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Beacons of Hope- Take 3! [OPEN]

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Third time’s the charm….?


Yes hi hello, welcome to an original universe roleplay! 


Here is the premise:


The year is 2050. At this point in time, many different species of humanoid creatures have been found all over the world- including dryads, elves, and different forms of human/animal hybrids, mainly bipeds. With the evolution of science and medicine, cyborgs were not uncommon. Yet with this evolving world, there was still a common belief that there were gods of many elements- such elements that would protect the planet and save it when the time came.


Three years ago, an entire town was overtaken by an unknown deity, the Entity as they call it, one that soon took over the planet with iron force. All hell broke loose, and many were killed brutally by the Entity and its many gangs of grublins and golems and wyverns. Others were killed further when they tried to rebel the entity’s rule. The rest now fight to survive, no longer able to gather up any courage to fight. All hope has been lost. 


At the same time, reports of people going missing ran high. They were all young teenagers, and most of them were never found. Since the arrival of the Entity, these numbers had hit their peaks. However, this surprise anomaly had stopped within three months of the Entity’s appearance. 


Three years later, a glimmer of hope arose. It turned out that many of the missing teenagers were found in crystal coverings, surrounded within a magical fluid. These crystals were found underground in the midst of the chaos and confusion, and with exposure to air, the crystals shattered. It was discovered that these teens had special… Abilities. Depending on the color of the crystals they were found in, these humans had the ability to wield any of the eight forms of magic below: 


  • Fire- One who wields this ability can control fire. This means that they are able to start small fires through the palms of their hands and can deflect fire attacks. Further, they can control a fire that has already been started and utilize it to attack their opponents. Can breathe fire, but range is limited. 

  • Electricity- Similarly, those with electricity are able to send out currents of electricity towards their opponents and- if strong enough- can channel smaller bolts of lightning through themselves and towards their opponents. No, they cannot channel entire lightning storms or summon a giant bolt of lightning.

  • Ice- Those who wield ice can drop the temperature of the air around them and withstand temperatures up to -3 degrees Celsius (25 degrees Fahrenheit). They are able to freeze their opponents with contact, and if given enough liquid, are able to freeze up some projectiles. This works best with the wind element.

  • Earth- Those with the earth ability are able to solidify mud into rock and hurl projectiles of rock at opponents. They are also able to create a temporary armor of mud or sand, which makes a great defense. 

  • Poison- Those who wield poison can create their own poison and are immune to poisonous attacks. Very useful for assassination, if they’re okay with spitting in drinks. No, they cannot turn anything into poison.

  • Fear- Those who wield fear can emit high-pitched sound waves that can strike fear in those who hear. The waves can also cause minor physical damage if direct contact is made. Please be cautious around these Beacons, because their waves do not discriminate. Always use earplugs. 

  • Wind- Those with the wind element can create small tornadoes and moderate wind storms. They are also able to use bursts of air to throw projectiles or carry fire forward. No, they cannot create hurricanes.

  • Shadow- Those who wield shadow are able to hide themselves in even the smallest of shadows. They can strike whenever they get the opportunity, and often use a strike of shadows, which will surround the enemy and disorient them for five minutes. Oftentimes the opponent will attack their own allies within this time. Proceed with caution.


All of these elements are unruly in their own rights, and they must be trained to be tamed. This is why, as soon as they were discovered, the Crystal Beacons were sent to a remote location, one of which seems uninhabitable due to the damage of scorched earth and thick ashy air. But this is only on the surface. In this location lie many caves that are connected by a network of tunnels. Beneath these caves lies a city much like the ones that prospered many millennia before the deity entered this world. It’s a wonderful city, with towers of stone and terracotta, temples everywhere, and the remnants of the gods who were once worshipped- and these are the gods whom blessed our heroes with their powers. 


This is the secure base of the Beacons of Hope. Within the temples of the gods they train, within the security of the caves they thrive. The crystals lining the caves are a luxury and a great form of defense indeed- this is the material in which the Beacons keep hidden. Within this base as well are Guardians- humans with special psychic abilities who uphold the spiritual ideas of the elemental gods. They do their best to make sure that the Beacons are safe and training to the best of their abilities.


However, things are changing. As the world grows ever more bleak, the enemy draws nearer and nearer. This will cause some problems. After all, the initial aim was for the Beacons to be hidden until they were ready to fight back with full force. Alas, this cannot be the case. Thus, the beacons will fight back any of the Entity’s subordinates if they are near the base, though only for the sake of training. 


Now the problem? None of the Beacons truly know what they are supposed to do- after all, these Beacons are all estimated to be between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, and it is difficult to fathom that one day they may have to kill any humans who surrendered to and became minions of the Entity. Animalistic and unnatural beings were easy to fight and defeat, but fellow humans would prove to be psychologically impossible to attack. After all, before they were found in crystals, they interacted with fellow humans. They had families, friends, memories, lives. So instead, they train on the daily, in constant search of their purpose. While they mingle, they know not of each other’s powers, for they train in seclusion. But with each day they grow stronger…


...Until one day the base is swarmed. The Guardians of the city were able to fend off the troops, but at a cost. Many of the Guardians were killed during the fight, whilst the rest passed on due to the injuries sustained… 


With the exception of one. One of the younger Guardians at the age of thirty was able to escape the Beacons. They fled into another labyrinth of caverns from underneath the city to flee. But where did they go? Where else was there to go?


...Up. There was one final area that the Entity had not managed to touch. The oldest temple of the planet rested on a series of floating islands, and only reachable by those who possessed the power of Wind. With their help, the Beacons made it to safety… and to where they now stay. Without the multitude of Guardians watching their every move, the Beacons were finally free to train together, since they were not allowed to work together before. Here they are, under the direction of their head guardian Aurelius, waiting for the day they can finally come out of hiding…


So it begins.


Please use the Discord wisely. I don’t want to have to kick anybody because they can’t get along. Cool? Cool. Now for the rules of the RP.


~General Rules~


  1. The Discord server is the official OOC.

  2. All Rp Nation rules apply.

  3. Don't powerplay or use your characters as if they're OP when they are not. Big battles are supposed to be a team effort.

  4. Make sure you double-check with someone before you battle/make romantic advances/etc.

  5. BE POLITE TO OTHER ROLEPLAYERS AT ALL TIMES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. People bashing each other will result in getting kicked from the RP.

  6. Be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate outside of school, so I won't be on all the time. If I'm absent for too long, just send me a message in Discord or ping me in the server.

  7. If you have any ideas for the RP, feel free to share in the Discord!

  8. The rules are subject to change at my discretion. Be sure to check back often.

  9. Have fun~!


~On Characters~


  1. There is no cap on characters, feel free to play what you’re comfortable with!

  2. This is an original universe, therefore I would like the Beacons to be original characters! Canon characters will not be approved. If the original character is based off a canon character, that's fine, but I decide when it’s too similar to its inspiration.

  3. You must fill out a character sheet! The template is down below.

  4. Please make the elements of the characters diverse!

  5. On humanoid creatures- They can be anything I mentioned above- nymphs, dryads, fairies, elves, human/animal hybrids, and cyborgs. Check with me if there’s a humanoid creature you want to use but are unsure about!




  1. Keep in mind that any romance should be relatively subtle and not the focus of everything. This isn't a romance RP.

  2. No incest, unless it's joking. Crack shipping moments are allowed, as long as they aren't too raunchy.

  3. Please don't have characters already dating each other at first! If they have a significant other at home, cool, but otherwise no.

  4. Relationships may be based on the sexuality of the character.


Character Sheet





Ethnicity [if human]:






History before the crystal: 


Keep these notes in mind:


-This world is modern like our own, or at least it was until almost everything was destroyed. 

-There are elements of an ancient world and an ancient religion that still exist to this day. The islands are floating above what would have been present-day Kazakhstan.The city from which the Beacons fled was in modern-day Turkey.

-The year is around 2050.

-The Beacons were crystallized at random, and should have had some sort of flash of what their element is.

-Beacons were frozen for about 3 years, since they were frozen by the time the Entity appeared.

-This RP is based on a couple of things- including the Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. Feel free to do some research before or after signing up!

-I may also stream the game to give everyone a better idea of the feel I’m going for.


With that out of the way, welcome! You are now one of these Crystal Beacons, training to save the world! ...Or something like that. I’d include a nugget of wisdom but I am not Wise. With this premise, we begin our little RP. Here’s the link to the Discord, which serves the purpose of an OOC thread: https://discord.gg/DFknAn3 


The Entity, however, is unknown. Nobody had managed to get a real look at it and survive. For now, it must remain a mystery.


Character Roster:


  • Fire- Jehan Durand (Mika)

  • Electricity- Ryley "Ry" Withers (Val)

  • Ice- Evonna Durand (Mika)

  • Earth- Virgil Cerullo (Mika)

  • Poison- Marlin Caldwell (Serce)

  • Fear- Monica "Mimi" Matthews (Val)

  • Wind- Zhibek Akhmatova (Mika), Laomedeia "Lao/Deia" (Val)

  • Shadow-

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[The hope of the future - Temple Office]


By the gods... Note to self- when this mission is over, see if someone can grab a nicer monitor.


Aurelius groans as the ancient monitor gives him the BSoD for the tenth time today. If he could access the blasted files, he could make sure that the updated plan is exactly what he's going with. He has the worst feeling in his gut that something will go terribly wrong. But if he doesn't finalize things now, there will be nobody for the Beacons to bring to safety.


And he would have failed them yet again. 


Shutting down the computer, Aurelius takes a look at the roster of the crew he has on his arsenal. It's a small bunch, but any more and he would not have been able to get everyone out alive. The mote backup the Beacons have, the better it will be when they finally have to---


Something nudges his right hand.


Looking down, he notices Diesel rubbing his fur against his hand. Aurelius grins and picks up the tiny chinchilla. "What, you see I'm stressed?" Diesel makes a few squeaking sounds and presses himself against Aurelius's palm. "Nah little guy, it's alright. I'm fine. It's just their first time on the ground in months, I'm just overthinking." Diesel squeaks. "Yes. Again." Diesel hops into Aurelius' lap and curls into a ball. 


He notes that the computer is finally officially off, watching the screen light up as he makes a mental checklist of the different things he needs to do to proceed. 


...Yeah. They're ready.



[In the chicken coop - Training Area]


Evonna finally manages to throw Virgil to the ground- and somewhere in her mind regrets it. While he isn't the hardest sparring partner, he's still much heavier than Jehan. Panting, Evonna steps back and offers her hand to help Virgil up. Unsurprisingly, she finds he shakes his head and helps himself off, breathing just as heavily as she is. Or probably even more so, considering he had been thrown on his back. 


She nods in acknowledgement as Virgil walks off to go get water [and, perhaps, a rest]. With a sigh, Evonna walks off to the edge of the island and takes a seat, letting her legs dangle. Never in her life did she think she'd find herself out of Canada, much less miles above Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. If it weren't for the current circumstances, she would be intrigued by the scenery.


But instead, she observes the stark difference between the different parts of the city- mostly the areas that had never recovered from the raids three years back. In fact, she sees a few new areas of destruction, and her heart sinks. There'd been a rebellion. And, as per usual, it'd resulted in failure, the Entity's forces and allies not only pillaging and burning the neighborhoods, but she just knows that few of those rebels survived.


What if we'd been down there?


No. Aurelius is keeping them here for a reason. As claustrophobic as remaining in one place is, she knows that they need to survive. They need to get strong enough to, as she likes to imagine, collectively punch the Entity in the face- assuming it has one, that is. Looking over the horizon, she thinks about how much they've all been practicing their powers as of late, and wonders if they're ready for a small little something.


It's up to Aurelius, even though she'd fantasized many times about sneaking out, kicking the snot out of a few Orcs, and ride a Troll throughout the city and liberate everyone. Jehan would tell her how unrealistic that is, and how a Troll would buck her off it in a heartbeat. 


Still, in this place, it's nice to be able to dream. 



[All we can do is speculate - Small Flower Garden]

"Ey. Are you busy?"


Zhibek startles, dropping her book. To her dismay, it falls over the edge of the island and plummets many meters below. She frowns, but the book wasn't off to a great start anyway. It's not much of a loss. Still, she turns her torso to give Jehan a "what the hell, man" gesture. Jehan flinches. 


"Mm, sorry. Sorry. You have to go down and get that now, don't you?"


"It's nothing, Jehan, don't worry. You just scared me." She'd never been a fan of Pushkin anyway. Then she gives him a smile. "So, what brings you to the Book Nook?


Jehan makes a joking disgusted face. "Ew, you call it that?"


"Well yes, I'm the only one who goes to this garden, therefore I get to name it."


"I'm gonna personally invite everyone over here just so you can't call it the 'Book Nook'."


Zhibek pouts, doing a poor job stifling a giggle and looking more ridiculous. "You're no funnnnnnnnnnnn."


"Excuse me, I'm loads of fun." He flashes her a grin. "But that's a ridiculous name."


Zhibek chuckles and punches Jehan in the arm. "You're such an ass." She sighs and looks up. "So. What brings you here? I assume you're not here to read Russian literature with me."


"Nahhhhh, if you want a reading buddy then you need to ask Vee, I'm just giving you a bonjour. I'm more surprised you aren't helping out Aurelius today. Tired of being Teacher's Pet, or..." Jehan gives her a raised eyebrow. 


"The office is locked, I think he's up to something in there. Don't ask me what, I have no idea. Perhaps he's... ...." Pause. "...Planning.... A vacation?"


Jehan laughs, a belly laugh that almost startles Zhibek off the edge. Luckily, she pushes herself away from the edge with her wind. "Trust me Beks, Aurelius can't stop worrying for five seconds, do you really think he'd plan a vacation?"


"You have any ideas?"







[Take a Rest - Training Area]


Sure, his pride had been hurt. But that's just about it. Virgil wipes his face off with his towel and pulls the elastic out of his hair. No surprise, it's drenched in sweat. Evonna is certainly one of the tougher opponents he finds himself sparring with. But when he turns around, he finds that Evonna is sitting on that goddamn ledge again. She realizes that a single gust of wind would send her falling to her death unless Zhibek or Deia were around and fast enough to go save her. 


He'd like to say it's no skin off his, but considering he calls Jehan a friend, perhaps he cares more than he'll admit. 


Virgil wonders where everyone else is- Zhibek is probably either reading or kissing Aurelius's ass, Jehan is probably off trying to socialize.... But where is everyone else?


He creates a small boulder to sit on and closes his eyes, letting his heart rate settle down. Aurelius is going to kill him later for creating an obstruction in the middle of the ground, but right now he's not in the mood. He's tired, slightly irked, and could use some good company. 


Frankly, he'll take anyone at this point.

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[Marlin Caldwell; on a garden island]


The grass is warm, and for Marlin, it gives him some relief from the wind. Who would have guessed that being so high up in the air would be so cold? He certainly wasn't used to this, and in the rush to get out of the base he forgot to grab a coat. His patchy blue shirt made a poor replacement. In his defense, it was like whenever the fire alarm went off in school; you didn't think about your jacket or the lunch you left behind, you just wanted to save your butt from being torched. And it was always just your luck that people messed up a cooking experiment in the morning, when it was chilly.


Of course, back then there wasn't really a fire, but this time, the monsters were real. They were down the halls, big hulking scary things with clubs and bows...


"Hey! Get outta the plants!" Someone shouted at Marlin, breaking him out of the memory. "They'll wither if you keep lying on them!"


Right. Because grass is such a precious resource. He sat up and stuck his tongue out at the person who snapped at him, but they were already back to watering the flowers. The garden Marlin's lying on is fairly large, with a wide variety of plants. The other Beacons here were tending to it and saving clippings, and Marlin was just here to get back into nature, or what little remained up here. He hasn't seen much of anything other than high-flying birds and the occasional bug, a far cry from the diverse life he used to live with back in Australia. The view down below was also fairly uninteresting: yellowish greens and rocky browns. At least the garden was pleasant with its colorful vines and flowers, and it was tasty too, with a few berries being grown.


His belly growled. That was his other reason for being here. All the food he's eaten in the halls has tasted awfully bitter, and even though he's gone and asked several times for them to please add more spices or something, it keeps being bitter, just bitter with a side of salt. Over the last few days he's found that sugar's the only thing that doesn't taste gross, and given that there's a horde of hungry monsters down below, he can't waltz into a grocery store and grab a Tim Tam.


The two other Beacons were preoccupied with their plant stuff, and Marlin saw his chance. There was a raspberry bush lining the makeshift path, and it was high enough that it would block the others from seeing him. He just needed to be careful and not rustle the bush...


He walked back onto the path with his hands in his pockets. As soon as he got behind the line of sight of the duo, he dropped down and crawled along the path towards that bush. This was a super-secret spy mission, and crawling is always a good way of being stealthy. He crept closer and closer, and then--success! He grabbed a bundle of large red berries, then popped back up and started running. There was a noise of annoyance behind him, but he was running free all the way back to the apartments, flicking his curly hair out of his eyes and laughing every step of it.

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Laomedeia || Island Fragment -> Temple

Light glittered from their wings as they fluttered, carrying Lao above the islands. Gardens decorated several of the smaller islands, grassy fields occupying the others that were just too small for use. And only a few trees scattered about. The floating islands were too high up to adequately nurture any forest. They landed upon one such tree, their hand brushing against the familiar sensation of bark. Lao sighed, bringing their knees close to their chest. Their gaze drifted from the limb they sat upon and swept across the other islands they could see from their perch. Finally, their sight came to the temple resting on the largest island and Lao frowned. They had listened and obeyed Aurelius' command to remain on the islands where it was safest. Without a thriving forest, it felt almost like a prison and Lao's dark skin crawled with the anxiousness to go home. 


They needed to know if their forest was safe. If it was still even there.


They shook the looming anxiety away. Maybe there was something else they could focus their energy on? A leaf fell from their hair, twirling and spiraling in its descent to the grassy ground. Bringing a hand under it, they furrowed their brow in thought, rotating their wrist once. A small cyclone whirled to life above their palm, catching the leaf and pushing it upward with a jolt. The cyclone only lasted a moment as Lao shook their hand and dispelled it. Again, they ran their hand along the tree's bark, gently removing a chip that was peeling away. In the next moment, their wings beat rapidly to carry them off the island fragment and towards the temple. Perhaps they could muster up the courage to ask Aurelius for an opportunity to leave the islands this time. It would make... attempt number four? Should they count the first three attempts when they never even managed to ask the question? They kept changing to a random excuse for visiting the temple and retreating sheepishly without saying anything else. 


Monica || Training Island

Why did getting anywhere always have to involve such a long walk? She muttered something under her breath, kicking a loose pebble and listening to the two quick clicks against the path before it went off the edge and descended into virtual oblivion. If she ever got the chance to go back to the ground, maybe she could find a bike and bring it back up. Faster transportation would be nice to have. All though, she was certain that Aurelius's head would blow up like a steam engine. Monica snorted slightly, waving a hand to dismiss the thought of the man before a yawn pulled itself free. She grumbled again, running fingers through her partially uncombed hair. Maybe if she had a regular sleep schedule, she wouldn't be so tired that a basic walk left her fatigued.


Oh shut it


She stopped walking when her feet touched the end of the pathway, transitioning onto the next floating island. Monica spotted Evonna at the other side, and Virgil on a boulder in between. There went her hopes of training without anyone else around. Sighing, she started stretching her arms, holding first one across her chest to pull on the muscles within her shoulder, and then the other in similar fashion. "You both look like s***," she said. Rolling her shoulders, she cracked her knuckles. "You need any of the equipment?"


Ryley || TBA

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