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Art Fight

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I searched and did not find an existing topic for this, but if I missed one please direct me to it


Art Fight is an annual game about making gift art of people's characters. Players are split into 2 teams, and are awarded points for making art of the opposing team's characters. The game starts takes place every year during July. It starts July 1 but you can make an account and participate at any time during the month.


This year's teams are set to be revealed on June 20th!


Thought it would be nice to have a thread for people to exchange usernames, attack goals, etc.

My account is onlyWitness

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Oh wow this is really neat! This is a great place for me to play with character design and stuff, thanks for sharing!

I just made an account: impulsiveegg

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Art Fight 2020 has begun  via Discord, site downtime will be compensated for (in previous years, the event has been extended to make up for downtime).

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4 hours ago, G'lant said:

Is any form of art valid for the competition?

 Most forms of visual art are accepted in Art Fight! In addition to drawings, the site also has categories for 3D modeling, animation, and crafts (clay, sewing, etc.).

There's more information about the Art Fight categories on this page: https://artfight.net/info/guide-attacks

these categories are also updated yearly to try to make sure they're balanced

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