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Hello!! Im Arouraheart on the site, I know it doesnt match my name here lol Unfortunately I finally signed up with an issue rather than just finally signing up ^^”” But anyways,

You can call me Gh0st or Oliver/Ollie/Oli and so on! I probably won’t be too active here but it’s nice to meet everyone regardless!!

I like art, Im a hobby artist, games and I’ve been on here for quite some time! I came back one night after thinking of all the old sites I spent my childhood on(gods, I remember posting my DC links on my Howrse account lmao those were the daYS) and the pixel art/lore and different dragon types are why Im lured back, I can’t help but adore the designs and artwork itself ❤️


I hope y’all are having a good evening/morning/night, and again, it’s nice to meet everyone, thank you for having me!

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Hello and welcome! I remember Howrse back in the day! I never got into it, but I remember a lot of players did. 

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Out of curiosity, what's your opinion on the newer dragons?  Are they exciting simply because they're dragons, are they better and shinier than the older dragons, or are they missing a certain something that the older dragons had?  I think I've seen all of those opinions around here somewhere...


(In case you were wondering, my own view is that each category has some I really like and some I don't like so much.)

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