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Referrer issue: Chrome is not Safari

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So. Seems like anyone who is directly affected by this is also unable to post a proper bug thread about it. Seriously ...


To summarize:

Recently, any browsers based on Chromium, with the current version, is experiencing the following message when checking the Referrers help page:



Your Status

Referrers are enabled. You should not experience any referrer-related errors.

You appear to be using Safari. Safari does not send referrers when opening a page in a new tab (such as via middle click), so you may experience issues when performing this action.


This means users of Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi (never heard of those last 2 :blink:) are affected.

Browsers like Firefox (or anything Mozilla/Gecko-based) or the actual Safari do NOT get this message and their users usually don't seem to experience any referrer-related errors. I myself don't.

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Can confirm chrome does this. Ctrl+tab seems to work fine re:referrers, don't have a mouse with a working middle button to test that atm.

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I posted in TLQ about this, originally because a recent update in Chrome, and subsequently Edge, rendered fansites unable to load images. IE and FF do NOT have the referrer message, and fansites work fine in both places. Therefore, I concluded the fansite issue was related. The referrer message is only indicative of what the actual problem is, ie fansites not loading images.


When I first posted, I wasn't sure if it was a DC problem, or a fansite problem (though it affects ALL fansites/hatcheries), so wasn't confident about starting a new thread. If a mod wants to split off my (and related) posts into this new thread, I'd appreciate it. (As I mentioned in that thread after some discussion.)




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I disabled Chrome's automatic updates awhile ago, so I haven't run into this new issue with the fansites. All fansites are working fine for me. That said, the referrer page does give me the same message screenshotted above, saying I'm using Safari (I never have). 

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Posting for a friend who isn't yet on the forums. She's using Chrome and isn't able to catch any eggs on Chrome. On the referrers help page, it shows a message just like in the original post, referrers enabled, Safari instead of Chrome. Another issue that might be related is that she's having issues on fansites. Here's a screenie of the error message when she tries to pick up an egg:


Also, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this! I'm quite new to the forums myself 😅



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9 hours ago, thalassophobic said:

sorry if this isn't the right place to post this

This is the perfect place to post it since it actually describes the problem that the referrer issue is causing :) Thanks!

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WEIRD UPDATE: I resolved my issues by disabling my VPN addon (PIA). It still thinks I'm on safari - that's down to the site's code - but I don't have any more referer issues. Maybe try disabling some adons if you had the same.

I've had some sleep now so I can contribute my bit. 

I first noticed this trying to access the cave: I logged in on my chromebook and was using the site as normal. At some point I started getting the referer error on AP:



I get the following on the help page:




I also got the same using chromium on linux.

I tried changing this flag in case it helped but it made no difference.



Interestingly, I also can't log into *that other dragon site* using chrome browsers either. It all works fine on my phone though interestingly, on wifi or data.

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Anything about Safari is a red herring. The message on the help page is just that: a message. The site does absolutely nothing if it supposedly "thinks" your browser is Safari; there's just an extra message because Safari has (or had; who knows) some weird behavior when middle clicking tabs. That's it.


Since it's causing more confusion than it helps, I've gone ahead and removed the message. If you're seeing other referrer-related issues (and it sounds like some people are?), those are somethin else. The "reduced-referrer-granularity" flag should be similarly unrelated; it tells the browser to send less detailed information about where you're coming from--and only when loading stuff between two different sites, so anything within the site is unaffected--but Dragon Cave doesn't care what specific page you're loading an image/link from anyway.

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