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Finally joined the forums! Only took like... 14 years?? Haha..... oops? 🙃


I've been on DC since.. gosh, probably 2006/7? Very early on at least! I'm currently trying to collect as many unique breeds as I can, and even keep track of everything I own via a spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets too much... but they're just so satisfying!)

I seem to have an obsession with Xenowyrms, and was thrilled to come back this year after a break (I trend to play for a bit then take a few months-year long break it seems) to see that 7 new Wyrms were released! They are good chunky boys ❤️


But yeah! Been around for a long time but never really interacted with the community, just collected eggs and dragons and went on my way, so that changes now!


Nice to meet you 😊

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Hello and welcome, fellow long-time collector! I used to use spreadsheets to keep track of my dragons, then TJ implemented the Encyclopedia which keeps track of how many dragons/hatchlings per species you've raised, then I stopped. Keeping track of numbers on my favorite species became too time-consuming for me. :D 


Nice to meet you too!

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Hey, thanks guys! Yeah the encyclopedia is very useful for sure, I use that as well ^^ 


Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to mention - I'm a pixel artist! I'd love to try pixelling some dragons for fun in DC style, since it's very different to the style I use in my job, which is in isometric perspective! I saw there's a Halloween pixel event going on so I might join that if I have time :D

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