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DUPLICATE:Accidental Auto-Abandon - would love your help!

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Hi everyone! I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

In a sleepy daze this morning I accidentally overlooked the fact that I was at my max for eggs, and when I bred my ancient silver to my new TK to start a new lineage, it autoabandoned.

I would be so so grateful if whomever found the egg could possibly give it back. The egg code is ~code removed~

Thank you so much

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Removing egg code

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I'm afraid it is not allowed to ask "for help finding auto-abandoned eggs - mods have decided this isn't allowed in this thread or the help forum. As of 12 Feb 2014, it is mod-acceptable to politely change your dragon names to indicate you're looking for the egg. As well, they say it is okay to ask in your signature, *only if* the code to the egg that isn't yours has caps changed. For example, an egg with the code (c0DEs) would need to be typed as something like C0des instead. You can also link to the progeny page of your own adult dragon"

(text taken from here: Random Scroll Help and Missed Connections)

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Astreya is correct. Another way to is to add you're looking for the egg in your forum signature, with caps messed up on the code for the egg. Good luck getting your dragon back, but these kinds of posts are not allowed.

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If you do not understand why this topic has been closed in this manner, feel free to contact me.

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