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Red Dragonette

Can I do Let's Play videos of the Valkemarian Tales games?

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Is it alright for me to do that? I saw a video of one on Youtube, but it's only part 11 and it's the only video of that game. I'm not sure if the other videos got flagged by the staff and deleted, or if the owner forgot to upload the others. That's why I'm asking this question.

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Thanks! Also, I just started making videos for this new video-hosting website named Rumble (I went there because I hear YouTube is being a jerk to their content creators with all the rule changes.) I want to make my Let's Play videos seen there, but the problem is apparently, you got to have them monetized in order for them to be seen. I'm hesitant about doing that since it's basically making money off the game you guys made. Is it okay if I do this or not?


Right now, I have a video that's not monetized and I want to test to see if it can still be searched.

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