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Group dragon number wrong, phantom dragon?

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My 'zombie fodder' group currently has 1 dragon in it. When I go to the group's page, this is what I see:





BUT, when I look at my groups list, this is what I see:




I'm wondering if some killed dragon might still be counting somehow, even though I have killed no dragons in well over 2 weeks. Or it's possible I temporarily added a dragon to the group and then removed it but it's still counting? Either way, bug.

edit: I noticed this a few days ago, thought it might go away on it's own.

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I'm fairly sure that all dead dragons in the group, vanished or not, still count on that little counter. My kill fodder group has a good 70 extra ghost dragons, most of which are probably months old by now. Seems like a bug TJ could fix.

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My "Ghosts" group shows 71 dragons in the list, but only has one visible dragon in it when I click the group (because sadly the dead ones disappeared at some point). If this has to be fixed, so be it.  ;) As long as the dead dragons' names remain visible in their offspring's lineages! 



(Completely different problem than OP's:

Weirdly, the one - very much alive - dragon in my "Ghosts" group is not mine, and as far as I can tell, it never was. I thought maybe the code of a dragon I killed at some point was re-used, but the code is not in my dragon spreadsheet. I have all codes of all dragons I ever owned in there, dead or not. So either I forgot to write this one zombie candidate's code down, or something very strange happened.)

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