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Decline glitch

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I posted this elsewhere, but I think it may need Boss Level attention.


@TJ09 - do you know anything ?


I made an offer on a trade this morning. As you do. My bell lit up, and I went to check. It had been declined THREE TIMES. I thought - that's a bit odd. I went to look at the trade and sure enough it was still up there. I imagine that poor trader may well have thought I was offering the same egg over and over - when I wasn't. I cancelled the trade and now it is gone - but.... that MAY account for some of the  constant re-offering people are seeing, I think ? If declining doesn't always achieve a decline ?


Look (that was ONE offer I made, declined ineffectively three times before I cancelled it.) TJ - I have the screenie with the trader's name if you need it.)




That's just not right.

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There's more to this.


Twice today I have accepted an offer and both times got this:




The offer had gone through. Is no-one else having an issue - certainly the person who had to decline me three times yesterday had a problem.... my offer stayed up there through three declines,. So it isn't my machine or anything - I was able to cancel.

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