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Need help neglecting

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I want a CB of every possible dragon (so not hybrids) and this includes neglected, but I've tried several times over the years to neglect and failed each time. Here was the method I used:

1. write down the TOD asap.

2. get a couple clicks and fog the egg.

3. defog exactly 5 minutes before TOD and put on as many click sites as possible (~6)

4. wait for it to neglect (and fail miserably.)

I've heard certain breeds neglect easier/don't need many views to hatch, but I don't know if that's 100% true or just superstition. I've mostly been using purple dorsals I get from looking for reds (though if I find other eggs with interesting codes, I use them too). Is that a good breed to neglect? If not, what's a good CB breed to neglect? I want to neglect solo.

What am I doing wrong? Am I using the wrong breeds, am I using too many clicksites, am I defogging at the wrong times? The issue isn't that the eggs aren't hatching in time (though they usually don't), they just aren't neglecting in the first place.

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Take a look at this thread:

It has a lot of detailed information and discussion about Neglected Dragons. :) Zyus are a good breed to try to neglect solo, for the record, or any other "heavy-duty" egg, i.e. one that needs a lot of views to hatch.


And good luck!

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If you join the unofficial DC discord, there's also a whole community of folks there who make Neglecteds on a regular basis. You can watch other people make them, and if you have questions we're happy to walk you through the whole process on there too. I can PM you the link if you're interested!

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