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ANSWERED:New BSA maybe? Inquiry/Suggestion

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I was trying to find an answer to this because I remember a few years ago it had been touched upon, but I couldn't find it, so please I apologize if it has been answered already but I need to know right now.


Does anyone know if there are any plans to add a new BSA to help choosing the breed of the egg created? I understand it would not be ideal for breeds such as prizes or Metals (gold and silver mainly), but a BSA for common/uncommon breeds would be a MAJOR improvement for everyone. It can be something like boosting one breed's chance for the egg created, and have it not stack to other BSAs and not work on rare breeds to keep it from being abused. But I think we all can agree that some breeds are just way too much when breeding to others, I'm pretty sure it ruins breeding plans people might have.


I mean, I've been working on a lineage project that I can't move forwards because the pairing I have (Undine x Freckled) has NOT ONCE given me an Undine egg, and they have 14 children... I mean, I understand one breed may be more common, but not like this, its way too much. I have an (Undine x Red) pair and they needed 7 eggs to give me a Red, completely uneven yes, but I can understand that. But 14-0 its just absurd. We DO NEED a way to even it out, maybe not a guaranteed boost, but better than 100%-0% for sure.

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There's a lot of discussion about this problem in this Suggestions thread:

Maybe bump that and add your own thoughts? :)

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