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Ye Olde Traditional Art by Mika

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I've put so many of my Skill Points into Traditional Art I hope you like the results.


First are the pieces that served as the original inspiration for the mountain cookies. These are old and fairly bad photos, but the pieces have since been scattered to the four corners of the spare bedroom so I'm not retaking them.










More soon-ish!

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Newest piece is a... box.





But what's inside, hmmm?






It's a little dragon friend! 


The dragon is a figure I bought and painted as a commission for a friend, and box is being included as a little thank you gift. 

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A bit out of season, but I painted these ornaments when I worked at my old job. The paint and additives are automotive-quality.





Hopefully one day I can paint with an air brush again. I have the equipment, just not enough space to set everything up.

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Thank you! Sorry for the super late reply!


And just finished making this! A little mix of rustic and upcycled (the wrapping around it is from an old, old leather belt).



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