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New, Just Got Back into Virtual Pets Clickables!

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Hello! Greetings, I am DarkSiren (she/her), with a Cave of the same name. I am an old virtual pets user, and was a member of MagiStream when I joined back in 2010. I saw DragonCave, but for some reason life happened and I'm just now joining, so hi! I just rejoined MagiStream, and those clicks led me to these clicks. After that - ahem - like, 10 year hiatus. Ah, dragons! ^^ Cute little clickable creatures! 


I am a 22 (almost 23) year old blonde nerd who likes fantasy, including mythical creatures including dragons of course, sci-fi, mystery, horror/psychological thrillers, true crime, and reality tv (The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure). I love pasta and ice cream. Chocolate chip cookie dough is the best.


I like water magic, fire magic, and ethereal dark undead things. I also like cute little furry creatures that sit on your shoulder.


I love Stranger Things, Greys Anatomy, The Walking Dead, The Bachelor, and various other random shows.


I am a writer and will be a creative writing middle school teacher starting this upcoming fall. Wish me luck!


Anything else just ask! It's nice to be here finally among all these dragons! <3   :D

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Hello and welcome, fellow fantasy-lover! I love pretty much all mythical creatures, although I don't like the undead or survival horror. I love cooking reality TV, I can binge-watch it for days. You might also enjoy our Magistream thread. Have fun on the forums!

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