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Hi um

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Hi I’m new to the dragon cave forums but I have been playing dragon cave since 2018!

i don’t know what else to put in here besides some questions that I have 


I really would like to get into dragon trading but idk what any and all the terms mean ( like cb, H: 3G) so I would really appreciate if someone could explain that to me, also fair trading I guess? Like what type/breed of dragon would be considered fair to trade for others but I am assuming that there is a post already done for that (idk)


i also am wondering what is so good about bloodlines?

I guess I kinda understand purebreds but other than that I don’t know.


thanks for reading!!


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Hello! You may see the help section for more questions, but for what you've got - CB means 'cave born' so grabbed from the cave without a linage. 3G means third gen, so a third generation lineage.


Most people value clean lineages with no inbreeding, and with deliberate patterns.

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