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Aqub's ABC Bingo Challenge

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F4. any dragon whose breed name starts with "S" (Expires in 3 hours)

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34 minutes ago, purplehaze said:

Dang you are fast, Ruby. I didn't even get time to look. XD

See, I saved you time :lol:

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Round 3

Regular Bingos

R12. 3G+ Venturis dragon

R13. 6G(exactly) White dragon

R14. a lineaged staterae Xenowyrm

R15. a checker involving a Yellow dragon

R16. a lineage with two colors of Zyumorph

R17. the pair of dragons to breed an Anagallis checker 


Competitive Bingo

Com2. the lineage with the most Black tea dragons in it


Cascade Bingo

Cas1a. a code with 3 Consecutive letters (1pt)

Cas1b. a code with 4 Consecutive letters (2pts)

Cas1c. a code with 5 Consecutive letters (3pts)

(for example (aBc42) for Cas1a or (defGh) for Cas1c)

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