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[ANSWERED] progeny sorting question

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this one might be a bit specific and im not sure if anyone would just... randomly know the answer, but the progeny page, yeah? okay, so if you breed dragon A with dragon B first, but they show no interest or dont produce an egg, then the next week breed dragon A with dragon C and they do produce an egg, that will show up as the first partner on the progeny page (dragon A hasnt produced any eggs with any other partner before this whole thing). but if you breed it with dragon B again and it does produce an egg, will that be the new first one on the list?

i wasnt sure if i should ask this here, but i figured it might get buried in tiny little questions, since i dont know if this is something a lotta people know the answer to.. help would be appreciated!

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i don't know for sure but i think the answer to your question is yes.




daphnis nerii has two offspring with fantastikal but his only offspring with lucidity -- who is a growing hatchling as i post this -- shows up before them because i had tried them first but got no egg.


(it's possible that i don't remember an egg being produced but dying, so i might be wrong.)


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still, i think that'd answer it..! thank you so much, i knew if i'd posted at least someone might've remembered, because i certainly dont record when i breed my dragons to what.. thanks ^^

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