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Elux Lucis Breeding Plans

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What are your breeding plans for the Elux Lucis? :)


Here are some templates. 

Elux Lucis M.png

Elux Lucis F.png


Elux Lucis with Solstice is !

Elux Lucis x Solstice.png

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My first thoughts were Aeria Gloris and of course Nebula.


image.png.f591ba7d1b634411ba145f54c0789cb1.png  image.png.0d700ebc96a7453279c000fc4866c43d.png  image.png.2d0cae00cd2423186f0845b84e917834.png 


Some more ideas:


image.png.dd0ef7064a28c8e5af1e0cc09510cfae.png  image.png.164c49674200838ce06ce75c73b2c8e8.png  image.png.ebbe9d6f40ac062750cb9453eba3ccd8.png  image.png.7f6f83abfbd9a57681a96d1b553ded51.png  image.png.78dc9d2a281d99c8a43a41c65562f608.png  image.png.94681f2bf9f186a9a4114c1ba6fb2cf7.png

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I think my first project with them will be with female Hellfires. I also like them with Crystallines.

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20 hours ago, dustpuppy said:

image.png.78dc9d2a281d99c8a43a41c65562f608.png  image.png.94681f2bf9f186a9a4114c1ba6fb2cf7.png

These ones hadn't occurred to me, but they look really nice!


Someone suggested Stratos as a pairing...



They look nice with basically all the xenowyrms, too.  (Spoilered for size.)






And a couple of others I thought might look nice: Xol and Sapo.


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On 8/1/2020 at 6:00 PM, Fandom Addict said:

Some of my favourites are these:



@Fandom Addict Wow, you inspired me with that gorgeous lineage with the Shadow Walkers. I bred him:wub:

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