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Lovelace Academy - a p5 insp. rp || OPEN

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steal your h e a r t




two warring fractions strive for their own ideals of justice in a slowly-crumbling city.

time is running out -- 

what do you believe in?


this is a persona 5-inspired roleplay fusing highschool life with fighting for a better future --

no previous knowledge of persona is required to enter!


please do not post in the IC if you would like to join -- contact the discord or one of the gms

this rp is hosted by myself, and my co-gm doctortear ;

you may msg either one of us with questions!



graphics credit




Welcome to Lovelace Academy!




for interested students:



the school || surrounding environment


the academy

honour roll || probation || expelled



message || members


black wolves

message || members



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nszCTdR.png   the school ||


Lovelace Academy is a public opt-in institution of higher learning, proudly built and maintained in modern metropolitan New York City. Students from a variety of cultural backgrounds and different heritages come together at this proud academy to develop and exchange ideas. The Academy, honourably titled after the Countess of Lovelace, utilizes a mixture of traditional education and innovative learning to ensure students have a delightful experience within its walls. 

At the Academy, students can partake in a variety of classes to their choosing, provided each pupil is enrolled in, by year: 

- One (1) English course proving mastery in the language

- One (1) Mathematics course for fundamental understanding


Students are offered a variety of electives and extracurriculars, including but not limited to: 

- Physical excursion 

- A set of complete Sciences

- Creative exploration in a variety of arts


Student-run life also includes:

- Student Government 

- Newspaper Club

- Sewing Club 

- Debate Club

- NOTE: Clubs are subject to change and yearly review by the headmaster dependent on performance and activity. New clubs may be created at any time! 


Life at Lovelace Academy is rich, varied, exciting, challenging, sometimes even exhausting, but, above all, enormously rewarding. It is difficult to imagine a school that could offer a student more opportunities.



0bn06FH.png  surrounding environment ||


Places to note are: 


Morgana's Cafe - a cat cafe nearby the Academy, where lots of students like to study/hang out in in their spare time.


Enterprise Park - a park near the Academy, with beautiful scenery and hiking trails. Rumour has it that an entrance leading into the city sewers is hidden somewhere in the park's wilderness. 


Eton Street - a street that the Academy spills into, crowded with food vendors, small stalls, and leading up to the large shopping mall. Many students will come here on first dates, shopping trips, or just to eat snacks in their spare time! 


Rêverie Outlet - a large outlet with many small niches, shops, and foods. Many students will come to this massive mall to shop around and spend time. Off to the side, there is a collection of unused office spaces.  

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3lsaYl4.png the academy ||


NOTE: Honour Roll || Probation || Expelled are all roles that may be granted to a student throughout the RP, for a variety of reasons. 



Mabuki Tatsuhiro || Bobo || 0 - Fool / Coyote 



Virgil Cerullo || Trickster || I - Magician / Loki 



Hye-rin Kim || Nugget || III - Priestess / Hou-ou



Evonna Estelle Durand || Mater Dei || III - Empress / Ceres




Suiren Daidouji || Chimera || IV - Emperor / Tamamo-no-mae



Kohaku Daidouji || Shaman || V - Hierophant / Xuan Zang



Kaoru Okamura || Grass || VI - Lovers / O-Inari



Baby || Rat || VII - Chariot / Bul-Gae



Liesbeth Ziegler-Hall || Emperor || VIII - Justice / Bonaparte 



Rin Kinomoto || Witch || IX - Hermit / Abigail Williams



Julian Redfield || Saber || XI - Strength / Bellerophon 



Chad Liu || Champ || XII - Hanged Man / St. Bartholomew



Lillian Gray || Lotus || XIII - Death / Seker 


Rei Kinomoto || Hunter || XIV - Temperance / Charles-Henri Sanson 



Silas Christensen || Aksel || XV - Devil / Ægir 



Jehan Leon Durand || Comète || XVII - Star / Hesperus



 Ezekiel Nakajima || Tenebris || XVIII - Moon / The Serpent of Eden



Itsuki Kimura || Sunstone || XIX - Sun / Cherufe 



Tobias "Tobi" Christensen || Rosenberg || XX - Judgement / Rán



Isaias Navarro || Jackal || XXI - World / Anubis 





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9PCO7WR.png  nightingale ||


for a better future.


Nightingale is a free-thinking organization lead by Lilian Grey, composed of Persona users who use their mysterious powers for the betterment of society. Nightingale believes in the power of the spoken word -- changing hearts and minds through passionate speeches and one's best efforts. In essence, Nightingale works for a better future through the power of cooperation, hoping to inspire change in those they must fight against through peaceful diplomacy. 


Members of Nightingale are loyal, levelminded, and reasonable. Supported by a large personal fund and the compassion of their energetic leader, Nightingale forges a new future with the belief that humans are, at their core, good people. 


members ||


Lillian Gray

Tobias "Tobi" Christensen

Itsuki Kimura

Hye-rin Kim

Jehan Leon Durand

Evonna Estelle Durand 

Chad Liu

Kaoru Okamura

Rin Kinomoto 



yU6I78L.png  black wolves ||


for justice, no matter the cost.


Led by Liesbeth Ziegler-Hall, the Black Wolves are an underground society of misfits, radicals, and extremists determined to right the wrongs of modern society. Among the Personas of the Black Wolves are self-made emperors, controversial sovereigns, and patriotic rebels that take to extreme measures in order to achieve their goals. Working from behind the scenes, the Black Wolves are not beyond dirtier means to achieve their goals, and traces of their influence can usually be spotted throughout society due to the state they leave their victims in -- often as emotionless, changed husks who have had their hearts and wills stolen. 


The Black Wolves fight for a justice they themselves determine to be right. Members of the Black Wolves are devoted and confident martyrs, usually personally involved with Liesbeth. They know each other very well, and fight together for a justice preceded by righteous vengeance. 


members ||


Liesbeth Ziegler-Hall


Silas Christensen

Julian Redfield

Ezekiel Nakajima

Virgil Cerullo

Mabuki Tatsuhiro

Isaias Navarro

Rei Kinomoto 

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1VBqRxz.png academy admission ||


Lovelace Academy functions as an opt-in highschool. If you express interest in continuing your education here, please fill out this form and contact one of the GMs!


Age: [between 16-19; highschool range] 
Allegiance: [Which team are you on: Nightingales or Black Wolves]
Appearance: [Images are welcome, but please add a few sentences of description as well, includ. height, eye/hair colour, prominent markings]

General: [This includes personality and history. A few sentences at minimum, but feel free to add as much as you want.] 
((note: the RP takes place in NYC, not Japan!))

Weapons: [Can be whatever you want!]
Persona: [A historical/mythical figure of much importance]
Element: [Personas generally have elements they are weak / strong against. List them here]
Abilities: [ Don’t worry too much about this for now.]

Arcana: [There can only be one of each arcana so be sure to check who has what - ask the GMs]


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After months of silence, someone finally spoke.

It was a joyous as it was enraging. They sought to quell the injustice in the city. It was their singular defining purpose, and yet, without it, they were starved by inaction. They watched in feverous delight as the Palace erected itself from the ground, a large beautiful structure that dwarfed the buildings beside it. It was hard to contain themselves as they stared upon the Palace in all its abominable glory. The Shadows instantly took notice. They watched the Shadows wander towards the Palace like moths drawn to a flame. It was time to start anew. Their chosen ones, their champions, needed to be informed. The little ones were still stumbling in the dark, unable to grasp the truth, but that was okay. They would lead the little ones and the little ones would listen. It did not matter how the humans tore the Palace down. All that mattered was that they would speak to the children and the children would obey and once the dust settled there would be nothing left but the hot stinging iron of justice.


Outside the school gates, a blue butterfly landed on a flower and waited.


.   .   .



Location: Dormitory || Bottom Floor
Nearby Friends: Hye-rin 

It was early Sunday morning before classes started and already the school had messed up.


The academy had been oddly stingy about releasing dorm room assignments. On the weekly newsletter, the school claimed that there had been issues with the dormitory budget which led to some last minute problems that had to be hastily resolved. The newsletter's vagueness had been frustrating to read but no less frustrating than opening the room assignment to see that Lillian had been placed with a first year. Lillian actually had to pause a moment and stare down at her phone, the screen's bright light illuminating her frown. The name Evonna Durand was printed clearly underneath Lillian's own name. She should probably be glad she was going to room with another Nightingale. Although Evonna had only been with the group for a short time, she showed promise. Not to mention she was fun to hang out with. Still, pairing a third year and first year in the dorms was such a clear sign of incompetence that Lillian couldn't help but feel glad she was graduating in a year.


With a heavy sigh, Lillian pocketed her phone. She readjusted the grip on the cardboard box in her hands before pushing the open the front door to the dormitory with her shoulder. There were only a handful of other students present. Admission into the dorms was open until 8pm so it was likely that most people were arriving later in the day. Lillian took in a deep breath. The faint scent of disinfecting wipes and faux citrus still permeated in the room, likely from a rushed clean up before the dorms opened for the public. Poor Hye-rin, who had been busy dozing off in Lillian's shirt pocket, let out a disgruntled cheep before burying herself deeper into the pocket. Lillian mumbled an apology under her breath, wishing she had a free hand to pat Hye-rin. Walking past the first floor common room, Lillian stepped on the first stair to begin to arduous task of climbing to the second floor with a heavy box in her hand when a familiar sound went off on her phone. Lillian paused, pressing herself against the wall to support the weight of the box. She fished her phone back out of her pocket and tapped on the MetaNav app. A notification from the chatroom blinked on screen. When Lillian clicked it, an unfamiliar username popped up.



eg7L3fKc: b l e e d  o u t  t h e  s t a r s  u n t i l  t h e  o n l y  t h i n g  t h a t  c h o k e s  h e r  i s   g   o  l    d



The mysterious benefactor, the one who had gifted Lillian and her group to enter the Metaverse and use their personas for justice. Their username always changed when they spoke on the MetaNav, but it was obvious who they were. Their messages, the only clue they gave the Nightingale and Black Wolves before a new Palace appeared, was always hard to read with its odd spacing and cryptic meaning. There hadn't been a message from the otherworldly sponsor for a few months. Lillian would have been relieved to hear from them if it didn't mean that there was more injustice in the world she needed to correct. She would need to contact her group about the message, preferably after she had set the box down in her room.


Lillian managed to take a whole three steps before yet another notification went off. Stopping in the middle of the stairway, Lillian frowned down at her phone as she balanced the cardboard box preciously on her knee. Someone else had spoken in the MetaNav chat and it was the last person Lillian wanted to see.



Emperor: have you considered just telling us who the target is instead of spewing vague nonsense in hopes that we'll figure it out?

Emperor: smh gettin real tired of this scooby doo crap



It was amazing how fast Emperor could induce a headache upon Lillian. Emperor was also teaching her just how much she missed having functions of both of he hands. Lillian would have loved to rub her temples in hopes that she could force out her slowly growing agitation, but knowing how chatty Emperor was it would probably be faster to bang her head against the wall until she couldn't feel anything. Seeing the "Emperor is typing..." notification was more than enough motivation to power walk up the stairs and march straight to her assigned dorm room. Lillian fumbled with the key for a minute, awkwardly trying to keep the cardboard box balanced between her chest and the wall while she fitted the key into the lock, but as soon as she got into the room Lillian set down the box with more force than necessary and yanked her phone out of her pocket.



Lotus: If you're tired of solving riddles, feel free to take some time off and let us do the work.

Emperor: lmaooo shut up

Emperor: do u think ur being cute? go jump in a river and drown already

Lotus: A pleasure as always, Emperor.

Emperor: likewise



"Brat," Lillian hissed under her breath. She wasn't really sure what she was expecting. Another morning, another spat with Emperor. That's just how it went. Lillian suddenly felt exhausted. She collapsed down on the nearest bed. She blew a raspberry, idly checking her phone for any new notifications. It seemed Emperor was done talking for now which Lillian was more than fine with. If Lillian was going to face the rest of the day with a smile, she was going to need a pick-me-up. Lucky, she knew exactly who to text to wash away the ugliness of Emperor's words. Lillian opened her recent messages and clicked on the third one from the top.




Lillian Gray: good morning !! ♡^▽^♡



Lillian intended to follow up her greeting with "i hope you slept well !", but her finger hovered hesitantly over the reply button. Liesbeth had been the first friend Lillian had made when she first enrolled at Lovelace Academy. They were practically joined at the hip, always hanging out together after school and staying up way too late to chat about fun nonsense. Then summer break came. Liesbeth was preoccupied with her acting career while Lillian had to study for her newly obtained internship. The fall semester came and the two of them simply... disconnected. It was as though they had both silently agreed to let their friendship fade away into obscurity. it wasn't until a few months ago that Lillian had accidentally texted Liesbeth while in the middle of an argument in the Nightingale group chat about the final season of a popular show they all liked.


Evidentially, Liesbeth had many strong opinions about the last season that was she more than happy, or desperate, to share. Since then, the two had taken up texting each other about shared interests or their thoughts on recent news. Liesbeth was enjoyable to talk to, there was no doubt about that but there was a social border that Lillian was unsure she was allowed to cross. Was she close enough to talk to Liesbeth about her real feelings, or was their relationship still bound to surface level topics? Underneath her anxiety and uncertainty, there was a kernel of affection Lillian felt for Liesbeth, fragile and warm. She didn't know if it was residue from their past relationship or something scary and new.


After a brief deliberation, Lillian deleted her message and typed something different.




Lillian Gray: they really messed up the dorm situation this year

Lillian Gray: just found out im rooming with a first year lol

Lillian Gray: im gonna have to protect this poor precious first year from all the mean third years (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و✧

Lillian Gray: hopefully your dorm situation is less chaotic !!

Lillian Gray: btw hye-rin says hi (•ө•)♡

[ image attached ]



Lillian guilty swiped away from her texts with Liesbeth least Hye-rin started complaining about that Lillian wasn't sending photos of her to some random girl and not Chad. Everyone seemed to enjoy receiving pictures of Hye-rin and Lillian had plenty to spare. Hye-rin was quite photogenic for a bird or, she would say, a human turned into a bird. Liesbeth had yet to reply and a cursory glance at the door told Lillian that her roommate hadn't arrived yet. Seeing as she didn't have anything better to do, she opened up the Nightingale group chat. It took her a minute to figure out what exactly her username was. The chat always got a bit chaotic at night, and Lillian had fallen asleep early to prepare for the move-in. Someone had changed her nickname to something odd enough to warrant concern, but the 200+ new message notification was enough deter her from looking for the reason behind it. Shrugging, Lillian accepted her new nickname with all the grace she good and began typing.




the big sauce: good morning everyone !!

the big sauce: im sure you all saw the message in metanav, so let's all meet up at the usual spot after classes tomorrow

the big sauce: fyi people usually go out and eat out the outlet en mass at the start of the year

the big sauce: so !! pls let me know what you all want to eat before the meeting tomorrow so i can order in advance  (´v`)



Lillian felt Hye-rin stir inside her makeshift nest. She glanced down just in time to see a fuzzy white face pop out of the pocket.

"Did you sleep well?" Lillian asked. She gently rubbed her pointer finger along the bird's head, ruffling the soft feathers. "It's still pretty early in the morning. Most people are still coming in and—" Lillian lowered her voice. "—we got something new." She shook her voice in indication. "We'll be talking about that with everyone else tomorrow after school." Lillian grinned as she gently set her phone aside on the blanket and resumed rubbing Hye-rin's head. While Lillian wasn't sure how many people would be arriving so early in the morning, she was certain some other students would be arriving soon. "Did you need help making your nest?" Lillian asked. "I know you said you wanted to stay in the communal area, but are you sure that's safe? Someone might try to destroy it or call in the RA to deal with the 'wild bird' inside the building."

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liesbeth || emperor

dormitory - inside room


The messages from the mysterious benefactor are hardly anything worth paying attention to, and Liesbeth sighs, irritated, as she opens up the incoming notification to find another cryptic text. As if the benefactor, this person who had granted everyone access to the MetaNav app, thought they had nothing better to do with their time other than decipher cryptic messages.


Hardly so. The addition of the group chat -- where all Persona users could gather without revealing their true identities -- is somewhat of an annoyance to Liesbeth, especially considering the whole usage of a Persona is only a means to a better end. She would much rather the benefactor reveal the true identities of everyone involved so that she could persuade a couple more people over to their cause, rather than play mysterious puzzles.

As for the people who would disagree, such as Lotus -- well, that's hardly here nor there, Liesbeth thinks. The Nightingale leader is a momentary block along a longer road, and she stirs the same feelings of annoyance in Liesbeth as the benefactor's message does when she sees the other leader's message pop up on screen.


She taunts the other leader, easily -- Lotus is so easy to draw away from more serious issues, so concerned with every single aspect of a goal that she never reaches the peak of the mountain to finish off. Left behind in the smaller details, blurring the larger picture. Liesbeth spins in her chair as she stares at her phone screen, swirling the chair around in the otherwise empty room. Her roommate -- Charles Lee? She'd seen the name as she'd come in, but hardly paid it any mind -- is still not here, and Liesbeth takes that to mean that the following room is free real estate. She has already set up her items on her side of the room and the shared table as she would like. 


Another notification draws her attention, and Liesbeth looks down to find a familiar screen name. A small smile breaks the harshness of her thoughts, and Liesbeth puts aside her bothersome duties and opens up the text. Having named all of her contacts in order of the people she knows, there is only one person who occupies first place in her phone. 


i. lilian 


Liesbeth Z-H: good morning, lilian. 

Liesbeth Z-H: a 1st year? i hope that won't disturb your studies. don't you still have the internship as well? if you'd need, i'm quite happy to let you into the grad lounge if you need to get away, anytime.


Liesbeth pauses as she sends that message, wondering if it perhaps is a little too forward -- she knows Lilian, at least partially; the dark-haired girl had been the first person she'd become close to upon entering the Academy, and, admittedly, the only person she has been so openly vulnerable to. Lilian knows her thoughts -- some doubts, some opinions, other parts of her that Liesbeth has kept closed off to the people she associates with now, knowing well that the members of the Black Wolves under her command must be approached as comrades, not friends. It is true that Liesbeth wants to get to know Lilian more, for more opportunities to let down her guard and seek a softer kind of comfort, but Liluan is busy. And, ultimately, it would not be good for her own ideals to be weighed down by other wishes.


But, Liesbeth thinks, it is nice.


Liesbeth Z-H: hye-rin! she's so cute. have you set up everything? my roommate hasn't come yet, but i've gotten unpacked.  


When Lilian fails to respond for a second, Liesbeth switches chats; she twirls a strand of long, silvery-blonde hair between her fingers and checks up on the Black Wolves group chat. As much as she dislikes the messages from the benefactor, they still are their best lead right and she intends to act immediately -- at least before the Nightingales have a chance. She easily skips past the previous chatter and sends a message, immediately cutting off who was typing previous.




Emperor: meeting tmr @ usual place. for the message.

Emperor: don't be late. 




3455533127302156d66bc78d5f49e16a.png 6ff5424fd6aeb9e6968f7d78e59e703f.png

silas & tobi || aksel / rosenberg

dormitory - first floor


"What do you mean tax?"


"I mean," Tobias responds, raising an eyebrow, "I'm taking it. As tax."


"Taxes -- I'm your brother," Silas splutters.


"Family members aren't excluded from tax collection," Tobi responds, folding up the thin, black leather wallet that he had plucked only seconds earlier from Silas' back pocket. "If you had paid more attention to the recent election, perhaps you'd remember that."


"You can't even vote," Silas hisses, snatching the edge of his suitcase's handle from Tobias' thin fingers. "Give me my stuff."


"No," Tobias replies. "Dr. Allen told me I needed a second pillow for my back. I don't have one, so I'm taking yours." 


"And what am I supposed to sleep on?!"


"Try your report cards," Tobias replies smugly. "Between this year and the last, you have quite a few."


"Why don't you sleep on your report cards!" Silas responds angrily, more a shout than a question.


"I digitized mine," Tobias says matter-of-factly. "They needed them scanned for my scholarship. Well, see you."


With that, the pink-haired boy turns on his heel, looking almost comically tiny as he drags both suitcases -- his, and Silas' -- upstairs.

Silas curses under his breath, feeling the vibration of an incoming message in his pocket. With no time to check his phone -- at least Tobias hadn't stolen that -- he reaches forwards and grabs onto the edge of Tobias' suitcase. His twin brother turns around, eyebrow raised.


"I will pull you off these stairs," SIlas threatens. "Give me my stuff."


"I'm calling the police," Tobias replies sarcastically, as he checks his phone. Seeing a message in the Nightingale General chat, he responds.




the big sauce: so !! pls let me know what you all want to eat before the meeting tomorrow so i can order in advance  (´v`)

-- NEW -- 

baby boy energy: sushi. or anything anyone else is allergic to, so i can have it. 


His phone buzzes again, so Tobias switches chats. 


big baby


Silas Christensen: Give me my stuff


At the same time as Silas sends the message to the browsing Tobias, who he is sure is now on Twitter purposefully angering people, Silas checks the Wolves chat and sends a desperate notice into the chat. 



i miss vine: Hey 

i miss vine: Uh can anyone help my bro took my suitcase & wallet so I need like a pillow or smth

i miss vine: Maybe like 5$ so I can bus home and call mum 

-- NEW -- 

Emperor: we're not here to manage your problems

Emperor: i can hear u guys from here quiet down lol 


"Fine," Silas hears from above, and Silas looks up just in time to see his wallet flying through the air, landing a little bit away from him as his cash and cards scatter everywhere. Tobias drops his luggage, looking disinterested. "You win." 


Incredulous, Silas meets his twin's eyes and Tobias crosses his arms, face impassive. A heartbeat passes, and Tobias sighs, turning around before he drags his suitcase up the stairs and disappears above. Left alone, Silas groans and kneels down, collecting the scattered pieces of his wallet from the ground. At the very least, he won't give Tobias the satisfaction of quite literally getting to his knees in front of him. 





hye-rin || nugget

dormitory - with lilian


"A new message?" Hye-rin immediately perks up, drawn by Lilian's revelation. Another message from their benefactor -- and so soon, too! Just as the school year is beginning ... the bird gives a nervous flutter, shaking her feathers to draw sleep away from her mind, and settles herself more comfortably into the makeshift nest Lilian had built for her in order to carry her over to the dorms. 


"We have to act immediately!" she says, although chances are that Lilian has sent everyone a message while she had been asleep. For a second, Hye-rin considers if she should try and keep a more reasonable schedule, considering throughout the summer she has been sleeping nearly 18 hours a day, but she'd been having such a good dream about ... muscles ...


Steeling herself, Hye-rin perks up in response to Lilian's next words., reassured that Lilian had indeed called everyone to meet up. "Yes please -- I'm sure," she promises, nuzzling into Lilan's finger at the comfortable feeling of her gentle strokes. "It'll be more cost-effective." Flapping her wings, Hye-rin demonstrates: "I'm very tiny! They won't see me!" 

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⇢ Log In....... ⇠

⇢ Isaias ;; Codename: Jackal ;; Call to Anubis ⇠

⇢ She ;; He ;; They ⇠

⇢ Third Year ;; Black Wolves ⇠

⇢ Real World ;; Dorms ⇠


⇢ Update ;; Unread Messages ⇠


The sound of car horns always bled through the 'noise canceling' headphones she wore. Isaias did her best to tune out the vehicles, splitting her attention between the music filling her ears, the sidewalk she travelled on, and the device in her hand. Her thumb hovered over the strange app, more than familiar with its secret functions. Tapping it, she watched it open into a menu and scrolled down until she saw "Chat". Messages occupied the screen but she stared at what used to be a name reading Ju-23087. It wasn't the first time her username had seen changes. But seeing Jackal instead of--Well, it was different and Isaias wasn't certain how to feel about it yet. Frowning, she closed the app, locked her phone, and stuffed it into her back pocket again. 


One more year.... She'd only moved to New York City a couple years ago but, as much as she loved her dad and tolerated his wife, Isaias was more than ready to change up the scene. Maybe attend college overseas or learn a new trade and start up a shop in some small town. Her dad, on the other hand, was interested in helping her enroll for a New York university like he'd helped her to get into Lovelace Academy almost two years prior. 


"What good is it to attend a high-tier private school if you don't use it to enroll in a high-tier university?" She'd placated him, for now, with the promise to look into it and think about it. 


Repositioning the bag on her shoulder, Isaias also adjusted her grip on the battered cardboard box that contained the few belongings she'd chosen to bring for Move-In day at the dorms. She really wasn't much of a morning person but she had promised Mabuki to lend a hand if the younger student needed help with settling in later. So, Isaias had set an alarm at an ungodly hour (7 AM) and now she was staring at Lovelace Academy. Her phone continued chiming with notifications but she mostly ignored them. If something was of dire consequence, someone would call her. Striding across the campus, Isaias entered the dormitory building and slowed her pace as loud voices filled the hallways. 


She stopped and waited. Twins occupied the stairwell in the midst of some argument or other. Isaias chewed the inside of her cheek, letting the siblings carry out their squabble until one finally left. Moving again, Isaias set her box down softly. In the next moment, she took a step and crouched to pick up a card that had strayed further from the rest. "Here. Don't lose this." Holding it out to the pink-haired boy, she vaguely wanted to figure out where she'd seen him before but a larger part of her didn't quite care. Until she remembered that the boy was part of Black Wolves. 


Isaias was going to have to get better about recognizing her new team on sight. It collided, however, with her apathy towards much of their personal lives. Well, no. That wasn't exactly the right way to put it. "... Silas, was it?" she hedged, pulling her hand back once the card was returned to its rightful place. Isaias grabbed her box again. "Do you need any help getting your stuff to your dorm?" The boy was a second year, wasn't he? Or first year? She supposed it didn't matter since first and second years were rooming on the same floor anyways. It only made a difference if he was a third year. 


Part of her hoped Silas would turn down the offer so she could get straight to her room and sort everything out with her new roommate--assuming the other student was even there by the time she arrived. But who gets up to be at school first thing in the morning on a Sunday, anyways? Her and some other students, apparently. Whatever. Isaias waited for Silas and then, when that situation--should it be called a situation?--was resolved, she made for the second floor and located her new room. As Isaias fished for the key in her bag, she turned her head. Slightly further down the hall was another room with its door open; light spilled from the threshold. When Isaias angled her head appropriately, she caught a glimpse of a name on the paper taped to the wall: Lillian Grey. 


An impulse stumbled through her thoughts but it tripped and fell into nothingness as Isaias denied it any amount of attention. Entering her room, Isaias scanned the empty space and then set her belongings down on the bed to the right--it placed her behind the door while it remained open. Now was a good time to check the messages on her phone but she opted to delay that a little longer, taking the time to unpack--or really, just dump--the contents of her bag and box upon the blankets. First thing she did was stuff her sketchbook beneath the mattress, out of sight. She slid drawers open and shut as she stuffed clothing and notebooks into some semblance of order. 


Midway through organizing, Isaias finally checked her phone. She didn't respond to the bickering between Emperor and Lotus--although she sometimes wished Liesbeth wasn't so juvenile in the MetaNav chat.



Jackal: If you still need bus money, I can loan you a few bills. Sorry, I don't have much else....


Isaias stared at the chatroom for a moment longer before adding--


Jackal: And tomorrow when? Before, during, or after school? Could use a little more specifics for the new members of the team....


Liesbeth seemed to hate how cryptic the Benefactor tended to be but Isaias didn't know how self-aware Liesbeth was of her own vagueness some days. It was ironic and, if Isaias had found it remotely funny, she would have at least chuckled about it. But, more than anything, it was just lackluster at best. Tossing her phone onto the mattress, she stepped to the door and peered around to see the name of her expected roommate. One Jehan Durand. The name wasn't familiar to her. 


Again, she glanced towards the room at the end of the hallway, wondering if--Isaias was walking in the next heartbeat. Footsteps soft, she eased to a stop just before the threshold. Tentatively, she rapped a knuckle against the doorframe. "Uh... Lillian, right? You, uh, excited for a new year?" This was awkward. She felt awkward. Isaias only really knew who Lillian was because the other girl seemed to always be conversational and at least partly invested in fellow students. Lillian was a good person, from what she could learn of her.


Isaias had a small sketch tucked away for her if she could just muster up the damn courage to send it. Maybe now that she knew what room Lillian was staying in, she could tuck it under the door one night or something.

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Location: Dormitory || Top Floor - Lillian's and Evonna's Dorm Room
Nearby Friends: Hye-rin, Isaias 


"Of course we will!" Lillian grinned widely, lightly bouncing off the balls of her feet. "The gang's going to meet up tomorrow after classes." Hye-rin's excitement was infectious. It had been a few months since the benefactor had given them a new target to find and change the heart of. As much as Lillian would love for any injustice in the world to simply die off like a flickering flame, she would be lying if she said the thought of getting back into Mementos didn't make her giddy. Whenever she explored a Palace with the other members of Nightingale, she felt alive, invincible even. It was intoxicating at times, having her friends by her side as they convinced yet another lost soul to give up on their destructive crusade and change for the better.

Hye-rin's pleased preening was enough to drag Lillian out of her thoughts of grandeur. "Money isn't an issue," Lillian said, curving her finger as she continued petting Hye-rin's head. "My aunt gives me more money than I know what to do with, but if nesting in the common room is what you want, then I'll help you make it!" The other members of Nightingale were sure to arrive at the dorms sooner rather than later. Building Hye-rin's nest would make for an excellent bonding activity! Invigorated by the idea of her friends happily building a nest together, Lillian grabbed her phone, intending to send a message in the Nightingale group chat. The red notification bubble hovering over the messages icon caught her attention. She clicked it, revealing, much to her delight, that Liesbeth had replied to her earlier messages. "Liesbeth is so considerate," Lillian told Hye-rin conversationally. "Do you think she'd like to help make your nest?" Without waiting for Hye-rin to reply, Lillian began typing.




Lillian Gray: no worries! i actually know the 1st year. we met over the summer !! she's rly nice

Lillian Gray: we're actually on the 2nd floor so we have access to the grad lounge, but thank you for looking out for me !! that's really sweet of you  (〃´∀`)

Lillian Gray: and yes! i still have the internship. it's been going really well, but it's a lot of work. my blood is going to be 100% coffee by the time i actually get a job. i heard you're taking a break from your acting career ?? enjoy your time off! im sure you have plenty of beauty sleep to catch up on
Lillian Gray: oh!! i actually just got there. still need to wait for my roomie to show up and set things up

Lillian Gray: btw, we're making hye-rin a nest. did u want to [UNSENT]



"Uh... Lillian, right? You, uh, excited for a new year?"


Before Lillian could finish writing her message to Liesbeth, someone spoke up from the doorway. She glanced up from her phone to see a vaguely familiar face standing at the doorway. It took Lillian a moment to retrieve the stranger's name from the vaults of her memory. Lillian made her mission to become acquainted with as many people as she possibly could. After all, there was always chance a stranger was just a good friend she hadn't met yet and who knew? Maybe they were more than just a potential friend. Lillian had met a few fellow Persona users in the real world before encountering them in Mementos. It was always a surprise to recognize the face hidden behind a mask, but far from a unpleasant one.


"Isaias, right?" Lillian asked. She smiled kindly as she walked over towards the door. "We haven't really spoken much, but it's nice to see you again! The dorm situation is kinda icky this year." Lillian made a vague motion with her hand. "They really should have sent out the schedules earlier than the day of moving in. People out of the state are going to have the worst time, but ooh! I heard that the school got more funding recently so they're splurging a lot of it on replacing old stuff and boosting the budget for classes. I am really looking forward for the biology text books to actually have intact spines."


It was during the middle of her rambling did Lillian notice that it would be nearly impossible for Isaias to notice the fluffy white bird poking her head of out of Lillian's shirt pocket. Seeing a prime opportunity to make a new friend, Lillian gently scooped the bird out of her makeshift nest. "This is Hye-rin," Lillian explained, holding her friend delicately in her gloved palm. "She's technically not supposed to be here, but she practically begged me to bring her to the dorms and I just couldn't say no to that cute little face." Lillian gently rubbed the top of Hye-rin's head. "Would you mind keeping her being here a secret? The worst she can do is angrily squawk at you until you forfeit whatever you're reading." Lillian winked mischievously.



Location: Dormitory || Bottom Floor
Nearby Strangers: Silas 


Kaede was right. He was going to die at school. He had just sat down on the couch in the common room of the dormitory, brightly colored luggage stuffed with his belongings in hand, and already there were two people arguing in the common room. Itsuki froze in place, his hands tightening against luggage's handle. The two boys who held a striking resemblance to one another -- siblings perhaps -- shouted at each other, venom dripping from every word. The sheer volatility of the conversation had Itsuki averting his gaze towards his shoes. He squeezed his legs together, crouching over his luggage in an attempt to make himself look smaller. Would it be cowardly to run to his assigned room and hide? Would it be rude to try and diffuse the situation? Could he even diffuse the situation? The world was upside down and cramped. Itsuki closed his eyes and breathed in. The voices washed away into white noise, barely a buzz above the sound of Itsuki breathing. It was fine. He was fine. Everything was fine.


By the time Itsuki had regained his composure, the argument had ended completely. Itsuki's eyes fluttered opened. Out of the corner of his vision, he spotted a green-haired boy give him an appraising look before pulling on his backpack strap and heading down the hall. Embarrassment crept up Itsuki's neck, red and hot. He coughed into his fist, willing the image of the boy's disapproving look to fade from memory. That wasn't a great first impression, but that was okay. Hopefully that boy wouldn't be his roommate. Or in any of his classes. Or in the same school.


Shaking his head, Itsuki stood up from the couch and cautiously approached the stairwell. He had heard a third voice, calm and kind, emit from the stairwell shortly after the argument had ended. Apparently, whoever the third voice belonged to had already climbed up to the second floor because by the time Itsuki peered at the stairway there was only one person there. It was one of the boys who had been arguing. At his feet was some luggage and a few scattered cards and photos he was picking up.


"Um," Itsuki said, unsure of how to proceed. "Are you, uh, good? Do you need any help picking that up or...?" Itsuki's voice trailed off. This was dumb. He was dumb. What was he even thinking? The boy clearly was doing fine cleaning things up on his own and someone had already stopped to help him. What exactly was Itsuki offering anyway? To carry his luggage to his room? To help put his credit card make into his wallet? Stupid.



Location: Dormitory || Bottom Floor - Julian's and Virgil's Dorm Room
Nearby Strangers: N/A 


The dorm room he was assigned to looked exactly as he expected. There was no decorations on the walls, a basic comforter fitted over the beds, and a set of plain wooden desks fitted with accompanying desk lambs and basic desk chairs. The room was bland and lifeless, devoid of any color or personality. It was exactly what Julian was accustomed to.


His backpack slid off his shoulder with ease. He easily threw it onto the leftmost bed, effectively claiming it. Moving from foster home to foster home had taught Julian how to squeeze all of his earthly belongings into his backpack. It was oddly comforting to be able to hold everything you owned in your arms. It made the feeling of ownership more tangible, real. Julian unzipped his backpack. He pulled out his textbooks, blowing off whatever remnants of dust clung to its surface. He easily organized them on top of the nearest desk, turning the spine facing towards him so he could read the titles. He quickly filled the desk drawers with school essentials -- paper, pencils, staplers, binders, white-out and whatnot. He still needed to put his clothes away, but the weight of having to be productive was suddenly too much to bare.


Julian sat down on his bed, back bent over as he warily glanced over at the open door. He hadn't bothered checking to see who his roommate was. Chances were he didn't know who they were and, if he was lucky, he still wouldn't know who they were by the end of the year. Julian had done this sing and dance more than once before. Passed around from one foster home to another, he was used to having to introduce himself to someone he was suppose to live with for an extended period of time. The initial greeting, the, "Hello, my name is Julian," and the, "It's a pleasure to meet you," always left a bad taste in his mouth. It was like mucus, a thick slimy thing clogging up his mouth and making it hard to breath. He hated the pretend pleasantries, acting like he was looking forward to meet someone when he knew that they would stop caring about him the moment they were no longer required to. He was sure his roommate, as well as everyone in the school, would be no different. Even the Black Wolves were sure to only care for him while he was working alongside them. He had seen the message Liesbeth had sent earlier to the group chat, but he hadn't bothered replying. He would be there when the group needed him to be and that was likely all they really wanted.


Julian hummed to himself. He propped his legs onto the bed and laid down, placing his head down on the pillow. There was no harm in laying down for a little bit. It was still early in the morning. There was plenty of time for him to set his room up and prepare for classes the following day.

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Ezekiel || Tenebris

Location: Dormitories, Second Floor, Ezekiel and Tobias' Rooom

Nearby PCs: Tobias


Ezekiel shifted his backpack, the straps of which cut into his shoulders. As usual, he’d packed more than was really necessary, but he preferred to pack too much than to realize halfway through the second week that he’d forgotten something he wanted. He liked having a space that was his, and while having shared dorms made that difficult, he could at least decorate his space how he liked. If he could avoid having to ask his mother and step-father if he could come home to grab something, all the better. 


His phone buzzed in his pocket yet again as he approached the door of the dormitory, so he propped up his suitcase and leaned against the wall to check his messages, as much to delay going inside as anything else. He opened the Black Wolves server first. At the top was a message from Liesbeth (vague and threatening as usual), and, below, a plea for help from Silas. He frowned. 



tenebris: rude


He paused, considering. As much as he hated to give up any of his stuff, from what he’d heard Silas’ brother was awful to him. Unlike Liesbeth, he couldn’t just leave someone (and especially not a fellow wolf) to deal with that alone. Whom did they have, if not each other? He’d be fine without a pillow for a few nights. At least he had an excuse not to offer clothes; nothing he had would fit the much shorter boy. 


tenebris: I’ve got a pillow
tenebris: is there anything else you require


Deciding that he’d put it off long enough, he shut off his phone’s screen and shoved it back into his pocket. He could check the message from their benefactor later, when he had time to use the internet to try and find any possible clues or symbolism in the message. He hadn’t had any success so far, but it was enjoyable and made him feel almost useful.

Entering the first floor of the dormitory (banging an elbow into the doorframe in the process of shoving his body and suitcase through the door) he saw a familiar head of pink hair. Silas was kneeling on the floor and cleaning something up, but two people were already helping him so Ezekiel saw no reason to stop. He nodded briefly to Silas before continuing up the stairs. 


He’d never been upstairs before, but it couldn’t be much different from the lower dorms. He pulled a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket to check one more time - yes, first dorm on the left. He considered flinging the door open without knocking, but, well, it would be difficult to look dramatic while dragging a suitcase with a pillow tied to the top with some spare string he found. Instead, he went the polite route and knocked once before shoving the door open.


He startled, for a moment thinking that Silas had somehow gotten ahead of him, but no. Aside from having the same face and hair, there was a little about the two boys that was the same. This one wore glasses, lacked Silas’ omnipresent coat, and held less tension in his shoulders. His brother, then, though Ezekiel had thought that they were twins and that Silas was in second year. 


He only saw one suitcase with his new roommate (what was his name, Tony or something?), so perhaps he’d given back what he’d stolen. Either way, Ezekiel didn’t like or trust him, and made a mental note to keep inventory of his stuff. “My name is Ezekiel,” he said, looking over To-something one last time before turning towards the unclaimed bed and dumping his suitcase and backpack onto it.

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tobias || rosenberg

dormitory - inside room


Tobias, having stopped the encounter with his brother before Silas made too big a fool of himself, had carried his suitcase up to his room and placed it down on one of the beds, surveying his new room. His rooommate hadn't come in yet when he'd gotten there -- for the better, Tobias thinks, as he promptly draws out a ruler from within his leather jacket and begins to measure the inclination of the desk on his side of the room, placing the frame of his parents neatly on the counter and smiling a little at the image of his mother, dressed in her pearls and holding Toby in her arms, her hair twisted back and the very picture of elegance. Although Silas was the younger twin, Tobias had always been the baby of the family in their mother's eyes, and she had seen them off with a worried glance and a promise drawn from him to call if anything at all was the issue. 


Tobias is drawn out of his thoughts by a knock at the door; before he can think to tell the intruder to go away -- roommate or not, he really isn't in the mood for company -- the door is pushed open and Tobias lifts an eyebrow as he sees a brush of black-hair cross into the room. His new roommate is taller than him -- well, who isn't -- and that's all the information Tobias cares to know, as he turns his attention to fixing the items on his desk once more.


From behind, he hears the newcomer scuffle around; the sound is somewhat irritating to him, and Tobias considers filing a complaint, later. He doesn't need anyone noisy -- or, god forbid, erratic -- to disrupt his studies.


"Hm," Tobias responds to his roommate -- Ezekiel's -- introduction. "I don't really care, frankly," he responds. "Do you make a habit out of entering after the first knock? Proper standard should be after a pause following the second. I'd expect everyone to know that. Otherwise --" Tobias says, raising an eyebrow as he still doesn't look at the other boy. "-- you weren't raised properly or something." 


Figures. Reaching for his phone, Tobias messages the chat once more. 



baby boy energy: my luck is so bad today. 

baby boy energy: had so much trouble getting up here in the first place bc of my brother

baby boy energy: and now my roommate is really rude 

baby boy energy: lilian pl0x ; - ; we need food 


-- NEW -- 


Tobias' eyes widen, as he sees the name that pops up in response, writing. As the message chimes in, Tobias swears under his breath. 







kaoru || l.e.f.

academy - main gate, outside


"Hello sir!" 


The elder man walking stops and stares at him with a suspicious eye, undoubtedly a reaction to his tousled hair and rumpled jacket. In response, Kaoru runs a hand through his hair, scruffling it more.


"Have you ever heard of bleeding stars?" he asks excitedly, leaving his luggage behind -- he could buy another one -- to step closer to the man, who takes a wary step back. "Do they have any connection to gold?!"

The man looks incredulous, shaking his head quickly and speeding out with a speed that definitely did not belong to someone his age. Frowning, Kaoru stares after the retreating figure.


A buzzing in his pocket distracts him from his current activities, and Kaoru digs through his many pockets until he finds his phone, the newest iPhone model that he'd purchased on a whim a couple days ago. His other one had fallen into the pier after he'd been dared to see how far he could throw his phone. The answer: too far to get it back.


Kaoru's bad mood is instantly depleted as he recognises Tobias furthering the conversation; eager to talk to his buddies, Kaoru stops in the middle of the sidewalk, oblivious to the world around him, as he types out a response.






-- NEW -- 










PARIS IS BEAUTIFUL THIS TIME OF YEAR THE FLOWERS BLOO: lolll turned off automatic capitals 


PARIS IS BEAUTIFUL THIS TIME OF YEAR THE FLOWERS BLOO: wanna go for food my fingers r cold




MetaNav Group Chat


l.e.f.: cc?? can anyone help me i'm looking for my teammate

l.e.f.: @rosenberg

l.e.f.: @rosenberg @rosenberg @rosenberg

l.e.f.: pls respond

l.e.f.: also dude wht does tht msg mean i've been asking all day its cryptic lololol

l.e.f.: peh i think this is totally fake no one even knows how stars bleed lollll

l.e.f.: @emperor do u kno lol

l.e.f.: @everyone

l.e.f.: @everyone heloo


-- NEW -- 


Emperor: i have absolutely no qualms about killing you so watch your mouth 

Emperor: this chat is for formal conversation only. 



silas || aksel 

dormitory - main floor


Silas looks up in response to a new voice, stunned to find his brother gone and replaced by Isaias' concerned face. Flushing immediately at having the newest member of their team quite literally finding him on his hands and knees, the pink-haired boy scrambles to his feet and collects the card from Isaias, avoiding eye contact all the while.


"Y-yeah," he stammers, looking down at the credit card. Their father had given it to him, along with a wink and a promise not to tell Tobi or their mom -- their own little secret getaway card for if he was in trouble. "Thank you."


Isaias says something else, but her words are lost in the turmoil of feelings that suddenly rise up in Silas' chest, threatening to choke him whole. He missed his home -- his dad, and his room, and it is almost overwhelming to be here alone with his brother, of all people. Tobi is probably upstairs terrorizing the third years even now.


He shakes his head in response to what sounds vaguely like a question, flustered in his feelings, and when he looks up Isaias has ambled away once more. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Silas stuffs the card back into his wallet and into his pockets, staring down at the luggage and some of his items still scattered on the ground. He should -- pick them up, but he doesn't quite have the willpower to do so right now. His brain almost won't listen to him, and Silas concludes that the first day of school is ... miserable.


Someone's voice snaps him out of his thoughts, and Silas' head shoots up to find an unfamiliar face -- perhaps he has seen the boy around once or twice, Silas thinks, dazed, but he wouldn't remember -- peering at him curiously, almost timidly. Was he afraid? Had Silas been scowling?


Oh no -- their father always says to put on a good front. Be kind, and you'll have friends, the words echo in Silas' head, and it is that thought that makes him relax his shoulders slightly from his hunched position.


"Oh," he says, in surprise, realising the stranger is offering to help him -- pick things up? "No, that's okay," Silas says, quickly scrambling down to pick up the remaining bits of his cards.


"Thanks for asking," Silas says, but before he can say more his phone beeps abruptly. Once, twice, three -- huh?!


Silas counts a total of nine rapid-fire messages before his phone quickly stills, and he pulls it out, thinking there must've been some emergency. However, what he sees instead makes him want to groan out loud. 


MetaNav Group Chat


Aksel: Can you please stop? Some of us are busy.

Aksel: Put it all into one message.


-- NEW --


Rosenberg: or just die.


Silas raises an eyebrow at the rather aggressive -- and eccentric -- Nightingale members, shaking his head in confusion at the group, before he switches to the other one.



Emperor: when i say so. it'll work for everyone. and if not, make time.


-- NEW -- 


i miss vine: @jackal : Hey uhh ,, thanks 

i miss vine: Sry about earlier I sorta froze

i miss vine: @tenebris: No it's ok! Thanks I got it back from him, he sorta got bored. So he gave up. He's like that 


Realising he is being somewhat rude, Silas slides his phone closed and looks up at the fidgeting black-haired boy, still staring at him as if he expects Silas to attack him. Well, nothing to do but chat, Silas guesses -- he hardly wants to enter his room and make his situation -- repeating a grade in highschool, Silas thinks with internal shame at his own wrongdoings -- a reality.


"Are you a student here? Where's your room?" 

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Ezekiel || Tenebris

Location: Dormitories, Second Floor, Ezekiel and Tobias' Rooom

Nearby PCs: Tobias

Messages Sent: MetaNav Group Chat, BLACK_WOLVES_GENERAL


Ezekiel bristled, his shoulders tensing and his eyes narrowing. How he was (or, frankly, wasn’t) raised wasn’t something he wanted to talk about with a judgmental stranger. “That’s none of your business,” he snapped. “I’d expect everyone to know that it’s polite to reveal one’s own name after someone gives you theirs, yet here we are.” He unzipped his suitcase using too much force and began to remove articles of clothing. Calm yourself. He knew he was showing too much weakness by getting upset in front of the-boy-likely-named-Tony, and resolved to control himself. “I think we can agree that we have nothing more to say to each other.” 

His phone made itself known again with a long string of vibrations, and he fished it out of his pocket. Most of the notifications were from the MetaNav group chat; he opened it, and was unsurprised to see a string of messages from l.e.f. again. He scrolled up, copied the benefactor’s message and pasted it into one of his Google docs, and returned to the app. 

MetaNav Group Chat

Tenebris: @l.e.f. I shall look into it later. Don’t expect anything of import to come from it. 

Even if he did figure something out, he probably wouldn’t share it with the Nightingales (if only because Emperor would have his head for it). Still, maybe it would get l.e.f. to stop running around and blabbing about the message to everyone in sight. 


tenebris: that’s good
tenebris: I have been met with the great misfortune of being forced to room with your brother. If he does anything else, let me know so that I may seek vengeance for you. 
tenebris: or steal your stuff back or whatever


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Virgil Giovanni Cerullo || Trickster || Che idiota


At the very least, he was smart enough to wake up early for the drive from Philly. His nonna had called him to scold him for getting out of bed five minutes later than he was supposed to, but waking up at 4:30 in the morning, it really didn't matter if he wasted five measly minutes on his phone. The espresso he chugged helped him make it through getting ready and helping his papa bring the luggage into the car. Hell, he didn't even sleep in the car, something he'd normally do without caffeine in his system. 


Stepping into the building, Virgil Cerullo gives his parents hugs goodbye and pushes his cart of luggage inside. He sighs and takes a look again at his room assignment. At the very least, he's still on the first floor, so he doesn't need to lug his stuff upstairs. There's that to look forward to, although he could argue with himself that it would've been good exercise otherwise.


But at this ungodly hour? Who in their right mind would do that?


The name Julian Redfield is very disorienting, as he'd been used to calling his roommate by his code name over the summer. Still, he doesn't know much about the young man, he just seems.... quiet. Unfriendly. Doesn't give a damn about other people. Virgil's parents would have lost their minds after the first hour being around Julian. 


Walking down the hall, Virgil decides to check out the Metanav chat, and he instantly regrets it. There are numerous @ everyone pings, and Virgil is relieved he turned those pings off. He notes Liesbeth seems especially testy today, so he closes out that chat and checks out the Black Wolves chat. 




tenebris: that’s good
tenebris: I have been met with the great misfortune of being forced to room with your brother. If he does anything else, let me know so that I may seek vengeance for you. 
tenebris: or steal your stuff back or whatever


Virgil sees that, yet again, Liesbeth had snapped at Silas, whose brother decided it would be funny to steal his money and pillow. He rolls his eyes reading her messages, but chooses not to respond to her directly. At least Isaias and Ezekiel responded in a kinder manner. 




Trickster: Just let me know if you need anything. See you all at the meeting.


That's it. No emotes, no anything else. He remembers thinking maybe it'd be fun to have a server without Liesbeth in it so that they could have some fun and make some memes, but part of him is terrified of what would happen if Liesbeth caught wind of it. So he puts his phone back on silent and enters his room. There he sees his roommate laying down, his room not even close to set up. That's fine, Virgil gives Julian a simple "Hey, coming in" before he walks to the unclaimed bed and does his best to quietly roll the cart into the dorm. As soon as he places his bags on his bed, he folds up the cart he brought from home and slides it under his bed. 


The first step he takes is to unpack his Macbook on the desk and open the bin with his linens so he can make his bed. As soon as the bed is made, he slips the bin with the extra linens under his bed. He ties his hair, finally dry from his shower, and takes a good look at his room. 


With a nod, he starts to take his clothes out and carefully either hang them or place them in the dresser. Time for another year of living like a peasant. 




Jehan Leon and Evonna Estelle Durand || Mater Dei and Comète || A dynamic duo


"M***e, Jehan, could you take any longer?" Evonna nudges Jehan and excitedly runs into the dorm building.


"M***e, Jehan, could you take any longer", Jehan mutters mockingly under his breath, his Wawa coffee in hand as he closes the driver's side door and opens the trunk of his beat-up looking 2004 Ford Explorer. "Of course she's too frickin' excited to get her own **** out of the car," he continues to mumble as he starts grabbing bins and putting them on top of the little dolly his mom insisted they bring. Once loaded, he places his coffee on top of one of the flatter bins and pushes it into the building. 


Evonna is already at her room by the time Jehan gets there, giving two people a friendly greeting, only one of them he's familiar with- a young woman named Illian Grey and her bird, Hye-rin. "Ah- Illian, good to see you again! ...Oh.... Sorry, I think I interrupted, didn't I?" Jehan knows he looks like a mess- his hair unstraightened, his natural curls tied back into a bun as he wears a rather sour expression on his face. But had his sister not excitedly shaken him awake at such an ungodly hour [Jehan it's 7 AM we gotta gogogogogo-], he would've been in a much more chipper mood. 


He waves. "Mornin' Illian. And....?" He looks at the other person. 


Evonna also looks at them, much more eagerly. Someone is awfully bright eyed and bushy tailed for 8 in the morning, Jehan thinks to himself. He pats the dolly and Evonna quickly moves to grab her things from it. Jehan winces, grabbing his coffee and taking a sip. 

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Chad || CHAMP || sweat boy

Dorm Gates > End of 2nd floor hall

The chat would always light up like a firework immediately after the 'benefactor' dropped a clue. Chad couldn't shake the feeling that getting a message the first week of school was this person's way of messing with them even more, but he supposed that it was better they had one now than a message when all of their team members were scattered across the country during vacation. Frankly, he had hoped that they would have waited and kept the peace for a little longer.


Well, he himself -- having stumbled into this world purely through an accidental debt towards their leader -- was already in too deep to turn a blind eye to the situation. Chad had to scroll up a bit to find the statement written in the usual cryptic spacing, and a quick look at the following messages from Lotus and Emperor confirmed its legitimacy. He held the power and volume keys of his phone until a click told him that he took a screenshot, then turned off alerts for the entire conversation to avoid any more bursts. (He had asked Lillian if it were possible to mute everyone except the benefactor, but it didn't seem like the application had such a function.)


This clue meant that their own little group would be discussing it in their own chatroom. `That one Chad had permanently set on mute. He had little interest in the group's squabbles, some spanning thousands of messages arguing over something trivial like if it was acceptable to put pineapple on pizza (and if he actually bothered to chime in he'd say no, it isn't; you shouldn't put cheese on pizza, either) or whether Jehan's next piercing should be a Prince Albert (god no! wouldn't that hurt like, a lot?). ...The chat was only really useful for Lillian's announcements and pictures of Hye-rin. He couldn't care less about the rest.


Thankfully, it didn't take Chad too long to skim the chat log from today. Lillian asking where they wanted to eat... he himself would have suggested going out to eat anyway, if she hadn't done so already. Tobias mentioned that he was having a bad day so far. He huffed. How cute. He wasn't the one who got his wallet stolen on the way to school because he had to drag his things through the subway after his sister stole the car for the week. And especially, he wasn't the one who just narrowly avoided making eye contact with Kaoru on the sidewalk outside the gates.


He decided to ignore the entire following block of text.




sweat boy: Agreed on sushi. It's been a while since we went to that AYCE place. Wonder if we're still banned from the locale?


A beat. He looked over his message again and added,


sweat boy: Who changed my name to sweat boy


Not waiting for an answer, Chad clicked his phone shut and finally walked out of the sun, dragging his belongings through the dorm entrance and up the stairs with little effort. He was sure that between the contents of his suitcase, the hockey bag over his shoulder and the cardboard box held under one arm, he had with him everything that he didn't want his family to meddle with. It sure was a pain to move his books and collectibles everywhere he went, but well worth the effort to know they were safe with him.


At the top of the stairs and at the end of the hall, a small crowd (three people, but as they say, three's a crowd...) was assembled around none other than Lillian. Chad wasn't surprised at all. Her winning personality and tendency to keep conversations going well past their expiration point meant that at any given time, she would be surrounded by at least one one other person if Chad's intimidating presence beside her didn't deter most people from engaging. As he approached, Chad patted the pockets of his shorts. His printed copy of the rooming list was as lost as the wallet it was stuffed in, but he did remember he was assigned at the end of the hall and across from her.


"I hope these people aren't giving you or Hye-rin any trouble," he said. "Between cats and the security guards, Hye-rin's got enough trouble as it stands." Chad turned to face his own door -- causing people to either move or accidentally get pinned to the wall by his large bag -- and tried the handle. Locked. Again, he fished through his pockets with one hand, then realized with a dawning horror that the dorm key was also tucked safely in his wallet. Which was probably still somewhere in the subway system, stripped of his credit card, metrocard, and spare cash.


Great start to the new term.


Chad squat down and placed the cardboard box and his shoulder bag on the ground. He gave his arms a few rotations, partly to relax the joint, partly to stall for time. He initially wasn't going to mention the incident in case Lillian were to shove a crisp hundred dollar bill into his hand out of unwarranted pity, but it seems he was left with little choice right now. He gave the door a few solid knocks, then turned to the group surrounding Lillian's door. "I lost my key on the way here," he admitted, with the mildly frustrated yet deflated tone of someone standing in line behind a lady who just whipped out a stack of a hundred fifty coupons at the grocery store. It was a feeling of mild annoyance at the inconvenience. He probably should be more upset about it, but he knew such a thing was bound to happen eventually, and that it wouldn't be too hard to get his cards cancelled and replaced. He cursed himself for thinking that wallet chains were too pretentiously uncool to wear. "Guess I'll be heading to the office later to get a replacement, hopefully."


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Dorm Room


Rin was always the first one awake, owing to her good habits and sleeping schedule. It was a policy of hers to sleep and wake at the same time, and anything else to her would be an uncomfortable deviance from her usual lifestyle.


Her brother, Rei, however, lived according to a different set of principles. That might had been the reason they were late to the move-in today. 


“It’s the first day and already we’re making a bad impression! I can’t believe this! Couldn’t you have picked any other day to oversleep?” Rin complained as the two of them bolted across campus, arriving at the front gate of the dorms. Her pigtails finally caught up with her as she stopped to catch her breath, her brother closely behind. His hair was disheveled, shirt uneven, and overall unprepared, but he seemed to be in much better shape, as he was the one to carry all their belongings with them, and he hadn’t so much as wheezed during the frantic morning run. 


“Sorry, sorry! It’s not my fault we’re in a different timezone… I’m still trying to adjust to the jet lag.” Rei waved apologetically with his free hand.


That was true. They had barely just arrived in New York a couple days ago on a sudden notice due to their father’s job, and after learning it would be for quite a while, enrolled in Lovelace Academy. Their parents moved often due to their occupational circumstances, but it wasn’t any easier to adapt to. At least in the beginning - and at the frequency they moved, there might as well not even be anything past that.


Rin regained her composure. Starting today, it would be another one of those beginnings. 


“Let’s go. It says our room is on the first floor.” Rin checked the notice sent to her on her phone. It stated that the two of them twins would be in the same room together. At least that was nice. She wouldn’t have to share her room with a stranger. 


“Hey, what’s that on your phone?” Rei pointed to her screen. Following his finger, she saw an app that seemed to float on top of the screen, glowing a faint red. It felt sinister, in a way. 


“Uhh.. I’m not sure. I didn’t download it at all. And how’s it being formatted that way?”


Rei shrugged. “I don’t know. It just looks weird.” 


She swiped the app downwards to delete it, and it seemed to follow that function fine. Oh well. Maybe it was a malfunction.


They entered through the front door, and made a beeline for their room. Along the way, they saw some eccentric figures, including a man who seemed to be talking to a bird out in the courtyard, and loud noises coming from several closed doors of the dorms, but Rin decided it was her better judgment to avoid them all. It was tiring enough to just arrive here, but to socialize on top of that? Rin wasn’t about to subject herself to it. At this point, she’d much rather just settle in and rest for the day. 


It must’ve shown on her face, because Rei spoke up first. “Let’s just turn in. Come on. We’re both tired.” He put a hand on her shoulder.


It was a nice trait of Rei to be so perceptive - Rin could often get away with saying little of her desires and opinions this way, and it saved her a lot of hassle. On the other hand, however-


“Liar. I know you can’t wait to talk to other people.” She said, jokingly. “But, thanks. You can leave me alone for the day, y’know? Go talk to the people opposite our room. It seems they’re also Japanese.” She pointed to the nameplate hung on the door - Kaoru/Suiren. It was strangely relieving, to see familiar names in a place so foreign, even if you knew nothing about the actual persons themselves.


Rei seemed surprised at her suggestion, but walked forward and turned the door open, stepping into their shared room. The bags he was hoisting hit the door frame, and he struggled to get everything through in one go. “It’s cool. We can meet everyone together later. It’s not like they’ll be gone. But all this stuff isn’t gonna get unpacked, and you doing it yourself is gonna take an excruciating amount of time.”


“Wow, thanks so much.” Flat tone. But she really did mean it.


Rei bent over, finally setting all the bags and luggages onto the floor, as his coat slid off his shoulders, so did the phone in his side pocket. It fell to the floor with a soft thud, the screen turning on with a blaring white. But it wasn’t the only colour.


The same red-coloured app that Rin had on her phone just a while earlier was now on Rei’s, and it glowed ominously.

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Kohaku // Suiren 

Manhattan Apartment


Usually for breakfast, Kohaku likes to pair some grilled mackerel with his rice, and he’d get himself a nice cup of tea and some miso soup to go along with it, maybe even some custard, if Suiren wasn’t feeling too lazy the previous night to make some. But alas, today was not one of his usual days.


Kohaku stumbled out of bed this morning quite miserably— he was never an early-riser, and neither was Suiren, so perhaps it’s in the family— then he tried to run himself a warm bath, but Suiren had shrieked something unintelligible from the other side of the apartment, so Kohaku left the water running— and came back to a terribly flooded washroom with a sad, drenched rug. 


By that time, Kohaku had started grumbling to himself and getting angry at nothing in particular, but everything at the same time. His irritable mood continued all the way until there was just enough time to prepare a hasty American breakfast, and his temperament only worsened when he could not spread the butter on his bread the right way, for it was layered generously in areas, but in others it was so thin that it was difficult to tell if there was any butter at all. Now this may seem trivial to some, but to poor Kohaku, who was trying his best not to sprout colorful words, this case of the uneven butter was yet another terrible thing to befall him on this gloomy morning. 


“Why don’t you go on out to the balcony,” Suiren suggested softly with his mouth full, paying no mind to the uneven butter, “get some fresh air, it’ll do you good,”


Kohaku took a moment to think about this seriously, he was not one who would voluntarily enjoy the unfiltered noise of New York yawning itself awake, but then again, this wasn’t one of his usual mornings.


So Kohaku headed out, against all odds, and found himself leaning on one of the many planters surrounding the railings. 

The sky was an unexpected bright blue this early dawn, he noted, and there were few clouds to be seen. His family’s apartment stood on the waist of Manhattan, bordered between two parallel train stations. It was not difficult, especially on the 36th floor, to see beyond the terrains and onto the faint outlines of Lovelace Academy. Clusters and piles of buildings in different shades of red and earthy yellow, thin long paths that ran from one Hall to another, wisps of birds that circled above the roofs, and the school itself (though Kohaku could not see terribly well) were sure soon to be moving and bustling with students. 


How Kohaku had longed to go there, to live and find something to live for. But his family have lived in both Japan and New York inconsistently, travelling between this apartment and their family estate back home for generations. They’ve kept ownership of this building until even the ones around it turned to rubble and stone, and now, tremendously large parts of the apartment are still uninhabited, for only Kohaku and Suiren live here and rarely anyone remembers to visit a pair of siblings way across the Pacific. 


The closest village Kohaku knew of back in Japan was a nice little settlement in the suburbs of Kyoto with cozily lined homes and cottages. At night, it would light up like small starlights in preparation of outdoor kabuki stages, and Kohaku used to look at them every night before bedtime, for his window was large and he could see almost anything he desired. In winter, he remembered the actors putting on fur-lined coats (when the snow wasn’t very heavy yet), how they used to sing and chant old songs of adventures. Kohaku could never make out the words, but some faint melodies always managed to travel up to his large yet empty bedroom, luring a little Kohaku to sleep. 


But a younger Suiren has never heard of kabuki songs in the night or seen red starlights from the village, for he occupied the master bedroom in their Japanese home, which was emptier and larger still, at the other side of the house— until he himself was scouted for the very theatre that later became Kyoto’s largest kabuki troupe, his prodigious talent carrying them both over the oceans and to Lovelace Academy.


Nowadays Kohaku no longer dreamt of folk songs and starlit stages with fur-lined coats, and instead, Suiren’s nights became filled with koto strings and dance routines.


Sinking into the chair as his gaze drifted over the balcony and his brother’s silhouette, Suiren blinked himself awake from the repertoire the troupe’s been drilling lately, and chomped down on the last bite of his unevenly buttered toast. 

The sunlight seemed suspiciously bright for an early morning.


He flipped open his phone, checking for the time— it was an old model, sure, but the twins had never found a particular need for smartphones, and flip phones were more than enough for functionality— 04:00AM, it read.


Suiren had never known 4am to be an exceptionally sunlit time of day, but perhaps the sun was… favored in America? He admitted silently that it was a bit rigid of him to suggest that they get up at the same time they always do for their respective days in Japan (him for early morning rehearsal, and Kohaku to tend to the temple), but he didn’t think it completely unreasonable. 


So why does something feel horribly off?


Just as he was trying to brush through his jet-lagged brain for an answer, Kohaku suddenly let out an uncharacteristically feral shriek from the balcony, startling Suiren in his chair.


Moments tided over in stunned silence, until a heavy, sinking realization hit Suiren in the head like an anchor striking the sea floor.


“We...” Suiren muttered, as Kohaku shakingly turned around on the balcony, a jittery sutra already on his lips, “forgot to change the goddamn timezone…”



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⇢ Log In....... ⇠

⇢ Isaias ;; Codename: Jackal ;; Call to Anubis ⇠

⇢ She ;; He ;; They ⇠

⇢ Third Year ;; Black Wolves ⇠

⇢ Real World ;; Dorms ⇠


⇢ Update ;; ??? ⇠


Nodding, Isaias brought her hand up to her temple and touched a lock of her hair, jerking the motion to a stop when she caught the self-conscious tick. Lillian remembered her name, and accurately at that, despite the rare interaction between the two of them. She hummed a soft agreement at Lillian's assessment of the dorm assignments. Granted, Isaias likely would have been slightly less kind in her phrasing. At the increased funding and better books, she said, "If it means I no longer have to read 'Tommy, I ****** your mom!', then that'll make me happy enough."


The words were barely out of her mouth when a fluffed up ball of feathers was half-shoved into her face. Blinking rapidly, Isaias studied the tiny bird as Lillian introduced the creature. "Uh, hi, Hye-rin." Shifting her gaze to Lillian, Isaias smirked. "You don't need to worry about that from me. She's cute." She almost reached out to pet the feathery creature. Ultimately, Isaias opted not to, focusing on the sounds of other students filling into the hallways and up the stairs. It provoked her to turn in time to see a younger girl come their way. At first, the girl didn't seem very inclined to say much. Or maybe she was too shy. Either way, it took the arrival of another student for her to finally speak up. "Isaias," she introduced, taking the boy's pause as invite. 


Still more students were entering the building. One more boy came this way for the room across from Lillian's. The boy couldn't find his key. In front of a group of people, no less. That had to sting. "I need to continue unpacking," Isaias said, sidestepping from the growing crowd. "Good to see you." 

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Location: Dormitory || Bottom Floor
「  Nightingale: N/A

「  Black Wolves: Silas

Other Participants: N/A


Relief flooded Itsuki, washing over his building anxiety. The stranger’s scary look cracked rather readily as he quickly reassured Itsuki that he was perfectly fine. Talking to a complete stranger was still nerve-racking, but seeing the stranger slowly soften made Itsuki feel a bit less self-conscious. 


Of course, that relief quickly morphed into awkwardness as the boy pulled out his phone. He frowned down at the screen, his eyebrows pinching together before he began rapidly tapping a reply. Was that… supposed to be a hint? Itsuki shuffled his feet, unsure of how to proceed. Most people who talked to—which was basically no one outside of teachers and his family—didn’t pull their phone out in the middle of a conversation. Was the boy dismissing him or was this just a normal teenage interaction? Itsuki didn’t know if it would be rude to walk off and spare himself the awkwardness of idling in the stairway waiting for a stranger to speak to him or if it would be rude to stay.


In lieu of knowing basic human interactions, Itsuki followed suit and pulled out his phone. He had muted both MetaNav and the group chat with the intention of unmuting them once he was settled in his dorm. Surprisingly, after months of almost complete silence in the MetaNav chat, the benefactor had finally given the groups a new hint and, as expected, the chat blew up. Lotus and Emperor had their usual spat while a l.e.f., the poor boy, expressed his confusion about the message. More than a few people weren't happy with him.



MetaNav Group Chat


Emperor: i have absolutely no qualms about killing you so watch your mouth 

Emperor: this chat is for formal conversation only. 

Aksel: Can you please stop? Some of us are busy.

Aksel: Put it all into one message.

Rosenberg: or just die.

Tenebris: @l.e.f. I shall look into it later. Don’t expect anything of import to come from it.


Lotus: Nothing screams "formal conversation" like casually telling someone to kill themself.

Lotus: The ever elusive mute chat button escapes your grasp once more. A tragedy for the ages.


Yeah, he wasn't going to touch that. The MetaNav chat was a ticking time bomb; every time a new message from the benefactor came up there was always a series of shouting matches and throw downs before everyone settled down and wisely move back to their group chats. At least Itsuki assumed the Black Wolves had a group chat. Most people did, right? It was curious to see Tenebris, a member of the Black Wolves, offer to help l.e.f. out considering they were on opposing teams. Itsuki couldn't claim to know Tenebris or even Emperor from that matter, but from what he had seen from her in the Metaverse, he got the feeling that she would be less than happy with one of her lackeys helping the other team.


Shaking his head—there was no point in guessing Tenebris' intentions—Itsuki flipped over to Nightingale group chat which was unsurprisingly active. Seeing how many messages Karou had typed made Itsuki feel bad for him. It was a good thing the edgy bullying in the MetaNav rolled off him like water off a duck's back. Itsuki probably would have started to cry if Emperor said she would kill him instead.




time for peas: yes, hello!!!

time for peas: i'm good with anything!! i'll eat wherever everyone else is eating, but as for the benefactor's message i think that's something we can look more into when we all meet up?
time for peas: i haven't really been in the group wrong so correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't their messages are usually metaphorical? maybe some of us can go snooping for clues this afternoon! maybe find something that relates to what the benefactor said?


Realizing that now he was the one rudely looking at his phone, Itsuki guiltily pocketed his Android before looking back at the stranger. Luckily, he only had to awkwardly stare at the stranger for another minute before he put his phone away and began speaking.


"Oh!" Itsuki startled. "Uh, y-yeah! I am!" He rubbed the nape of his neck anxiously. "My room is actually down the hall. I was going to wait until my roommate showed up before going in but then I heard shouting over here and..." Itsuki trailed off, chuckling nervously. He opened and closed his hand around handle of his luggage, suddenly sweaty. Was that weird? Waiting around for his roommate? What if they didn't show up for a few hours? It would be embarrassing if someone saw him hanging around the lobby for that wrong, wouldn't it.


"Anyways!" Itsuki said, desperate to change the subject. His lips turned upwards in a forced grin "I'm Itsuki! You're a student here too, right?"






Location: Dormitory || Top Floor - Lillian's and Evonna's Dorm Room
Nightingale: Hye-rin, Chad, Evonna, Jehan

Black Wolves: Isaias

Other Participants: N/A


Before Lillian knew it, people began piling into her dorm room. It was probably more surprising that she didn't bump into someone on her way into her dorm considering just how many friends and acquaintances she had between school, work, and her persona pals (or her PPs as she'd like to call them, much to some people's chagrin and other people's great delight). It only made sense for Isaias to back away as the crowd began to grow especially. Lillian pulled Hye-rin back, snorting aloud at Isaias's joke.


"Maybe I'll get a chemistry book that doesn't have a hate symbol etetched onto the chemical formula index," Lillian said with a shrug. "That aside, I appreicate you keeping my secret." Lillian grinned kindly. "I'll see you later! If you ever want to hang out or study, don't be afraid to knock!" Lillian waved at Isaias, curling her fingers around Hye-rin protectively in her other hand. It was a shame Isaias was leaving without giving Hye-rin at least a head pat. Despite her insistence she was very much not a bird and totally human, Hye-rin loved being pet. The poor thing was probably going to sulk now that a prime petting opporunity had been taken from her. Her morning was irrefutably ruined; how on earth was she going to feel better when—oh Chad was here.


With Isaias exiting the room, Lillian spun towards her friends, smilingly warmly. Hye-rin would certainly perk up once she saw her favorite person enter the room. Lillian shrugged then spoke.

"I guess everyone's having problems with moving in this year." Between Evonna getting assigned to a third year dorm and Chad losing his keys, it would be a wonder if everyone else's transition to the dorms went smoothly. "It's good to see you all again! No one's been giving me trouble, Chad. If anything, you're the only one who's in a pickle. I can do down with you to the office if you want! I still need to grab a few people to help make Hye-rin's nest and—oh! Hold on a second!"

Placing Hye-rin down delicately onto the nearby desk, Lillian flashed an apologetic grin at her friends as she fished out her phone. Unsurprisingly, Emperor, some of the other Black Wolves, and Tobias were being nasty in the MetaNav chat. She typed a quick passive-aggressive reply then flipped back to her conversation with Liesbeth and began finishing her reply.




Lillian Gray: btw, we're making hye-rin a nest. did u want to come help build it with me??

Lillian Gray: sorry for the late reply!! (/;◇;)/

Lillian Gray: a roommate and a few people came by to chat


That crisis settled, Lillian exicted the text conversation and opened up the group chat. There was a mix bag between people bringing up their food preferences while others questioned the strange message. Lillian shook her head and replied.




big sauce: okay!! i'll make note of everyone's preferences

big sauce: @baby boy energy it's karma for being mean in metanav chat!!

big sauce: although if u want to get away from your roommmate you can come hang out up here! we're living it up standing in a big menacing circle.

big sauce: actually, some of us can go out later to eat if you want! i still need to unpack and build hye-rin's nest but it's still early morning

big sauce: @sweat boy i don't think we're still banned but we can go check! maybe they'll have candid shots of us hanging from the wall as a testament to our crimes. our food crimes.


It was always amusing to ping someone in a group chat when they were standing right in front of you, especially if that person was as straightforward as Chad. Pocketing her phone, Lillian placed a hand on her hips and nodded towards Jehan. 

"Have you found your room yet?" Lillian asked. "It should be on this floor."



Location: Dormitory || Bottom Floor - Julian's and Virgil's Dorm Room
Black Wolves: Virgil

Nightingale: N/A

Other Participants: N/A


There went his peace and quiet.


Cracking an eye open, Julian watched as his roommate, Virgil, entered the room and began swiftly unpacking his things.


"You're in the Black Wolves." It was phrased as a question, but Julian stated it more than asked. He it was good luck that he was rooming with another member of the Black Wolves. At the very least, he wouldn't have to play niceties with some random stranger he had the misfortune of sharing a room with. Granted, Julian didn't consider himself to be friends with anyone in the Black Wolves, let alone close to any of them, but it was better to be stuck with an ally than someone else. God knew just how horrid it would be if he unknowingly shared a room with a Nightingale of all people.


Virgil wordlessly began to hang up his clothes. Julian was normally content with sitting and letting Virgil take care of himself, but if they already knew each other and were going to live together it would probably be helpful to have some form of relationship. Julian propped himself up on his elbow, blinking both of his eyes open as he watched Virgil slip a jacket onto a clothes hanger.


"Its been awhile since we got a message from the benefactor," Julian said idly, soft enough so that no one passing by would hear him. "The timing is a little suspicious, don't you think? What with school just starting up and all."

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tobias || rosenberg

dormitory - inside room --> lillian's room


Well, at least the other boy knows when to end a conversation. Tobi scoffs as Ezekiel speaks with bitter anger, very clearly bothered by his words -- had he touched a nerve? The way that the other boy defends himself, with such straightforward statements of clear aggressiveness, reminds him of his brother, and accordingly Tobi knows exactly how to play his cards. Leaning back on his bed, he allows his arm holding his phone to drape as he watches Ezekiel's actions with clear interest -- the boy must feel his gaze on his back as he moves, rearranging his items -- without speaking.


The vibration of his phone draws his attention away, and Tobi flicks open his messages. They do nothing to improve his mood, however, as Lillian -- Lillian! -- scolds him for his actions. Karma? He hardly believes in such a thing. Turning his phone's volume to max, the room is soon filled with the sound of Tobi's typing.




baby boy energy: karma has nothing to do with people being simply rude ; - ; 

baby boy energy: i'm coming

baby boy energy: btw

baby boy energy: @sweat boy : ) 


Picking himself up from the bed with greatly exaggerated motions, Tobi grabs his keys and exits the room with a click, aimlessly wandering down the hall as he looks around with curiosity. Many of the rooms are still empty, the rooms slightly ajar to indicate the lack of a person within; wondering who exactly would find themselves neighbouring his own dorms, Tobi spots the end of the hallway and instantly perks up at the sound of clear chatter.


That must be Lillian's room, he decides, because only Lillian could find herself suddenly surrounded by friends the first day of school beginning. Sure enough, Tobi quickly confirms his hypothesis as he catches sight of a dark-haired, unfamiliar face slipping past -- 


He would recognise Chad's shoulder muscles anywhere, if his fellow teammate's absurdly dorito-shaped chest had anything to do with it. The asian boy seems completely unaware of the other person's plight -- a new friend of Lillian's? Perhaps they'd be seeing her in the Nightingale chat soon enough -- as she barely manages to slip past and exit Lillian's room with a quick word behind.


Tobi watches, just shy of interrupting into the conversation, as Chad gives the door a few defeated knocks, seemingly thinking to himself. Did he not have a key? Tobi hums, wondering if Chad is aware that he can go renew a key anytime, with the head office. Stepping forwards, he brushes past the unknown student with hardly a glance in her direction. 


"There're better ways to do that, sweat boy," Tobi says, cutting into the conversation just as Lillian aimed a polite, well-rehearsed have-you-been-well question at Jehan. "Like this."


Locking eye contact with Chad, Tobi kicks the door, loud. 





liesbeth || emperor

dormitory - inside room --> hallway


"Coming!" Liesbeth had called, upon hearing the sound of repeated knocks on the door. Ah -- perhaps she shouldn't have locked it immediately upon arriving, but Liesbeth values her privacy beyond anything. That, and she had been slightly distracted by a sudden text ...


Lotus' answer makes her scowl, as always -- she hadn't even been the one threatening l.e.f. outright! That honour belonged to Rosenberg, fellow member of the Nightingales. Of course, considering how badly all of the members of Lotus' organization behaved, Liesbeth highly doubts the other team leader put any kind of thought process into who she chose as her fellow teammates. Infighting, and in public at that -- ridiuclous.


Deciding to ignore the chat for now -- she had already gained everything useful, including the benefactor's message -- Liesbeth is just about to answer the door when her phone chimes again. Realising it is a text from Lillian, the blonde-haired girl feels herself smile unknowingly and click the notification; whoever is at her door can wait. Liesbeth is near certain it must be one of the Black Wolves come to ask a question or request time off -- unacceptable unless a form is submitted with a valid excuse -- and she wants a little bit of privacy to herself, before she must put on the safe, self-secure mask once more.


i. lilian 


Liesbeth Z-H: i would love to! 

Liesbeth Z-H: which roo [unsent]


Liesbeth jumps in surprise as a loud bang! echoes throughout the room, and it takes her a solid second to realise that the person at her door had -- kicked it?!


How utterly disrespectful, the blonde-haired girl thinks with clear annoyance flashing through her thoughts. Even if she had been taking longer than usual, what kind of person kicks the door?! Undoubtedly that is something Silas would do, and she pulls open the door clearly ready to lay some of her sharp words onto the pink-haired rebel.


Surprisingly, however, it isn't Silas. Liesbeth finds standing before her a new face -- someone she's seen around before, one of Lillian's friends, although that hardly narrows the range down by a lot considering the other girl knew absolutely everyone. The newcomer is tall and broad, if not slightly shocked -- what, had he not expected his kick to land so heavily?

"There's a polite way to ask someone to let you in," Liesbeth says frostily, crossing her arms. The black-haired boy is giant and blocks the gateway so she can't quite see into the hallway, although Liesbeth does manage to catch a flash of pink hair -- what, is Silas watching? "Do you need something?" 


However, before she can continue interrogating the boy on why of all things he decided it was a great idea to kick her door, someone cries out in actual pain.





hye-rin || nugget

dormitory - with lilian --> peace was never an option


Hye-rin had fluffed herself up, preening proudly as Isaias blinked at her. It is nice to meet the black-haired student! She seems awfully polite, if not slightly reserved, and Hye-rin regards her with slight curiosity, wondering at what the quiet student could be hiding behind her guarded, deep brown eyes. 


Lillian draws her back as Isaias makes to leave, saying she still had a lot of cleaning to do -- understandable -- and the bird zones out slightly, chirping a brief "good morning!" to Jehan and Evonna. It is a pleasure to see the two Nightingale members in good health and happiness after a long summer, even if Jehan did look slightly like he would rather be anywhere else than back at school, for another learning semester.


Hye-rin can't see why. Class is fun when she gets to hide in Lillian's bag and feed on chips!


Her attention is immediately drawn away by a familiar voice, and Hye-rin flutters in excitement as she catches sight of Chad -- a little bit away from Lillian's door, posed near the opposite room's front gate and seemingly searching for something. He makes an offhand comment -- and it's true! Cats are troublesome creatures, especially when it seems that one is always prowling around the dorms, hungry -- before explaining he'd lost his keys. Hye-rin is just about to personally offer to fly to the subway and look in the Metaverse for Chad's items -- having human hands are so much easier than having wings! -- but before she can say anything, Tobias pops up, looking put together as always. Hye-rin is momentarily placated -- even if she couldn't help out Chad directly, at least he is surrounded by his teammates and good friends to help him through a difficult time -- her most of all. 


That is, until Tobias abruptly kicks the opposite door, the noise loud in the otherwise peaceful hallway. He scatters away quickly afterwards, smirking at a surprised looking Chad. There is a brief pause, before a furious looking blonde unlocks the door, completely unimpressed, and just as she is about to set off into the taller boy Hye-rin fluffs herself up and launches herself abruptly from Lillian's palm, brushing the side of Jehan's cheek as she does so and immediately pecks into Tobias' cheek. 


The pink-haired boy shouts out, suddenly under seige, but Hye-rin doesn't stop her furious assault. She whispers -- quietly, because they don't want the blonde-haired girl to find out -- 


"Why did you do that?! Are you trying to get Chad into trouble? First impressions matter a lot! I can't expect you to know something that I, after observing humans for so long, learnt after all this time! Now you've made the girl upset at him! Did you think this through?!"


The aforementioned blonde raises an eyebrow at the scene, before turning back to Chad.

"It seems you have other problems," she analyses coolly, clearly still displeased. "Everything alright? Isn't that --"


She pauses suddenly, seemingly realising something, before she pops her head over Chad's form and catches sight of Lillian. Eyes widening, she seems to connect something between the various people standing in the hallway.


No matter.


"Think! It! Through!" she continues, pecking Tobias on the head. 

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silas || aksel 

dormitory - main floor


Ah, another student? Just his luck, Silas realises, that he made a bad impression on someone who is now supposed to be one of his classmates. Somewhat embarrassed, Silas rubs the back of his head with a hand, disrupting the softly flowing pink strands before he clears his throat.


Itsuki. It is good to put a name to the face, at least, and Silas laughs somewhat, easy.


"Nice to meet you," he says politely, somewhat strange compared to his earlier angry countenance. "I'm Silas. I'm a student here too, yeah. Sorry -- the yelling you probably heard earlier was me. My brother's a bit of a ..." Silas pauses, staring at the black-haired boy before him. 


Itsuki is well dressed and well mannered, politely standing there with his hands folded in front of him and a glance towards Silas, nervous. Even earlier, when his thoughts had been overflowing and he'd pulled out his phone in front of the other boy to -- quite rudely -- check his messages, Itsuki had simply waited without a word. All things considered, he probably wouldn't appreciate any of the choice words Silas had to describe Tobi.


"He's not great," Silas finishes lamely. "At least we won't be seeing each other much. You from around here?" 





kaoru || l.e.f.

dormitory main hall --> home invasion




Kaoru had just been heading inside, defeated in his attempts to find out more about the mysterious benefactor's harsh words by both his own team and the Black Wolves -- since when did they agree on anything? But Tobias seemed awfully inclined to agree with Emperor's sentiments, and if he had thought about the issue for more than two seconds Kaoru would have realised he was the common issue in this equation.


But at least the day isn't completely wasted -- the dorms are still washed by the sun's light, students slowly trickling in, and Kaoru decides he might as well take a nap while waiting to meet his roommate. Nothing else is going on -- the first floor is strangely devoid of his teammates, and Kaoru wonders where the rest of the Nightingales might be; surely they would've moved in by now? If anything he should have seen Chad coming down the sidewalk, considering the boy had replied to the group chat only moments earlier, but Kaoru had seen absolutely nothing. 


And he is bored, as a result. He could sort the rest of his items, but he has the rest of time to do so. Or the remaining school year, at least. 


His boredom is short lived, however, as soon as Kaoru catches sight of the slightly ajar door opposite his own. The door is open just enough for him to catch sight of movement inside, as well as a couple items -- so his neighbours are all moved in! Positively delighted, Kaoru spares a glance for the nameplate next to the door.


Rin and Rei. Japanese names, and it only heightens the black-haired boy's excitement. Knocking on the door, Kaoru waits three seconds before his eagerness overcomes his ability to be polite and he pushes the door open, immediately speaking.


"Wow! You two moved in already? I was waiting for so long this morning to meet someone, but this entire wing is so quiet -- I had to go outside, and then no one would answer my questions, so I came back. When did you get in? Are you twins? Which one's Rin and which one's Rei? You're so short," he observes at the girl, unable to hold back his thoughts. 


Delighted, Kaoru takes in the two stunned students before him, grinning. 

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Mabuki || ??? || They/them

Outside > 2nd Floor Dorms


Despite arriving a couple days prior, Mabuki didn't have any time to explore the city. Figures... Every time they moved, they'd always spend a few days bedridden. They had even started expecting it and planning around it when it came to travelling on their own. Short vacation trips never really triggered these short bouts of fever and its delirious dreams, so perhaps, they speculated, the cause was the subconscious anxiety surrounding a major transition. Or, of course, maybe the spirits of every new place, like white blood cells, deftly attacked her the moment they sensed her intention to stay; and after a tireless battle in the world between mind and matter lasting three days and three nights, Mabuki would emerge victorious and worthy to stay. 


Without realizing it, they were smiling at the outlandish thought while on the way to the school. Well, they figured, no rush -- there was a whole year ahead of them. A few sick days never was enough of an issue to stop them from travelling or doing exchanges such as this. Seeing new places, gaining experiences, meeting new people... it all made it so worth it. 


Thus, choosing to live at the dorm wasn't a hard decision. The academy had graciously offered them a room and, knowing how busy her second-aunt was, Mabuki accepted the offer to stay in the dorms. It all worked out well! Living on school grounds would make it easier to make friends, no? Aunt Yui's apartment was nice and all and right around the corner of the school, but Mabuki couldn't help but feel an oppressive atmosphere emanating from its polished, unused counter tops and immaculately white leather sofas. It was already too much to have borrowed a corner of her loft right beside the pilates table -- a machine that reminded Mabuki of an array of torture devices -- while they nursed their own fever. And, not to mention, Aunt Yui's dog was unquestionably the king and Mabuki the peasant of that entire realm whenever she was gone, which was, for the most part, always. 


Outside, the air was chilly enough for them to wear their one oversized coat. Neutral in both color and presentation, the felt lapels and straight lines of the garment lent a certain sense of professionalism. Unfortunately, that intimidating aura melted away once anyone looked at Mabuki's beaming face. When crossing the school gates, they clutched the rooming list and the envelope it came with, as if afraid that a chill wind might sweep their key -- and the opportunities that came with it -- out of their fingers. They were pretty excited to meet their roommate, Kimura-san, based on how the name -- as well as several others on the list -- sounded pretty Japanese. Were they born stateside, Mabuki wondered, or were they exchange students just like themself? However, the person Mabuki was looking forward to meeting the most was one specific name on the list, circled and emphasized with a few absently drawn hearts. That person had already offered to help them move in... even if all Mabuki really traveled with was one backpack and a small suitcase. Sometimes they would get stuck on overpacking, then they reminded themself that half the fun of living in a new country was the opportunity to rebuild their collections from scratch. Bringing more than necessary was cumbersome, especially when it came time to inevitably say their goodbyes. 


Under normal circumstances they would have stopped to say hi to the people talking in the lounge, but they had a feeling that they'd find a certain third-year upstairs. It really was unfortunate that the school housed the third years on a separate floor, but the stairs were no match for her resolve! A hop, skip, and a lunge and already at the top of the stairs, ready to burst through the door -- only to have their momentum ground to a halt as they attempted to aggressively push open a pull door. 


A divine sign to curb their enthusiasm, perhaps? (Though, realistically, they knew that that's just how fire doors worked.) They took a deep breath to center themself. Of course, there might be other people around, and first impressions were important. They calmly pulled the door open, and already a familiar face was heading their way. Perfect timing!


"Mestie! Mestiza!" Mabuki shouted down the hall, elated, broadcasting the other student's online moniker to everyone within range. It really was a dream come true that they happened to go to the same school as their pen pal. Well, technically, since neither of them used pens to send physical letters, they were more like texting pals... Chat chums? AIM amigos?


Letting go of the handle of their suitcase as well as their earlier thought of making a good impression on the other third years, they bounded towards Isaias, pouncing forward for a full-on glomp that had the potential to bowl them into the assembled people at the end of the hall like a game of 6 pin skittles. 


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