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Account Setting: Load multiple pages of mates when breeding (+ more!)

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Recently when I try to breed a dragon on my old lame HP laptop (NEVER BUY HP, TRUST), it often takes multiple tries, refreshes and minutes to load my 4000+ options, even when I usually know right off the bat what I'm looking for.


Would it be possible to add an account setting(s) to do one or more of these instead of loading every option?

--> Load mates across multiple pages (ie multiple batches of 500 or whatever your scroll is set to display)

--> Load prior mates only, if existing

--> Load choice mates only (imagine an option like Purple's fertility, EXCEPT you type in what you're looking for beforehand, confirm it, and THEN it loads the display page rather than every option at once)

--> Load interactive mate choices (imagine an option like Purple's fertility... for you cool kids with fast computers who can handle it)

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Adding pagination would definitely be nice to cut down on how many things have to load at once. An interactive filter like fertility is still probably the best idea for the breeding page, imo, as long as the filter comes *before* the whole breeding page is loaded to begin with, otherwise it wouldn't help with loading issues. 


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