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ANSWERED:Is there any bias against market dragons??? (When trading, do they count as "CB"?

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Hi everyone!


I have been playing off and on for many years, so I'm really not hip to the new developments in the cave, such as the market. I was just wondering, is there any "bias" against market bought dragons when offering on trades? I have enough coins to buy something really nice (eg. a CB metallic), but in trading do people still consider that "CB"? I just don't want to buy an expensive egg and then find out that nobody wants it haha. I understand this could be a matter of personal preference but I was just wondering if there was a general sense one way or the other. Thanks!

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Ahah oh wow that solves my question! As you can see I'm pretty behind on my dragoncave knowledge. Thanks so much!!

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5 hours ago, KrazyKarp said:

Actually, market eggs can't be traded, so there can't be a bias against them anyway.

Wow, that's nice to know! I play on and off so often that I haven't really gotten much of a chance to experience the market (saving up for bigger things of course) so I didn't know this at all! Thanks OP for asking this, and thanks KrazyKarp for explaining! Much appreciated. :)

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