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Got back to hatching dragons!

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Yesterday I remembered that I used this site around 9-10 years ago and had to get back into this :')

I'm still about confused how this all works and all but I just adore the beautiful designs of the dragons!

Also I think the lovely pixel art is what made me get into doing pixel art myself!


So I hope this will be fun and I'll be happy to meet all of guys~

(It would be nice to receive some tips from you aswell haha)



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Hello, welcome to the forum! 


If you have any specific questions about the site or raising dragons, feel free to ask in the Help section, or if you would simply like a 'buddy' of sorts to help you get to know the game better you can request a mentor here.

(The FAQ topic in Help is also a great place to start.) 

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Do you plan on checking out the Dragon Requests subforum?  That's where people draw new dragons for the game.

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