragons!

(Scroll name is angelstarcave)



I am a little on the fence about trading away my 2g Sweetling, but if it is for a Sweetling Cb with love in the code; it is worth it. The lineage of the 2g Sweetling has flavor names of tea/chai and is honestly very cute and creative.

If the original owner of said Sweetling lineage sees this, please know I would love another hatchling and you are welcome to take any egg/hatchling I have. 

The same gose for owner of Sweetling with love code! I just adore Sweetling ❤️


Lineage of aforementioned Sweetling:



For those with the CB Erador, Canto, and RA:

Be aware I plan to use those for a breeding project. RA I am not sure what dragon to use just yet, but Erador x Canto Sophos will be one of the lineages made. They will end up being named. Just a heads up for those considering the trade. ❤️


I hope I did this correctly? 

Thank for reading! 


Edited by ladyangeliki
Removing Canto egg because it was not CB, removing inaccurate info. ^^

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Requesting this thread be closed/deleted.

I found out there is already a place I can post this.

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