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Hello :)

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Hello, I'm Kahzu.


I started to play Dragon cave after saw some sprites on another browser game that I play and I really loved these sprites. I'm an artist, or at least, I'm trying to be. That's why I admirer a lot style of art, including pixel art, which I my respect who can make it because it's a kind of art that I have a lot dificulty to do. Plus, I'm hugeee fan of dragons.  My favorite type of dragon is the classic european dragon, those with one head, four leg and two wings and if I'm not wrong, Dragon Cave called it Western Dragon. But a funny thing is that my favorite concept/design of dragon, before dragon cave, is Legiana from monster hunter, a wyvern. Talking about my taste my favorite dragon (until now) is Pipio Pygmy, they are sooo cute <3 I also liked Elux Lucis Dragon, Lihnseyre Dragon and Mistra Dragon. I quite surprise that I liked Lihnseyre dragon but it concept is just amazing. 

Another thing that caught my attention when I discover dragon cave was the unlimit space for adult dragons/ grown dragons. It's mean that I can collect <3 I love collect thing hahaha


Basically this is me :) 



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