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Returning after many years away...

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Hello! 👋 

I was an avid Dragon Caver back like 10+ years ago when I was like 18. I'm not 30 and this game is still calling me back! Needless to say, I have forgotten some things, the process and all. I used to have a journal I kept track of my lineages/trading stuff with. I wish I knew where it was and I wish I had access to that old account! 
Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself, my friends call me Zombie, it's the name I use for all games I play. If you get to know me you can find out my real name! Looking forward to getting to know the Dragon Cave community all over again! 
Have a wonderful day! 🐉

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@Paintra I can see that... it's a little discouraging and frustrating that I can't remember my old scroll info but I'm acquiring myself a mentor as we speak which should be very helpful with all of the new stuff! The Discord is also very helpful.

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