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what's poppin

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howdy! i'm md and i like dragons. i am here for:

  • gaming
  • dragons
  • video gaming dragons

i think there's only like two of those things but that's fine

i had an account way back when but not only did i forget what it was but the e-mail i used for it is now defunct and has been lost to the sands of time. whoopsie!


idk how active i'll be on the forums, i'm more of a lurker than anything. but whenever i'm logged in i can't lurk and i'm super lazy so, might as well post here!

i love to draw things i like... and sometimes i animate. anybody on artfight? i've got an account at ~MMD, i'm not the biggest fan of gifts but i love an excuse to draw stuff. oh yeah i use clip studio paint & mspaint


edit: a lot of the helpful threads linked in the intro rule post is blocked off if you haven't been approved yet, so it's. really hard to know what you're allowed to do if you can't read it, haha.

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Welcome to DC! Yup, you should be able to edit your profile picture and signature now that you’ve been approved. There are so many cool dragons here to collect, hope you have fun with it. :D Feel free to shoot a PM if you have any questions! 

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thank y'all for the warm welcome!!


@Alphaeon i'm already havin a good bit of fun, i'm trying to get all the yellow/gold dragons because i am predictable and i like having funny reptiles in my favorite color... but first, these bad boys gotta grow up

thank you for offering to answer any questions, i'll keep ya in mind :D

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