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Groups listing inconsistent, bug or intended?

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I really assumed this was a bug when someone pointed it out not too long ago, but it hasn't changed so now I'm not sure. The order of the groups list at /group is different than the order of the list given on a view-page 'add to group' drop down. This changed rather recently, it definitely did *not* used to be like this. Both used to sort with any 'starts with a lowercase' groups at the very bottom, which was pretty convenient for temporary grouping. Now the drop-down still sorts that way but the /group page lists alphabetically without regard for lowercase/uppercase. 

I think it was nice to have all the lowercase groups at the bottom, but regardless the listing order should at least be consistent. 






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All groups should be sorting "naturally" (i.e. alphabetically without case, numbers in increasing order rather than "1000" coming before "999"). I'll fix the dropdown soon.

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