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Hello! Call me whatever you want i really dont mind ( like idk sickening, or weeb or anything) my pronouns are they/them or she/her or really whatever you prefer i dont mind if you call me he/him tbh.

i just started watching anime!  I am still looking for more. My favorites are haikyuu and my hero academia there was another one i saw and watched the whole thing but I forgot what it was called.

anyways just some stuff:

~i play dappervolk, chicken smoothie, flight rising, wajas, and probably more games


~ my favorite animals are: African wild dogs (painted dogs), hyenas, and maned wolves! ( maned wolves are a rare species! They are the biggest canids in North America)


~ i am a soon to be artist! One day ill sell my art for profit


~ ill probably have new dragons everyday because I’m obsessed with them!


~ idk you tell me!

~ idk anything else about myself so I’m sure you’ll find out later

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Welcome to the DC forums! :D I play Flight Rising and Chicken Smoothie as well; they're a bit of different games but I still hope you enjoy DC! :)

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