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Incoming newbie - it's me. I'm the newbie :D

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Hello! Finally made a forum account a week or two after my actual scroll. Originally stumbled upon this website a long while back around 2010, but wasn't too interested until some friends dragged me in recently, and y'know what? Funky dragons good. :]


I'm here to name all my dragons after fandoms - well, as many names as I can get, and probably to hoard khusas and jesters. 

Someday I'll cause a jester wall in the AP, just you watch. (just kidding! mostly.)


Hm! I have no idea how to end this. So. Bye for now, I guess, but hi to the forum in general!

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Hello, welcome to the forums! :D I love Khusas as well! Any bird-based breeds I'm big fans of, actually!

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