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Held Eggs do not show in "Eggs/Unfrozen Hatchlings" Filter

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I expected held eggs (from multiclutches) to show in the "Eggs/Unfrozen Hatchlings" filter, but they don't.  I got a friend to test this, and they can't see their held eggs in that filter, either.


To illustrate that issue, here are two screenshots of my scroll.  The first screenshot is my normal scroll, while the second screenshot has the "Eggs/Unfrozen Hatchlings" filter applied.  You can see that there is a batch of held eggs that does not show in the filtered view.


image.thumb.png.0b553aeb9a4ce18533909550818913e9.png image.thumb.png.ee87130c9ff9e20c04f091ecacbe977a.png

@trystan agreed to help test this, to figure out whether it was just me or whether this applied to everyone.  Their response:

1 hour ago, trystan said:

got 4 Black Marrow eggs.


i haven't picked one yet, and when i go to "Eggs/Unfrozen Hatchlings" it shows me NO eggs, only my hatchlings.

(Trystan had just hatched a batch of eggs, so I don't think the total lack of eggs points to any additional problems.)


This behavior appears to be consistent across multiple users, but since one would expect eggs to display in the filter designed to show eggs, I assume it is not intended behavior.



I discovered this because of another display problem (apparently fixed since then) where I would see the "The two dragons breed to produce several eggs" message, but the eggs would not display.  When that happened to me this morning, I checked my (filtered to show only growing dragons) scroll, didn't see them there either, and panicked a bit.  I did eventually find them, so I'm not panicking any more.

Here is a screenshot of the glitched version, in case anyone is interested:


Screenshot of multiclutch with no eggs visible

Two dragons that I bred this morning failed to display the eggs (the screenshot is from the second), but since then, four breedings (Trystan's breeding test and then three by me) have displayed multiclutch eggs properly on the breeding page, so I assume this part was fixed.

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Whether it is intended behavior or not, that is the way it has always been, I believe. They do show on your scroll, so if you have your eggs/unfrozens sorted at the top you can easily see them there. Interestingly, I thought they used to show there as (held egg) rather than just (egg) as they appear now.


As far as the "lost eggs" from your breeding, that has been happening occasionally for some time now, not just with the holiday. I'm sure that is a glitch, perhaps lag related. They do show on your scroll and also on the parents' progeny pages.

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I'm not really surprised if lag is responsible for the hiding eggs in the breeding page.  As I said, I did find them, so it's okay.


I kind of expect occasional display glitches, so I was way more concerned when my normal way to view my growing dragons (I use the filter unless specifically looking for adult dragons), which updates immediately with any eggs I catch, did not show the held eggs.  It made me start to worry about whether the breeding display glitch was more than just a display glitch.  Of course, now I know that it's still just a display glitch, but I did panic for a bit.  (I actually miscalculated something, so I didn't want the eggs produced from that pairing, but at the time, I thought I did, so I was like, "do I have to wait a whole extra year to get this?")


Basically, I'm complaining about the first part, and the second part is just context.


It doesn't make sense for the eggs which do show on my scroll to disappear when I filter for eggs.  Also, held eggs do count towards egg limits, and everything else which counts towards egg limits seems to show up in the filtered view...

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Please note that extra eggs over your egg limit will be auto-abandoned, the help page says so.


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