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Show trade creation and offer time on trade detail page

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Current situation:


The time a trade was created is visible when I see the trade in the list of trades (i.e. by going to the page it is currently on, or by finding it in a search).

The time I offered on a trade is displayed in my "Active Trades" section.


None of it is visible on the trade's individual (detail) page.



Add both times on the trade detail page.



This might be completely useless to some and rather useful to others, but it should not actively bad for anyone.

I have actually searched the hub for trades I already offered on because I wanted to see when they were created. Especially for older trades (previous day or so), this may give a hint on what time of day the trader might be online again.

The time you made an offer is also helpful if you have sort of a rule on how long you usually wait before canceling. (Let's not discuss actual times here. Opinions will vary greatly.)

Maybe even "I offered xy hours after they published the trade, so maybe I'll also wait xy hours before canceling" or something.


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Great suggestion! I'm generally in favour of adding more metadata on the trade detail page, to be honest. :) The times in particular would also be useful to me. I'd also like to see the time someone else's offer was made on my trade - I know they're sorted chronologically (oldest first), and I can find the time by looking at the notifications list, but it would still be a big convenience.


(In case you're wondering why I might want to know: If I get offers from three people on the same trade and it turns out they were very close together, time-wise, I know to watch similar trades more actively to avoid unintentionally wasting people's time. At the moment the notification section gives me that information, but having it neatly in one place under the trade in question would be nice.)

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