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Cannot teleport revived Zombie attempt

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One of the hatchies I let run out of time to try for Zombies was successfully revived with 2 days left and I wanted to put it up for trade. It is selectable on the trading page, but when I click teleport, the site tells me that it does not belong to me. 😕 Is this intended or a bug because the hatchie was dead once?




The hatchie I'm talking about is this one, though I fogged it for safety.

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23 minutes ago, VixenDra said:

But you have it under fog now so... it's not that it grew up before you confirmed the BSA, right? In that case, I'm clueless


No, it was a S1 hatchie attempt, so it only has 96 UVs - not enough to grow up under any circumstances, even if I left it unfogged.

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I think it still registers as dead. You can abandon, freeze or let die but you can't trade it. 


Its come up once or twice before, not sure if it's a bug tears never been fixed or intentional.

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