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Manual Custom Sort Errors

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Hi there,


I've been using the Manual Custom Sort for years now, but am experiencing some problems now.

Up to now I've been using values up to 1012, but due to the addition of more and more breeds that I want to sort in, I wanted to reorganize what values I use for each breed. I wanted to use 5 digits. It worked fine for a few breeds that I'd like to have at the beginning of my scroll, using values like 10090. Now I wanted to sort in my new Halloween dragons. Halloween dragons have always been one of the last breeds on my scroll, so the values I wanted to use are much higher, e.g. 91012. But whenever I try to sort them in with those values, I get the tombstone error page. I don't know if that has something to do with the values being so high.

Does anyone know if there is a limit on how high the numbers are allowed to be? Has anyone ever experienced something like that?


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I think the limit is somewhere around 32767, + and -

(the data type is called smallint and is exactly 2 bytes)

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