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ANSWERED:Credit for writers/conceptors?

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When dragon requests make the cut and become canon species, the spriters have to agree that the illustrations they made will only be used for Dragon Cave and that they still maintain ownership of the original image. They are also considered to be the creators of the dragons even though they may or may not have come up with the original concept, and the writer's descriptions end up on the site just like the sprite. So why don't writers get the same amount of credit? Is there something in the agreement process that I'm not completely understanding (like the nature of intellectual property laws when it comes to written vs visual works?)


This obviously isn't to discount the tremendous amount of work and creativity that goes into spriting, because artists deserve every ounce of credit they get and they do need those agreements to prevent legal issues. But from the way I see it, the writer who invented the concept should get just as much credit as the artist who gave the concept a face.

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this has come up in the past, and the answer i could find is here: 



it's worth noting however that that is from 2013, so I don't know how up-to-date that answer really is anymore. since that topic is closed you can make a thread in the suggestions forum to suggest it, as well.

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