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Hai Peoples! ^-^

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Hai everyone! ^-^


My name is Angel, the caretaker of angelstarcaves.

I first joined the dragoncave game back in 2014, but found it by watching my friends play ever since I was kid. Back when checkered stair wasn't yet a thing, and I remember how excited my friends were when that lineage idea was released. The breeding lineages are part of my childhood, I know each breeding term almost by heart. So when I was finally old enough to have my own computer, (about 16, my parents were traditional) I had to make my own account and get my own dragons! ❤️

I love this game and have many breeding projects that are about to take charge (after I grab 20 more CBS haha) and wanted a place to share them. ^^;


So just a little bit more about me, I wonder if some of you enjoy these hobbies too? I love watching anime, drawing, story writing, clay scuptling and arts and crafts stuff. I can play a few instruments too, such as the guitar, viola, flute, keyboard and a 17 key kalimba. :3 I tend to be a very upbeat and cheerful person, and there's only one thing I dislike and that is dishonest people. Otherwise we can get along. ❤️


Another thing you may want to know, I met my fiance over 7 years ago. I've recently gotten him into the game but he plays more casually and I used to as well but recently, I have gotten more active. It seemed worthwhile to make a fourm account at long last. 


If you'd like to look at my scroll, go ahead. I might be shy but my dragons are a whole other story. ❤️

Apologies for the rambling! ^-^




My dragons love cookies and won't bite! ❤️

I.. I cannot wait to get to know you all! ❤️

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