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Adding to Dragon Cave lore- The Chicken Lord (as an example).

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The above is just a spur of the moment idea that, while also an example of worldbuilding, is obviously focused on the mystery of where the chicken eggs come from- since there are no roosters, according to the encyclopedia. (I haven’t completely unlocked all that species information, so I might be missing something in assuming the scroll chickens do not self-fertilize somehow).


While I doubt any such character would serve to appear as a permanent or semi-permanent fixture, it would be a fun joke to have as an unexpected reference here and there.


And it being purely text-based is why I also called it an example of worldbuilding: it can be taken as any number of interpretations without forcing the game to become more like, say, Magistream.


As can any other mention of a character or place done like this- just more to add to the world beyond all the dragons.


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