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Hello fellow Dragoneers!


While searching through the (according to another topic: my unapproved account) limited forum space, I stumbled upon this forum and thought it would be wise to introduce myself here.


So a bit about myself. I've known about Dragon cave for a while, but only decided to make an account recently (boredom makes people try new things). And I started to quite enjoy the game (getting views and growing dragons isn't impossible, which is extremely nice. The dragons also look cool). 


Anyways, I look forward to joining the community and exploring the forums! (along with finally being able to message people for trading)

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I just joined in on the forums too. :) Welcome! The sweet sprite artwork on this game is one of the things I’ve always loved about it. 

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Thanks! And yeah, dragons and their sprites: the only two reasons we need to play this game (along with other features) 👍

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