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hey :>

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Hi everyone! I had an account years ago but never used it much. I've been wanting to rejoin for a while and finally did so I'm excited to start and spend more time in it! Might as well do a short intro,


- obviously here because I love dragons and reptiles in general. Herpetology is a big part of my life and I currently own two snakes and frequently go on herping trips.

- I also love entomology and own over 30 arachnids but apart from exotic animals I have 3 cats ^^

- I'm into vulture culture and have a small collection of skeletons/skulls.

- a few of my hobbies are gaming, drawing, and collecting everything because I'm really obsessive 👀


Excited to meet new people and get established in Dragon Cave /ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\ !

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