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[Tool] Checklist Spreadsheet for Breed Tracking

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I made a spreadsheet to help with tracking my breed goals on site, and I realized it would be an excellent help to many people trying to track how close they are to having every sprite of every breed, or every possible outcome of the breed, and so on! I decided to make a blank copy and publish it here for everyone to use if they find it helpful!


Helpful Info:


I'm not super good at describing my sheets, since I tend to lean towards just making them intuitive to myself, but here is some info that might be helpful!



The Spreadsheet is split up into 10 main sheets:

Credit: Credits me, has copy info, and has a link back to this thread!

Dragons: Plain, normal DC dragons. Contains all current normal breeds, as well as a CB tab and frozen hatchling columns for all that apply.
Pygmy Dragons, Two-Headed Dragons, and Drakes: Dragons: Same as the dragon sheet, but with these specialized dragons.
Unbreedables: Dinos, Chickens, and so on. Contains a tab for each level of hatchling maturity and one adult.

Holiday Dragons: Dragons from the Holiday/Christmas events. Contains a frozen newborn, frozen mature hatchling and adult column as well as 2 CB tabs if the user wishes to keep their CBs tracked.

Halloween DragonsContains a newborn hatchling column, mature hatchling columns for both genders, and an Adult F and Adult M column. Also contains a CB tab similar to the Holiday sheet.

Valentine's Dragons: Dragons from the Valentine's events. Same columns as the Holiday Dragon sheet.

Undead Dragons: All Body Types for Undead Dragons, including Male, Female, Frozen Gendered Hatchies, and Frozen Hatchies.


Caveborn Side:

The two CB columns are separate from the main dragon adult columns in case a user wishes to record them separately. They are on the right side of every sheet, except unbreedables. Hybrids and dragons where the CB label is unnecessary (such as Sinomorphs or Guardians of Nature) have the CB area filled in. 

Halloween, Holiday, and Valentine's Dragons have a CB side, but it does not have checkboxes. Halloween Dragons have gender differences instead of "CB #1" and "CB#2", which is what Holiday/Valentine's have.


Using the Sheet:

The sheet is designed so that a dragon link can be placed next to the checkbox to mark it as owned. With two CBs checked off, the background of that dragon's CB side is colored in. The General side and CB side are unaffected by each other's check-boxes. This means that the left side requires all frozen hatchlings and adults filled in to color, but does not require any CB's to color. 


To add a new dragon, right click any cell next to or containing a checkbox, and click "Insert Row." The Sheet will auto-format, but you will have to enter the name and block the CB tab if it is a hybrid. To block out the CB tab, simply check the check the relevant checkbox, and type "n/a" into the empty cells.



There's a somewhat limited amount of customization in the sheet, though it's probably more effort than it's worth. If you're familiar with Google Sheets or Excel, you can poke around in the formatting and change some things perhaps, but I generally wouldn't recommend it if you want to keep the conditional formatting intact.


That's all the info I can think is important to share right this second! Generally, the more you play around with the sheet, the easier it gets to use. I hope it helps you all as much as it helps me!

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Thanks to whoever moved this! I was unsure if it belonged here or in site discussion.

There are some formatting issues with the CB tab on a couple of the sheets, as well as a clipping error on the Holiday Sheets. I also left out several "sub-breeds", such as the types of Fire Gem and Gemshards. Will be editing the main sheet soon!

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Updated the sheet! June 18th, 2020 Changes:

  • Sorted all dragon sheets to their Encyclopedia order.
  • Renamed most breeds to their name in the Encyclopedia with few exceptions*
  • *Holiday Dragons retain their normal name, and all Event Dragons have had their year of release added.
  • *Shimmerscales and Tinsels remain named as such, though they are placed correctly as they would if they were sorted by "Prize".
  • Moved Leetle Trees to the top of the Unbreedables tab to prevent formatting issues.
  • Recoded almost every sheet so that the CB tab plays nice with the "zebra" background formatting.
  • Added some variants of dragons that were previously left out (Alcedine Wyverns, Siyat Dragons, etc.)
  • Made it easier for users to blank out the CB tab on new entries (See below)

Added a new feature! On the right side of the sheet (from the middle gray column to the edge of the right side), typing "n/a" into a cell will black it out, but can be more easily deleted to maintain the formatting of the sheet. I'm still actively working on this. I'm planning on adding two notable things soon: 

  1. A "Master" sub-sheet, where instead of being divided into sub-sheets, all dragons are listed in encyclopedic order.
  2. An Undead sub-sheet, so that users can keep track of their Undead Dragons. This will likely have its own sub-sheet.
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Nice! I enjoy spreadsheets, I think I'll wait until the undead section is done before grabbing a copy, I need to keep track of those. 😃

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Popping in to express my appreciation, I'll be using it to track freezies! Thanks for sharing ❤️ 

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Updated the sheet! June 4th, 2020 Changes:

  • Added new Xenowyrms and Staterae. Sorted by their encyclopedia entry (Ex. Xenowyrm (Staterae) and so on)
  • Implemented a Master Sheet and an Undead Sheet.
  • Made a couple small layout changes.

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