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hey ive been playing dragcave for more than 24 days and i just decided to start a forum account so, hi

heres my list of goals PROGRESS LIST UPDATE 8/17/2020

1. get a starterae < done

2. breed the starterae < doing

3. get every type of xenos < doing

4. keep them for myself because i like noodle dragons < doing

5. profit < done

6. get the bronze trophy <done

7. get an undead < waiting

8. attempt for a neglected, and horribly fail < doing

9. do dragon stuff < waiting

10. get the silver trophy < waiting

11. attempt for a neglected again. maybe succeed idk < waiting

12. keep the neglected because i dont want to trade < waiting

13. get the gold trophy < waiting

14. get more neglecteds and undeads for trading < waiting

15. find codes like "demon" or "angel" < semi-done

16. win a raffle < probably will never get around to, but i won a paper with 1 in 51 so thats that?

17. get the platinum trophy < waiting

18. do dragon stuff < waiting

and yeah, this is my list of goals and i hope ill get around to do some of them

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