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Rune Rolls In

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I'm Rune, super into pet sites/egg sites + videogames and looking forward to getting to know the community 💘 this is my first site though where the dragons can perish so im a bit nervous !

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Hello, welcome! No worries, it's super easy to keep them alive, and once they're adults they're non-perishable :P

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As Kaini said, once they're adults, they are in no danger.


When they're young (eggs or hatchlings), you can safely raise them like this:

- Pick them up.

- Wait until it says something like "This dragon will die if it doesn't grow up in 4 days", or later ("This dragon will die if it doesn't grow up in 3 days 18 hours", etc), on the dragon's page.

- Add the dragon to a fansite to get views and clicks.  (https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Click_Sites)

- Sit back and relax.

(Usually, after an egg hatches, the fansite will automatically move it into a lower-traffic area of the site, so it will just sit there and slowly (and safely) accumulate views until it is ready to grow up.)


If you forget about them and they run out of time, they will die; if they get way too many views too early, they can sometimes get sick and die.  Once you figure it out, though, it's pretty easy.


If someone decides they hate you for some reason, it's possible for them to stalk your scroll and give your new dragons a lot of views; this is called "viewbombing".  If this happens, you can go to the "actions" page for each egg or hatchling and "fog" it to prevent it from getting any more views.




I hope this helps.  (If you already read all of this elsewhere, of course, then I'm sorry for reiterating.)

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