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ANSWERED: Weird Xeno Dragon breeding

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I have just stumbled upon something stande while breeding some Xenos: my two Obidar parents produced an Gaia egg. See attatched image for proof.

This is the first time I've come across something like this. Usually same variant Xenos give me an egg of their shared variant. I've not been very active here on the forums for quite some time, so I don't know if this is something that just happens every now and then. And so far I've only picked up rumors about being able to breed the ever elusive Straterae Xenowyrm from the other Xeno variants.


So my tldr is this:
Two Obidar Xenos producing an Gaia egg - is this a bug or a rare but intended feature?

Xeno Breeding.png

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No worries, that's indeed an intended feature! ^_^ Both Obidars and Gaias are in the Jungle, and any xenowyrm breeding can, with a small chance, breed a xenowyrm from the other parent's biome (and with an even smaller chance a random xenowyrm). In this case the other parent is also a xenowyrm, so it looks odd! :D But there are whole lineage projects some people have that play with this mechanic, though of course it's tricky to work on them. XD For those people, it's often easier just to trade for other "fails" like this, than to breed those themselves.

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Small correction:

When breeding two Xenowyrms, they can produce a random different Xenowyrm, not just one from a parent's biome.

(Otherwise this couldn't have happened, since Obidars are from the Forest, not Jungle.)

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