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Pitfire mechanics [spoilers]

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So when a pitty gets killed and becomes exalted, is it a permanent change or a temp form? Will killing it again while exalted actually kill it?


Kinda sucks if it is permanent as I have the habit of getting only 2 cb holiday dergs in halloween to match the other holiday traditions, even though they have no cb limit. I despise "caveborn" cbs as well, so guess I just accidentally locked myself out of having cb sprites of the exalted form now lol.

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I hear that it is a permanent change.


My sympathies on the missed opportunity.


There are still a few Pitfires on the trading hub, so if you manage to find something that someone with extra Pitfires wants, you might still have a chance at an extra pair.  (Mine already grew up, which I guess spares me the agony of deciding whether I should give them to you or not.  I'd like to think I would have been generous if I had the chance, but I'm not sure.)

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