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「 come get ya'lls warrior cats 」





A clan hidden deep within the mountains that stretch towards the sky. With a long and enduring history, DuskClan has recently acquired the tundra lands of the fallen FrostClan. The ancient traditions that keep this solitary, private clan safe have now come under attack from new ideas and a desire to initiate change.



Residing by the waters, TideClan prides themselves on being masterful swimmers and fierce hunters. Prosperous and self-sustaining, the cats of this seaside clan spend their days sunbathing, grooming, and enjoying the finer aspects of life.



With grand forests and stretching meadows, SunClan provides for each and every cat without worry. The seasons pass and the winds change, but this unyielding clan remains steadfast, supporting one another with valuable input and a well-organized internal structure.




full clans list below




DuskClan Leader




DuskClan Deputy




TideClan Leader




TideClan Warrior




TideClan Apprentice




SunClan Leader




SunClan Medicine Cat





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Leader: Morningstar

    Lives: 5 

Deputy: Petalshade
Medicine Cat: Beesting 
    Apprentice: Sagepaw
Elders: Pikeflower, Cedarleap
Queens: Mistlight
Warriors: Embersong, Iceshade, Wolfthroat
Apprentices: Otterpaw, Hawkpaw, Rabbitpaw
Kits: Featherkit, Hazelkit, Darkit 


Leader: Oakstar 

    Lives: 8 
Deputy: Whitesong
Medicine Cat: Dovecreek
    Apprentice: Acornpaw
Elders: Halfrock, Driftcoat
Queens: Pinestep 
Warriors: Lightstep, Cherrystep, Stonebird
Apprentices: Shadowpaw (mentor: Whitesong), Swiftpaw, Bluepaw
Kits: Rainkit, Birdkit, Wetkit


Leader: Maplestar

    Lives: 9 
Deputy: Goldenvine
Medicine Cat: Silvermoon 
    Apprentice: Applepaw
Elders: Smallpuddle, Honeydawn
Queens: Tinytalon
Warriors: Amberstride, Goldenglow, Stonefall
Apprentices: Brightpaw, Deerpaw, Riverpaw
Kits: Berrykit, Swallowkit, Mousekit

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it's dumb cat time boiiiiis )


Silvermoon | SunClan Territory | Medicine Cat Den Leader's Den


The flames engulfed the camp.

Embers danced through the air like fireflies, pinpricks of light among the ash and soot. Smoke filled her lungs and she gagged as she tried to breath. She could hear them. Yelling words she could hardly comprehend, desperate and pleading. There was a voice in the back of her head. It was clear, undisturbed by the chaos around her. "See to the future," it said. "Remember this. This is one path of many. It doesn't have to be like this. The future can be changed. You have to remember. You have to"


Silvermoon woke with a start. She flexed her claws instinctively, digging them into the soil to ground herself. She breathed in deeply then breathed out. There was no fire. Silvermoon squeezed her eyes closed. She was safe. Everyone was safe. With a final shaky breath, Silvermoon opened her eyes steadily rose to her paws. It wasn't the first time she had been woken up by a strange vision. Her precognition had proven itself to be unpredictable, but oddly reliable. She had foreseen numerous events and counters, both good and bad, and made sure to take whatever steps necessary to keep the clan safe; however none of the previous visions had ever been quite so... violent. Shaking her head, Silvermoon walked from the moss bed towards the entrance to the end. She needed to speak with Maplestar immediately.


⊱ ──────────── ⊰

"Are you certain?"
Silvermoon lazily dragged her paw around the dirt. Maplestar, who had just woken a few minutes prior, had managed to overcome her drowsiness after Silvermoon had explained the nature of her visit. She had seemed excited when she realized who had visited her. It wasn't uncommon for Silvermoon to intrude upon the leader's den to spend some time together, but, unlike previous visits, Maplestar's excitement had slowly vanished after Silvermoon went into the details about her dream.


"Yes," Silvermoon had said after a moment. She couldn't bring herself to look up at her leader. "I believe this is important enough to discuss with the other clan leaders. This problem seems to be beyond the scope of a single clan." The tip of Maplestar's tail twitched irritably.


"You're assuming that they're going to listen to me," she scoffed. She gazed off to the side. "I've only been leader for what? Two moons? What will the others think when my first big decision as a leader is announcing that my medicine cat saw doomsday?" Silvermoon's glanced up at her friend.


"We can't ignore this," she insisted. She stood up from where she sat and walked over towards Maplestar. The leader's ears flattened against her skull as Silvermoon walked into her personal space. "This is important enough to mention to the others," Silvermoon pleaded. She stared at Maplestar pleadingly. "Please," she said desperately. She took another step forward. "Say... say it was my idea! It's the truth and I can take the fall if it means keeping you say just.... Please, we need to talk to them." Maplestar was quiet for a moment, her twitching ears the only sign of her mulling over her thoughts. Silvermoon stood perfectly still. She patiently watched Maplestar in silence for minutes until the leader finally let out a sigh.


"No," she said, shaking her head. "I am the leader of this clan and therefore I must take responsibly for whatever happens to it." Maplestar finally looked back at Silvermoon with a determined look on her face. "I'll set up the meeting. We have to warn the other leaders."




Morningstar | Neutral Territory | Blossoming Tree


Morningstar was beginning to debate if six months really was enough time to consider a kit old enough to be come an apprentice. As he, his deputy, and medicine cats made there way to the blossoming tree, he had noticed how hard it was for Sagepaw to keep up with the others. Granted, she had only recently become Beesting's apprentice. When she was younger, she often wandered out of the nursery when her mother wasn't looking and snuck into the medicine cat den to browse through herb storage and watch Beesting at work. She had been beyond excited to become an apprentice. She had practically bounced on her paws during the entire ceremony. It had been, in Morningstar's opinion, one of the most adorable things he ever had the honor of witnessing. While Morningstar did not regret the pleasant memory, he was beginning to have doubts about promoting Sagepaw to apprentice hood so early.


Maplestar had requested everyone to meet early in the morning before the sun rose. Morningstar had collected his party and had them on the move two hours before the allotted meeting time. Being active at such a time of day was easy for most of the adults, but Sagepaw was having troubles staying asleep. She had stumbled over her own paws several times already and had been scolded by Beesting more than once. She looked so incredibly small next to the three adults. Morningstar had accidentally bumped into her once during the trip and, to his horror, realized that her actually body was about three times smaller than her actual coat. Why, if she fell into the river, Morningstar wouldn't be surprised if she completely dissolved. After watching Sagepaw trip over a root for the third time that trip, Morningstar insisted she and Beesting walk in close quarters beyond the rest of the party so they could get a head's up on any upcoming obstacles. Beesting had mumbled something incoherent under his breath, but obeyed nevertheless. Morningstar watching with narrowed eyes as the tom slowed down until he was walking side by side with his sleepy apprentice.


"Do you think we need to raise the age limit on apprentices?" Morningstar said in a hushed voice. He glanced over at his deputy, Petalshade. "I feel like every new apprentice I see is younger than the last batch." Morningstar shook his head gravely. "Maybe I'm just getting too old. It doesn't feel like to send such young ones off to hunt and guard borders."

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『 Petalshade | Netural Territory | Blossoming Tree 


"You're concerned," Petalshade mewled in response, "don't be." He knew the telltale signs of his leader beginning to overthink, and the DuskClan deputy was quick to respond. Although Morningstar was a leader who lead his clan with great patience and wisdom, he was also prone to worrying too much about hypothetical situations -- something that Petalshade has come to learn he does, a lot. 


Looking back, he takes a brief glance at Beesting and Sagepaw, the latter having nearly tripped over herself in various forms of anxiety at having the leader of their clan look back on her so frequently, often with an expression of distaste -- that Petalshade knew to be worry -- clear on his features. Quickening his pace, Petalshade brushed his fur briefly against Morningstar's, bringing them closer.


"Sagepaw is fine," he murmured, too quiet for either of the two behind them to hear, "and this meeting will be good experience for her. If anything, your constant glances back at her is making her more worried. Let her learn. No kit has died from tripping over their own paws, yet."


Looking up, the deputy took a brief pause to wonder about the purpose of their meeting -- it was certainly a strange request the SunClan messenger had delivered to the borders of their territory, a message that had been relayed to Petalshade quickly before he'd found Morningstar and had to bear the burden of the news. What could be so important to call away the leader, deputy, and medicine cats? Despite having reassured Morningstar only moments before, Petalshade had to admit he himself felt a slight discomfort at leaving the clan so exposed.


But he trusted SunClan, and valued the cooperation between the clans. The fall of his own, once beloved FrostClan run fresh and sharp in his mind, even though he had been only a kit when that had happened, and Petalshade is in no rush to accuse their neighbours of crimes they have not yet committed. The sooner they wrapped up this meeting and headed back, the better -- after having negotiated whatever it was Maplestar wanted, of course.


『 Oakstar | Netural Territory | Blossoming Tree 


"Ha, first!" 


Whitesong watched as Oakstar raced up the branches of the cherry tree, having been the first group among the three clans to reach their neutral gathering place. For a cat that spent a lot of his time basking on rocks or gently paddling through the seas, the bengal was surprisingly good at climbing, all things considered. Oakstar's powerful muscles rippled through his sleek fur as he stretched forwards, easily digging his claws into the aging tree's bark and swinging himself up, tail whisking all the while.


"Of course TideClan would be first," Dovecreek replied, the medicine cat smugly sitting down near the base of the tree and raising one of her paws, grooming herself while they waited. "Our clan's message delivery speed is, as always, impeccable." Next to her, her apprentice, Acronpaw, nodded furiously in an attempt to please the mentor he idolized so much. 


Oakstar watched from his spot in the tree as Whitesong circled the gathering place, his deputy a little too rustled to stay still for very long; laying down on the branches with an arm lazily hanging over, Oakstar mewled from above the scattered pink petals.


"What's on your mind? Acronpaw, join me. The bark will be practise for your climbing. And remember, if you fall, it'll be a hilarious story to tell Halfrock once we go back."


Whitesong watched as Acronpaw scrambled to please their leader, his tiny claws digging into bark as the younger cat attempted to climb up just as quickly as Oakstar had done. 


"Isn't he a little too young for that?" Whitesong asked.


"He's got claws, hasn't he?" Dovecreek responded, whisking her tail. 

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Morningstar | Neutral Territory | Blossoming Tree


"Ah." Even as Petalshade spoke, Morningstar felt his head instinctively shift so he could look over his shoulder to check on Sagepaw and Beesting. He ducked his head down, his face growing warm with embarrassment. "You'd think after all these years I'd learn that by now," Morningstar mumbled, soft enough so only Petaleshade could hear. "Perhaps if I kits of my own, I would get used to how sturdy they are." Despite his deputy's reprimand, Morningstar felt himself relax as his deputy not so shyly brushed against him. He glanced at Petalshade from the corner of his eye and, with an amused chortle, playfully headbutted Petalshade's shoulder.


"You should take your own advice," Morningstar said. He recognized the solemn expression upon Petalshade's face to be a look of contemplation. As wonderful as a deputy as Petalshade was, the finest Morningstar had the pleasure of having, he was not without his own concerns and anxieties. Morningstar remembered earlier just a few hours prior how Petalshade had stumbled into the leader's den and relayed what the messenger had told him. His deputy made a valiant effort to stay calm and collected in face of uncertainty, but Morningstar knew him well enough to know that even now his mind was plagued by worry.


"Maplestar has always been sweet and to the point," Morningstar continued. "She's been like that since she was a deputy. I'm certain we'll be back before the sun rises. Ah, and perhaps—" Morningstar sighed wistfully. "—there will be time for a nap before starting the day, hm?" On rare occasions, Petalshade would sneak into the leader's den early in the morning and he and Morningstar would share a brief hour or so talking and laying on the moss beds, simply enjoying their time together. It had been a few moons since Morningstar had the pleasure of experiencing such a relaxing morning.


"Listen to me ramble," Morningstar mewed shaking his head. "It's something we can think of later." He halted then glanced towards the medicine cats. "Hurry along! We're here."



Silvermoon | Neutral Territory | Blossoming Tree


By the time she and Maplestar arrived the other clans were already there.


Oakstar, as per usual, was making a mockery of himself. He was laying down on one of the tree's branches, tail flickering lazily over the edge as he begged his deputy to join him. The Tideclan medicine cat apprentice was desperately trying to climb up to meet his leader while his mentor was sitting at the base of the tree, chest puffed out in pride. From the other side of the clearing, Silvermoon could see the Duskclan leadership watching the display with thinly veiled disappointment.


All heads turned once Maplestar cleared her throat. With her chin raised every so slightly, Maplestar gracefully strolled towards the base of the tree with Silvermoon just a few paces before her.


"As pleasantries go, I'm afraid we will have to forgo them for time being," Maplestar said. She looked around at the other clan leaders, making sure to meet the eyes of each leader, deputy, and medicine cat. "I called you all here today because I didn't want to risk the chance of inciting panic during a gathering." Maplestar sat down, her tail wrapping around her paws. "As some of you may know, Silvermoon—" Maplestar nodded to her friend. "—has always had a strong connection to StarClan. She has had... a vision recently that we both thought would be prudent to discuss with the rest of you."


Upon hearing the word "vision", several of the other medicine cats perked up, their ears alert. Silvermoon blinked owlishly. All medicine cats had visions of Starclan when they all meet up once per moon, but it was rare for the other medicine cats to get visions outside of that time.


"Have any of you perhaps gotten a recent vision too?" Silvermoon asked. She took a cautious step forward, glancing between the other medicine cats. "The one with fire?" Dovecreek shifted uncomfortable upon her paws and Beesting was averting his gaze. Was it really possible that all of the medicine cats had experienced the same vision?


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『 Petalshade | Netural Territory | Blossoming Tree 


"Kits of your own," Petalshade repeated, murmuring softly to himself as he watched Morningstar lead Beesting and Sagepaw into the main gathering, TideClan having already reached their assigned meeting spot. Morningstar would make an excellent parent, the deputy thinks to himself -- calm and steady, supportive no matter the circumstances.


To no one's surprise, Oakstar was currently in the middle of making light of the obviously-serious situation, once again, and Petalshade feels his fur ruffle at seeing the other clan leader. He has never liked Oakstar, although the TideClan's leader casual treatment of Morningstar might be a direct cause of that. 


He dipped his head, embarrassed to think of such a thing, and instead regaled himself with the thought of finishing the meeting and hurrying back before the rest of the Clan awoke to share a few precious, early morning seconds with Morningstar in the leader's den. It had been a while since they'd had the delight of each other's company, clan business having kept the leader and deputy both busy. 


Petalshade took a seat on the outer ring of the gathering tree, casting a wary glance at Whitesong who walks by, a pleased, entirely false smile on his features. 


"Good morning, Petalshade," the TideClan deputy mewled.


"Good morning," he replied politely, shuffling his paws. 


"The sun is rising," the TideClan deputy mewled, flickering his tail until it came to brush Petalshade's face, caressing his nose. "I hear there'll be quite a lovely sunrise to watch."


"Then I hope we can finish quickly to go back to watch it," Petalshade replied, unimpressed. 


Whitesong only chuckled, taking a seat next to the other deputy so closely their fur brushed. "You're fun as always."


Petalshade didn't reply, instead shuffling away, casting a glance to the gathered leaders and hoping to start the meeting soon. Thankfully, Maplestar spoke up almost immediately after arriving, distracting the TideClan deputy. 





『 Oakstar | Netural Territory | Blossoming Tree 


"Morningstar, control your deputy," Oakstar whined as soon as Maplestar finished speaking, his priorities made clear. Whitesong was so mean with his teases, sometimes ... Looking back, he found an unimpressed Maplestar staring at him quite harshly, and so the TideClan leader licked his front fur, settling down.


Upon hearing about the vision, the young leader looked around at his fellow cats' serious faces, before yawning and settling down into a curled sit next to the tree, tail flickering lazily.


"So what?" Oakstar asked. "You can't seriously believe that you can change the future?" He directed the question straight to Silvermoon, bypassing Maplestar, "If something will happen, we can prepare for it when it gets here. Otherwise, I see no use in worrying. Otherwise you'll worry yourself off a cliff like Morningstar."


Done speaking, the TideClan leader flicked his tail to emphasize his words. From the corner of his eye, he saw the DuskClan deputy take a step forward before forcing himself back, visibly agitated. Raising an eyebrow, he met Whitesong's gaze, who shook his head. 


Her clan leader's words final, Dovecreek too settled into her position, shaking her head in response to Silvermoon's inquiry without speaking, though the medicine cat's eyes betrayed an uncharacteristic worry. 

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Silvermoon | Neutral Territory | Blossoming Tree


Silvermoon shifted uncomfortable under the weight of Oakstar's gaze. He was unruly, often misbehaved at gatherings, and made everyone uncomfortable with his crude, and frankly unwanted, advances, but he still held the authority of a clan leader. Oakstar, with his lax body language and insensitive jokes, still rooted some fear of authority into Silvermoon. Despite being able to meet the leader's eyes, Silvermoon's fur bristled as Oakstar regarded her leader with a uninterested look, walking past her so he could reveal his plan to deal with the problem: ignoring it. Applepaw, who had been silently watching since the start of the meeting, grew emboldened by her mentor's clear display of discomfort. As Oakstar approached, she leaped in between him and Silvermoon, claws out and her nub of a tail raised as high as it would go.


"How do you know you'll even have time to prepare once it happens?" Silvermoon hissed, eyes narrowing to slits. She took a few steps toward Oakstar, fur puffed and tail high in alert. "The vision was too vague for me to know when it will happen! I dearly hope TideClan doesn't decide to make its members spend the rest of their lives as fish once the forest is set ablaze." Silvermoon suddenly became terribly aware of her position both physically in front of Oakstar and rankwise. She, a medicine cat of SunClan, was telling off the leader of another clan with no regards to how that might affect inter-clan relations.


Her meekness returned tenfold as her face grew hot with embarrassment.

"Y-Your leadership," she added lamely. She averted her gaze from Oakstar before backing away from him. She sat down on the ground, claws flexing in and out anxiously, and began forcibly licking down the fur on her tail in an effort to retain some air of decorum. Applepaw did not divert her gaze from Oakstar as she took a step back towards Silvermoon. She massaged her claws into the ground, pulling up strands of grass as she, the smallest kit in her litter, puffed out her fur to make herself as intimidating as possible.


From the corner of Silvermoon's vision, she spotted Maplestar glaring at the back of Oakstar's head. She knew from experience that, at worst, Maplestar would lightly chastise her for speaking so boldly to another clan leader, but Silvermoon could not forgive herself so easily for stepping out of her lane.


Before Oakstar could degrade Silvermoon further, or StarClan forbid turn his dismissal into some strange flirt, Morningstar cleared his throat. All of the cats in the clearing turned their heads as the oldest among them stepped forward to speak.



Morningstar | Neutral Territory | Blossoming Tree


"If there's anyone it who needs to be under control, it's you, Oakstar," Morningstar mewled, glaring at the aforementioned cats. He strolled past Petalshade, their fur brushing against one another. He shook his head ever so slightly. Years of powering through the difficult merger between DuskClan and FrostClan and, later, serving dutifully as Morningstar's deputy had shaped Petalshade into an exceptional warrior; however the patience he had cultivated since his apprenticeship grew thin whenever TideClan was involved. Morningstar could hardly blame him considering that Oakstar's maturity was reminiscent of a kit, but meeting would be settled without recourse if Petalshade let Oakstar or Whitesong get to him. Morningstar fixated his deputy with a firm, but not unkind, look then turned back to the others in the clearing.


Morningstar walked forward, his powerful muscles flexing underneath his thick coat.

"You were not given the responsibility of leader to brush off problems so you can spend a few extra hours sunning yourself on rocks. If you find the duties of a clan leader to be too dull for your liking, then you are more than welcome to hand off that boring task to someone..." Morningstar stopped a few paces away from Whitesong. He took a deliberate moment to scrutinize the deputy, looking up and down his form. Morningstar snorted lightly, his ear flicking in disinterest. "...more qualified," he continued, turning his back to the deputy.


"That said, I do have concerns with the ambiguity of your vision," Morningstar mewed. Silvermoon shyly looked up as the DuskClan leader addressed her. "You haven't explained anything beyond the forest burning and the need to change the future. None of the other medicine cats seem to have shared your vision either."



Morningstar looked over at his medicine cat in surprise. Beesting idly dragged his paw in the dirt, anxiously creating senseless lines. "I had a similar vision," Beesting said quietly. "Two nights ago actually."

"You bring this up now?" Morningstar snapped. Beesting's ears flattened against his skull at tone harsh tone of his leader's voice.

"I didn't think it meant anything!" Beesting argued weakly. "StarClan doesn't bless me with true visions outside of the medicine cat gatherings. My dreams are usually odd due to the, ah, herbs." Morningstar sighed. Of course that was the case. DuskClan was the only clan that had a special herb that would incite momentary excitement followed by relaxation in its members if smelled or consumed. Traditionally, the medicine cats would use it on patients that were in distress, but many members, especially after the merge with FrostClan, would use it outside of medical practice. Morningstar was well-aware of Beesting's misuse of the herb, but he still did his job well so Morningstar saw no need to cull that particular habit. He didn't think it would cause any problems until now.


Beesting, aware of his leader's disapproval, scrambled to please him.


"T-There is something you should know!" he stammered. He jumped up to his paws, tail flickering in agitation. "There was a voice. I didn't recognize it from any of the members of StarClan, but it seemed to know what was going on. It specifically mentioned there was three cats that could stop the fire." Morningstar's ears perked up in interest and Beesting visually relaxed. "I didn't hear anything about the future," Beesting continued, his puffed fur beginning to lay flat. "Perhaps we all got similar but different messages? Like, we're meant to put it together?"


"That could be the case," Silvermoon mewled. She cocked her head to the side in contemplation. "If we both saw the fire, but were told about different things then perhaps... Dovecreek?" Silvermoon turned towards the TideClan medicine cat expectantly. "Did you have a dream recently too?"

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『 Oakstar | Netural Territory | Blossoming Tree 


Whitesong takes a step forward as Silvermoon approaches him, the deputy's fur beginning to fluff slightly; Oakstar waves back the white cat, unimpressed by this show of force from the two clans before him. Of course -- he hadn't expected anything different. Even from before Frostclan and Duskclan had merged, giving Morningstar too -- in his opinion -- much power, it had been clear to him that TideClan's philosophies simply didn't align with that of his fellow clans. Whereas they lived a hedonist lifestyle and took life as it came, the two before him now, Maplestar and Morningstar, standing so tall and proud, were instantly spooked by any kind of passable danger, as if they didn't lead dangerous lives already.


"If it comes to that," Oakstar says casually, lifting a paw up to flick his ears, half-grooming himself in response, "then I'm sure StarClan would welcome the rest of us." It is a half-truth, really -- of course, he has the safety of his clan at the forefront of his mind, as had been instilled in him once it came clear that he was to inherit the leader title, and also threatened into him by a couple of the cats that had granted him his nine lives, but Oakstar is unwilling to show as if he could possibly be intimidated by a medicine cat from another clan. If Maplestar wouldn't control the members of her clan, then someone else had to. He brushes over Silvermoon's words with a disinterested eye, watching with satisfaction as Silvermoon backs down. From the corner of his eye, he sees Whitesong puff out in pride, Petalshade glaring at him all the while.


Good. Let them glare. DuskClan could only hope to have a relationship as faithful and as sturdy as the one he and Whitesong have constructed, and no matter what -- he knows that his deputy has his back.


Dovecreek, however, is an interesting tale. When Morningstar steps up Oakstar instinctively curls his tail, waiting; the DuskClan leader, older than him, is a logical cat -- this he knows, and perhaps even holds a begrudging respect for, but he is also paranoid, weary, and, Oakstar thinks, in desperate need of retiring to the elder's den. He grooms his other ear as Morningstar speaks, putting on an air of indifference, but his fur rustles slightly at how easily the other leader brushes past him, speaking to him as if he was a kit.


How DuskClan could stand that, he doesn't know. The only person he allows to speak to him that is Whitesong, and only while they are playing their games in the privacy of his leader's den. Oakstar snorts to himself -- perhaps Morningstar is jealous, because StarClan knows Petalshade, as uptight and as rigid as he is, would never be caught dead in his leader's bedquarters.


Not the point. Dovecreek's mouth opens, but a glance from Oakstar silences her. Silvermoon holds the TideClan medicine cat's gaze, unwavering, and --


"She has!" Acornpaw blurts out, causing all of the gathered cats to glance at him incredulously. "I ... I hear you talking in your sleep," the medicine cat apprentice says shyly, eyes averting from his mentor's stunned gaze as his ears flick, a sign of his nervousness. "S-something about ... the kittypet place." 


The kittypet place? Oakstar flicks his tail.


"Well, Morningstar?" Oakstar mewls, gathering his paws in front of him. "It sounds like to me your fated prophecy would rather you retire and become a kittypet. How does that sound?" 


"I did have those dreams," Dovecreek meows steadily, admitting to Acornpaw's statements. "But omens from StarClan can be confusing. Sometimes they aren't all meant to be obeyed -- or even observed. They've given us the prophecy so that we may be able to distinguish the good from the bad. In my dreams I see the kittypet place, as well as various shapes of kittypets walking around. None of them are clear, but one -- with blue eyes and a sandy white coat. And again" -- she dips her head to Beesting, acknowledging the medicine cat's vision--"A voice, telling me of three cats that can save the Clans." 

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Morningstar | Neutral Territory | Blossoming Tree


"Becoming a kittypet seems more up your alley, Oakstar," Morningstar replied coolly. He eyed Oakstar warily, waiting for any additional cheeky comments. His medicine cat's outburst thankfully appeared to be enough to shut his mouth for the time being. The implications of Dovecreek's words weighed heavily in the air. Morningstar slowly laid down on his stomach, letting out a small huff as he plopped onto the ground. In his youth, Morningstar had a nasty habit of pacing back and forth when he was thinking hard about a important matter. Soon after he became deputy, Petalshade had been quick to mention that Morningstar's pacing agitated whatever poor anxious cats happened to be watching him at the time. Morningstar had to curb his habit by forcing himself to lay down which in itself became the telltale sign that the DuskClan leader was deep in thought. Beesting, who was well acquainted with his leader's mannerisms, spoke up.


"I didn't see the kittypet place in my vision, but the voice did mention finding someone who could predict the future." Beesting shifted his paws in front of him. "Did the voice say the same to you?" he mewled, turning towards Silvermoon.


Silvermoon replied, "No." She shook her head. "I heard the voice mention finding someone who could foresee danger before it struck. The voice didn't mention a number to me but... it seems like we were told about at least two different individuals who can help prevent..." Silvermoon turned her head and coughed into her shoulder. "Well, you know."


Morningstar drew his paws in front of him. Between Silvermoon's and the other medicine cats' recounts of their visions, there was plenty of speculation to be head. He mulled their words over in his head, his claws flexing in and out of the dirt as he thought.


"It would seem," Morningstar began, breaking the heavy silence. "that we are intended to find these 'three cats'." With great effort, Morningstar stretched, his lower half raised up as he dug his claws into the ground. He rolling his shoulders, his powerful muscles rippling underneath his fur as he drew himself up into a sitting position. "If all three medicine cats were given visions pointing towards the same future disaster but were given different advice on how to prepare for it, then surely that advice is to be heeded? StarClan would not waste our time with vague gestures and meanings. It is our duty as the leadership of the clans to listen to what StarClan has to say and follow their guidance." Morningstar paused. He glanced between all of the cats in the clearing, making sure to meet each of their eyes. "As ambiguous as they might be, I believe it would be in our best interest to find cats that meet the descriptions given. I'm sure all of us can agree—" Morningstar resisted the urge to glance knowingly in Oakstar's direction and opted instead to look between both leaders. "—that finding cats that can see into the future shouldn't be a hard task, yes?"

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『 Oakstar | Netural Territory | Blossoming Tree 


Oakstar purrs smugly as Morningstar finishes his thoughts, standing up with a ripple of the muscles clear under his coat. Although the DuskClan leader is getting on in the years, Morningstar in his youth had been someone to witness, Oakstar remembers -- accompanying his father to the leader gatherings as a kit despite not having any official status beyond family reputation, seeing the young leader of DuskClan fit to prove himself. 


He has no real issue with the proposed suggestion, and, taking a glance around -- with Dovecreek's defeated face, Maplestar's relieved eyes, and Silvermoon's nodding agreement -- Oakstar decides it is for the best if he agrees. Dipping his head in agreement as the DuskClan leader drew himself to his full height, Oakstar cedes to Morningstar's suggestion. The agreement of all three leaders breaks the seriousness that had settled in the air at the beginning of the meeting, the cats' unified plan now laid out before everyone. Slowly, the gathered group begins to dissipate, separating into small fractions before drawing the meeting to a close. 


"Why, Morningstar," Oakstar meows, "I half expected you to have fallen out of shape." Whitesong comes up behind his leader, a raised eyebrow of interest at the conversation. "If you'd like, you can come with us to TideClan and we can ... seek your prophecy together. I have an inclination it may be hidden in the very depths of my den." 


He feels Whitesong's tail brush his coat, whether as a warning or sign of interest.


『 Petalshade | Netural Territory | Blossoming Tree 


"I see," Petalshade meows, in response to the information Dovecreek, Beesting, and Silvermoon had to offer. When the meeting began to close he had cornered the three medicine cats immediately, grilling them for any information on their visions. If their visions are true -- and Morningstar believed them, so what other proof did he need? -- then they have to act fast, or risk utter destruction. At the description the three medicine cats offered him about their visions and the environments in them, Dovecreek's interested him the most.


"It may not be the kittypet place," he meows thoughtfully in response. "DuskClan territory at the very border has a Thunderpath that leads into a Twolegs commune. I'll take a patrol there and investigate today; perhaps some cat has gotten injured. I don't see any reason for StarClan to send us into the Twolegs place, especially when we've lost cats there before." Absentmindedly, Petalshade gathers his paws together as he sits down, tail waving as he remembers the dangers of the Thunderpath. It seemed intimidating, but if they prophecy is really so -- then he has no choice but to check it out, and he would much rather he himself than anyone else be sent directly to that place.


Looking up, he greets all three medicine cats with a thankful eye. "Thank you," he purrs, dipping his head. "If DuskClan finds anything, I'll send Sagepaw with a message." 

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Morningstar | Neutral Territory | Blossoming Tree


It is with great effort that Morningstar manages to keep his fur from bristling. He stared at Oakstar coolly, his agitation only clear the twitch at the tip of his tail. Oakstar was known for his forward requests. It was likely one of the reasons a third of TideClan was his kin. Looking at the young leader now, Morningstar could remember the time of his apprenticeship when he attended his first few gatherings. Oakstar—Oakpaw back thenwas still losing the last tufts of kitten fur and stared out at the sheer number of cats in the collective clans with wide eyes. If anything, the memory made Oakstar's all the more disgusting.


"The age difference between us is too much for my liking," Morningstar chided. "I'm sure you'll find plenty of volunteers who'd be happy to seek whatever you like in the back of your den." Morningstar didn't wait to hear Oakstar's witty retort. Delibteratly looking away from Oakstar, Morningstar dipped his head respectfully to Maplestar.


"Thank you calling this meeting," Morningstar said pleasently. "Just as my deputy said, we'll be sure to contact you if we recieve any news."


"It was an honor to have you all here," she mewled in reply. "I look forward to our clans, the three of them, working together in the future." Beside her, Silvermoon was seated down with her tail curled tightly around her paws. Even from a distance, Morningstar could see her haunches shaking with emotion and her eyes glistening with unshed tears. For a brief moment, Morningstar worried that someone, Oakstar probably, had troubled her, but just as the thought crossed his mind Maplestar trotted up to her medicine cat and headbutted her affectionately. Ah, so she was just emotional. Morningstar chuckled fondly at the SunClan cats before turning back to his clanmates.


"Let's go home." Beesting and Sagepaw immediately perked upon hearing their leader's command. They both happily stood up from where they sat and fell in line behind him. Morningstar strode over towards Petalshade's side. "Come on," he said, tail brushing against Petalshade's cheek. "There's plenty of time to catch the sunrise."


⊱ ──────────── ⊰


They did not catch the sunrise. In fact, Petalshade and insisted that he and Morningstar investigate the Twoleg commune by themselves. The two had agreed that keeping the meeting a secret was the best for the clan. Hearing that all the medicine cats were having visions about an apocoalytic event could incite a panic. Despite that, Morningstar did not expect Petalshade to order the warriors to their jobs for the day and then usher Morningstar out of the camp. It had been some time since Morningstar had crossed the Thunderpath. The stench of rubber and asphalt caused him to involuntary scrunch his nose. He could scarecly smell prey or even Petalshade with the horrid scent clogging up his nose.


"It's been awhile since I've seen the Twoleg dens," Morningstar mewled. He lifted his head, his ear flickering absentmindely as he took in the sight of the building before him. There was a fence, dervied from sharpened logs, that guarded the bordere between DuskClan and the Twoleg dens. Balancing on top of the fence was relatively easy and considering that the twolegs were loud when they exited their dens, escaping their clutches wasn't hard. From Morningstar's recollection of the twolegs that lived on the border, they were relatively friendly. Morningstar recalled a time from back when he was an apprentice, he had climbed to the top of the fence on a dare from a fellow apprentice. He was greeted by a young twoleg with a blond tuft of fur on the top of her head and bright brown eyes. He had meowed at her and she, smiling in delight, meowed back. They had meowed at each other for a good five minutes before Morningstar's mentor had called him back to the forest. The memory, fuzzy as it was, remained pleasent enough to draw a purr out of Morningstar. It was only after a few moments did Morningstar realize he was standing beside Petalshade and purring for no good reason.


Morningstar cleared his throat.

"S-So," he began, licking a paw then dragging it across an ear. "What did you have in mind? You don't think one of the cats we're looking for is a kittypet, do you?"



Shadowpaw | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune


Unbeknownst to the two toms, a sleek black figure was following them. Crouching low to the ground, tail lifted so he wouldn't brush against the leaves, Shadowpaw watched the pair from within a shrub some distance away. Early in the morning, Whitesong had pulled Shadowpaw off to the side. He claimed to have a "special mission" just for Shadowpaw. Shadowpaw knew he was being groomed to become the rightful heir to TideClan just like his grandfather before him. Oakstar had a great plenty of children between Shadowpaw's mother and all her siblings, but Shadowpaw, Oakstar's only grandchild, was the only one who had shown any interest in pursuing his grandfather's legacy. As per tradition, Shadowpaw was assigned his apprenticeship under the deputy's watchful eye and given tasks that far exceeded the challenges presented to ordinary apprentices.


Whitesong's request, however, was curious. He told Shadowpaw that he needed to head towards the Thunderpath in DuskClan territory and monitor it in case any member of DuskClan crossed it. If he saw a cat cross, he was to discretely follow them and report their activities back to Whitesong. It wasn't normal for Whitesong to order Shadowpaw to break Clan laws, let alone spy on someone. When Shadowpaw had questioned the nature of the mission, a strange expression had crossed Whitesong's face, one that Shadowpaw couldn't exactly place.


"Your father and I have an invested interest in some of the cats in DuskClan," Whitesong had said cryptically. "The leader and deputy especially, and we believe there's a decent chance they'll head to the Thunderpath. We just need you to confirm that. Besides, a good leader should be able to move undetected, don't you agree?" Shadowpaw did not agree, but he knew a flimsy excuse when he heard one so he politely dipped his head, told Whitesong he would do his best, and now here he was. Crouched lowly in a bush, watching the DuskClan leader and deputy with anticipation as they crossed into the Twoleg commune.



Silvermoon | SunClan/TideClan Border | River


After the meeting, she only cried for an hour. Seeing all the clans work together in harmony, albeit Oakstar's bold comments, moved Silvermoon. She had a bad habit of getting emotional over the smallest of things. She was the kit who had to be comforted when she accidentially stepped on a bug and the apprentice that had to be held because she started sobbing after hearing an elder's story about how two cats' friendship helped them grow and develop as both indivduals and friends. Maplestar, who had grown used to her friend's antics, had happily comforted her as they strolled back to camp. She asked Silvermoon to take the day off to rest and mull over her thoughts. When Silvermoon had objected, Maplestar assured her that she would have Goldenvine order parties to go looking for potential candiates for the prophecy. The genorisity and kindness of the offer added another good five minutes to Silvermoon's cry fest, a five minutes that Maplestar was happily willing to spend with her.


Even though Maplestar had ordered her to rest, considering the emotional toll of the vision, Silvermoon was not content to just lay in her nest all day. She had ordered Applepaw to restock the herb storage and enlist the help of a few other apprentices to do so. With Applepaw ordering around Brightpaw and Riverpaw, Silvermoon had took it upon herself to go to the river and fetch some fresh moss. Smallpuddle lost control over her hind legs some moons ago which meant she leaving the camp to retrieve fresh water was impossible. Silvermoon would normally order Applepaw to collect moss from the ground and dip it in the river so Smallpuddle could get a cool drink. With Applepaw busy, Silvermoon took charge of the task herself.


It was still early morning by the time Silvermoon arrived at the river. The meeting had ended only a few hours prior and it was just around the time most warriors would start their morning hunt. A ball of green moss was bunched between Silvermoon's teeth. The taste of the plant was unsavory to say at the least, but Silvermoon had learned to endure it for the sake of her work. She walked down towards the river, the tips of her claws clicking against the rocks. She gently dropped the ball of moss at her feet then turned her attention to the river. In the glow of the morning sun, the water caught the brilliant yellow glow of the light. Silvermoon could see her reflection dancing among the colored light reflected within the clear water. She could feel herself catch her breath at the sheer beauty of the water. She tentively dipped a paw into the river and let out a sated sigh as she felt the cool water brush against her fur. It was a wonder she didn't visit the river more often. She sometimes wondered what it would be like if she lived in the clan just across the border. Silvermoon had always been fond of water and living within TideClan where she would spend most of her time swimming along with her clanmates didn't sound too bad. She would never forsake her homeclan of course but, she realized as her eyes went half-lidded, she wouldn't have mind spending her days in the beautiful glistening waves.

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『 Petalshade | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 


If the confirmation of the prophecy was anything to consider, Petalshade knows that they must take it as seriously as possible. Silvermoon's passionate explanation to the rest of the clans had incited within the DuskClan deputy a sense of pride he rarely felt for anyone except select members of his own clan, and Petalshade understands -- that Silvermoon cares as much for the wellbeing of all of the clans as much as her own, despite Oakstar's frequent attempts to antagonize her.


That is why, as soon as they head back into DuskClan territory, he immediately ushers Morningstar towards the Twolegs commune. It would be best for the leader and deputy to investigate first and foremost, before deciding on their next course of action. Trusting the Clan's warriors and apprentices to take care of the rest in the short time he and Morningstar would be gone, Petalshade immediately inspects the surrounding area with an energy reminiscent of when he had been an apprentice.

That is, to his surprise, just as he is sniffing around the location for any unfamiliar cat scents, he hears Morningstar's deep, low purr from the other cat close by his side. Confused, Petalshade looks up -- he thought he'd picked up on something oddly TideClan-like, but attributes it to his mind making up scents while still lingering on the anger of Oakstar's brazen comments -- at his leader for an explanation, but Morningstar ducks his head and changes the subject. Deciding that it must be one of the DuskClan leader's wise internal monologues, Petalshade nods firmly.


"Could be," he meows, "there's no other reason for StarClan to guide us this far out." With a look towards the Thunderpath as if anticipating an attack, Petalshade dips his head towards the entrance towards the Twoleg Commune instead. "We should investigate." 


The Thunderpath is quiet in the morning, the monsters sleeping, and so Petalshade finds they cross it quite easily even as he shivers with the feeling of his paws on the unfamiliar material, watching Morningstar like a hawk as the leader takes a little longer than he does to cross. Standing before the commune's large fence, Petalshade catches a whiff of several unknown cat scents floating around, signalling the existence of many kittypets. And through all of them -- they are expected to find one that can tell the future?


Exhaling at the task before them, Petalshade pauses before formally crossing the line into Twoleg territory. The Twolegs have been friendly so far, but they have mostly stayed away -- Petalshade doesn't think he's ever met a kittypet, for the strange cats run away as soon as they catch sight of one another.


"How should we start?" he asks, dipping back to Morningstar for his input. "What exactly ... should we ask a cat that can see the future?" 




『 Lightstep | SunClan/TideClan Border | River 』


She had seen the sleek silver cat on the outskirts of the border, first working diligently and then seemingly slipping into her own thoughts, the moss pile beside her resting with freshly collected water as the cat flicks a paw alongside the edges of the water, enchanted by the glimmering green-blue depths.


Lightstep slips into the water easily, feeling the smooth glide of the water across her fur as she swims in lazy loops towards the strange cat, watching her with careful green eyes hidden among the water. Will she slip in? Surely -- the philosophy of TideClan was to take life and seek comfort, whatever it must be. What could hold the stranger back from slipping in, should she want to?


Cats from other clans are so strange -- and, from the way Oakstar and Whitesong had returned from the leader meeting, entirely unwelcome in their habits -- but Lightstep does not think that a bad thing. Rather, she feels instinctively interested in the strange cat she sees now by the border, so enthralled by the river but held back her own inhibitions.


Borders don't matter that much anyway, Lightstep decides -- how could one try to restain and place restictions on the free flowing waters, anyways? -- as she glides over towards the strange cat, still unaware of her presence as Lightstep, skilled in her movements, barely stirs the waters as she makes her way over.


"Such a strange sight to see someone else visiting the water at this hour," she meows, voice calm and soft. "What brings you here, stranger?" 

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Shadowpaw | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune


A cat that could see into the future? Shadowpaw's ears perked up upon hearing Petalshade's words. Now that was a good reason for Whitesong to send him off to break several rules by spying on a foreign clan leader and his deputy. Everyone in the clan knew that Oakstar and Whitesong had returned to camp early in the morning, but the duo was well-known for their little escapades. With the new information Petalshade had so graciously given him, Shadowpaw thought that perhaps his father and the deputy were doing something far more important than their usual activities, whatever they maybe.


Sticking his small, fuzzy head through the bush, Shadowpaw peered up at the two toms sitting on the strange upright logs. Morningstar's nose twitched, his ear flicking in Shadowpaw's direct. The apprentice held his breath, claws flexing as he waited for the elder to glance over in his direction. Morningstar's eyes narrowed, his mouth open ajar. He let out a sudden sneeze, high-pitched and loud as he shook his head furiously. Shadowpaw huffed under his breath. Evidently, the stench of kittypets and twolegs was enough to mask the scent salt and brine that clung to every TideClan's cat pelt. Excellent when it came to hiding, not so excellent when Shadowpaw returned home smelling like a kittypet.


In this distance, there was a faint yowl. Shadowpaw's ear twitched, swirling in the direction of the noise. The sound belonged to a cat and a distressed one at that. Shadowpaw couldn't claim to be familiar with every single member of DuskClan, small as it may be, but based on the cats he knew the voice belonged to none of them. A cursory glance at Morningstar and Petalshade told him that neither of them were interested in the yowl. Morningstar was swapping off a trail of translucent liquid off his nose. Petalshade was laughing softly, his shoulders shaking with emotion as he stared at his leader with such a fond expression. Shadowpaw purposefully diverted his gaze, feeling as though he was observing something embarrassingly intimate. Whitesong had asked him to spy on Petalshade and Morningstar specifically, but it seemed as though their mission was to find an oracle and, well, if they thought a kittypet could see into the future, what harm was there in interviewing a few of the kittypets himself.


With one last wary glance at the toms, Shadowpaw jumped out of his hiding place and stealthily crept along the side of the logs. The yowling grew louder as Shadowpaw approached its source. There was a distinct tone of dire distress in the stranger's voice. Shadowpaw briefly wondered what could possibly happen to a kittypet to elicit such a violent response. As soon as he reached the stranger's dwelling, he crouched down onto all fours, his rear wiggling in anticipation, before he leaped onto the trunk of a nearby tree. His claws dug into the tree's thick bark as he deftly climbed up the tree's trunk before scurrying down to the tip of one of its thick branches.


Through the parting leaves, Shadowpaw could see what appeared to be a kittypet playing with thick, colorful vines decorated with a strange bumpy texture. The kittypet appeared to be around Shadowpaw's age and was without a doubt one of the best groomed cats he had ever seen before. There was a strange red pelt tied around cat's tail similar to the pelts the twolegs could take on and off their bodies. The vines were tangled all around the cat's body with a singular ball of vines sitting not too far away from him. As Shadowpaw inched close to the end of the branch, he could see the kittypet had his claws latched into the vines coiling around his body. He forcibly yanked his paw to the side, but his claws remained firmly attached to the vine. The kittypet dramatically threw his head onto the grass and let out the most drawn-out meow Shadowpaw had ever heard in his entire life.


"You know," Shadowpaw mewled smoothly as he comfortably laid down on the branch. "Your claws are curved." Shadowpaw lifted his paw and unsheathed his claw in demonstration. "If you want to get you claws out, you're going to have to put a bit more thought into it." Shadowpaw sheathed his claws. He placed his paws on top of each other and laid his head down on them. "If you don't want to take my advice, you're free to continue," Shadowpaw purred. "I do quite enjoy the show."



Silvermoon | SunClan/TideClan Border | River


Hearing a strange voice was enough to startle Silvermoon out of her thoughts. She started, sputtering aloud as she violently drew her paw out of the water.


"S-Sorry!" Silvermoon squeaked weakly. She guilty wiped her paws on the grass, shaking off the last beads of water clinging to her fur. She instinctively scanned the treeline for whoever had spoken. She narrowed her eyes uncertainly as she saw nothing but the forest around her. "Who just...?" It took Silvermoon another good few seconds before she thought to look down at the water for her invisible assailant. "Oh!" Embarrassment crept into Silvermoon's voice as she stared down at what had to be a TideClan cat watching her as they lazily swam through the shallow waters. The stranger's patterned brown pelt briefly reminded Silvermoon of Oakstar. She fought the urge to dig her claws into the ground as she reminded herself that the voice that had spoken to her was feminine and not at all the haughty, crude voice of the TideClan leader. It was likely she was just one of the leader's children. Knowing how many kits Oakstar had sired, Silvermoon doubted she could accurately guess the stranger's name.


"Oh, don't mind me," Silvermoon said, shifting her paws anxiously. "I won't take up any of your time. I've just come here to get some water for Smallpuddle." Suddenly, as though she had just reminded herself of why she came to the river, Silvermoon scooped the bundle of moss into her mouth and dipped it into the river. Warmth emanated under her pelt as the TideClan cat stared at Silvermoon curiously. The fact that the stranger was practically standing on the border did not escape Silvermoon's attention. If anything, she had grown hyperaware of it, to the point of feeling uneasy by the warrior's close proximity. Maybe she was just unaware of where she was? TideClan cats always come off as aloof and unaware. Silvermoon had heard many of the warriors back at camp joke that all the cats in TideClan would have drowned moons ago by tripping into the water if they didn't already know how to swim. Silvermoon hesitantly glanced up at the stranger. She could absolutely see where the warriors were coming from. The stranger was looking at Silvermoon with a calm, yet disarming stare. Oddly though, Silvermoon did not feel reliefs or amused by the stranger's attention. If anything, she realized as she looked by down at the water in embarrassment, it caused a strange tangling sensation in her chest. The feeling was foreign but strangely not unwelcome.

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 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 


This is it. 


He is going to die here, Haru decides.


His human had disappeared, heading back into the house with a soft chuckle after she had pulled out her phone, pointed directly at him, for a few precious moments as he'd struggled with the yarn around him. His efforts had only succeeded in tangling the yarn even more deeply around his form, and as Haru jerks his right paw away from the entangling yarn and sees the strings follow the movement of his paw, tangling themselves even more with the ones curled around his left, the kittypet feels the frustration build up in his chest.


He lets out a dramatic yowl that echoes into the skies above, accompanied by the fluttering of crow wings as he'd scared a nearby flock into taking flight, and wonders if any of the neighbourhood cats would hear. Not that Haru is particularly fond of any of them -- but right now, in his time of greatest need, Haru would take a literal wild cat over being trapped in the hold of the yarn any longer.


An exaggeration, of course. Haru has never wandered past the high fences of his owner's property, and he is near-certain the wild cats that the neighouring old cat tells him about sometimes while they are both basking in the sun is just exaggeration. How could there be cats that lived in the wilderness? In the dark forests that seemed to stretch into nothingness beyond his owner's property? Haru can't imagine not having a warm, toasty bed to return to, or his human's warm blankets to make a nest out of and curl himself into at night.


Perhaps he would reconsider now, considering the yarn that his human threw out is the same reason why Haru is currently in this mess. Remembering her betrayal, Haru lets out another long, exaggerated yowl. Before he can drag it out even longer than before, however, Haru hears a -- strange voice?


Looking around, the kittypet is momentarily confused, his tail flicking curiously as he stares around him. He sees no other cat in the space around him -- of course -- and the table where the neighbourhood cat and him usually bask in the sun is devoid of the aforementioned cat, Haru having not seen the older cat all day. So who -- ?


The voice speaks again and Haru's ears twitch, zoning in on the voice in the -- trees? 


A strange cat lies there, and Haru blinks in wide surprise as the slim black cat raises a paw, unsheathing and sheathing his claws with terrifying rapidness. The demonstration completely flies over his head, and instead Haru tilts his head, curious.

"Who are you?" he asks, "why are you watching me?"


Then, he jerks the yarn again in an attempt to free himself and flicks his tail, frustrated. "I don't understand," he grumbles to the strange cat. "I'm stuck."




『 Lightstep | SunClan/TideClan Border | River 』


"Don't apologise," Lightstep says as soon as the other cat gets to her feet, clearly surprised at being randomly approached. "If anything, I should apologise for sneaking up on you." Laughing, Lightstep does a slow swirl in the water as she treads the river's smooth waters gently, feeling the sensation of the cooling breeze run across her sleek pelt. 


She watches with curiosity as the cat snaps her head back to the bundle of moss by her side, her interruption seemingly having jolted the other cat back into action. "That's quite a lot," she comments, watching as she dips her head back into the river, allowing the water to gently seep into the moss with utmost care. Watching the other cat work, Lightstep can see that she is awfully good at maintaining her composure -- at least with her work, Lightstep thinks, laughing to herself at how startled the other cat had been when Lightstep had only said a few words originally -- but regardless, the way that her hold gently dips the moss into the water and then out again, without burdening the material with too much liquid, speaks of a practised eye. A SunClan warrior with a penchant towards humanitarian aid? Well, their neighours were nothing if not generous in sharing their vast bounty, if not sticklers for the law. 


"Is this 'Smallpuddle' in trouble?" Lightsteps asks, amused -- her tone clearly indicates that the question is a joke, although hinting at the slightest bit of concern. "You have enough water to feed kits for the next two moons." Dipping underneath to enjoy the feeling of the water's stream running over her fur, Lightstep breaks the surface once more. 


"I have all the time in the world," she replies to the other's words. "Stay a ilttle. Enjoy the water." Mischievously, she flicks her tail to send droplets of river water at the other cat, watching her reaction with careful eyes. 

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Shadowpaw | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune


Shadowpaw hummed noncommittally as the kittypet attacked him with barrage of questions. Shadowpaw coyly laid his head down on top of his paws, amusement flickering in his eyes. The strange cat continued to helplessly flay his paws around the colorful vines entangling his body even after Shadowpaw had so graciously shown him how to free himself. Were all kittypets this helpless? Shadowpaw had heard his fair share of scandalous whispers about his father and kittypets. The murmurs were mostly from cats of other clans, spoken in hushed tones during gatherings, but Shadowpaw had heard such talk amongst his clanmates during the dead of night. Truthfully, Shadowpaw had wondered why his father didn't retire to become a kittypet considering just how relaxed and carefree that lifestyle appeared compared to that of a clan leader. Now, seeing just how pathetic and pitiful a kittypet really was, Shadowpaw understood why his father would never lower himself to such a level and yet, despite the kittypet's feeble attempts to free himself from the yarn, Shadowpaw found himself interested.


Wordlessly, Shadowpaw jumped off the fence and gracefully landed on the ground. He trekked over towards the kittypet, drinking in the sight of him writhing on the ground. Shadowpaw purposefully sat down close to the kittypet as he pressed a paw firmly down on the colorful vine. Without warning, he grasped the kittypet's paw between his teeth and curved it to an angle before yanking it away from the vine. The kittypet's claw easily popped out of the vine.


"There," Shadowpaw said, releasing the kittypet's paw from his mouth. "I assume you watched closely enough to free the rest of your claws without my intervention, hm?" Shadowpaw tilted his head to the side curiously. "It's a wonder how you even got yourself in this predicament. You're old enough to know how to retract your claws aren't you, kittypet?"



Silvermoon | SunClan/TideClan Border | River


"Oh!" Silvermoon's head shot up, water droplets spraying across the ground from the force of it. She realized too late that talking with a mouth full of moss probably wasn't the smartest move on her part. She coughed, ears flattening against her skull as she unceremoniously dropped the moss to her feet. "Well, I'm sorry to—well um, I mean..." Silvermoon felt her face heat up. She could see the stranger's face crinkle with amusement as she laughed. Silvermoon felt her heart flutter, her head feeling oddly light. Suddenly, she could no longer bare to look at the stranger. She deliberately turned her head away from the river, taking a strong interest in a nearby piece of driftwood.


"Smallpuddle isn't in trouble," Silvermoon said, childishly refusing to look the stranger in the eye. "Her age caught up to her some moons ago. It's difficult for her to walk, let alone make the long trek down here to the river so she needs to this—" Silvermoon made a vague motion towards the moss with her paw. "—is the only way she can drink. Normally, I'd send my apprentice here but..." Silvermoon shook her head. There was no reason to tell the stranger why she had come to the river in Applepaw's place. Everyone had agreed that it was best to keep the contents of the meeting a secret from the clans at large. At least, until they found the three cats they were looking for.


"A-Anyway!" Silvermoon didn't quite have the courage to look at the stranger again so she opted to staring down awkwardly at her paws. "Do you come here often...?" Silvermoon internally cringed at the question. "I-I mean! I usually send my apprentice down here to collect water at this time of day and she's never mentioned running into a warrior before."

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 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 


The strange cat does nothing except continue to watch him struggle, even settling down in glee, and Haru decides -- that he is in far too much danger to be worried about talking to strange cats.


"Help me," he says, a little uselessly, but the wildcat that had appeared out of nowhere -- and among the trees! The trees, that his friends told him only bobcats and raccoons could climb -- balances on the fence for a second longer before jumping down to meet him on the lawn.


Haru doesn't know what his plans are, but he hadn't expected the cat to stomp down on the yarn with a solid, powerful paw, before reaching down and freeing his claw. In amazement, Haru watches as his claws pop easily from the yarn, guided by the cat's fangs, and stares at his newly-freed paw with stunned shock.


It takes the kittypet's voice to draw him from his stupor, and Haru blinks, eyes wide as he takes in the sight of the strange cat before him. The angle by which he had approached him -- Haru flexes his other paw and tries to guide it the same way the other cat had, albeit a little clumsily, and whisks his tail in amazement again as his claw pops out, newly freed.


"I know," Haru says, not very confidently, before the kittypet shakes his head and meets the other cat's gaze. "I know," he says again, firmer this time, and gives his paws a careful lick to wash the feeling of the yarn off of them. "I was playing."


A pause, and Haru looks over at his vanquished foe, the coloured yarn lying seemingly harmlessly on the ground. "Who are you?" he asks again. "I've never seen you in the neighbourhood before. Who's your human?" 


A new pet, maybe? One from the shelter, perhaps -- he remembers how terrifyingly feral his owner's friend's cat had been, newly released from the shelter and still willing to scratch him if he came too close. 




『 Lightstep | SunClan/TideClan Border | River 』


The other cat averts her gaze even as Lightstep dares to inch a little closer, seemingly shy, and the action draws Lightstep back; she doesn't want to make the silver cat actually uncomfortable, per se, but she has to admit she wishes to talk to her more.


"Helping your elders," Lightstep says, nodding her head as she makes a sound of approval. Although they may come from different Clans, respect for a Clan's Elders were at the forefront of every cat's conscience, and it is good to know that the cat she has taken an interest to seems especially diligent. Her father -- and here Lightstep whisks her tail underneath the water, drawing herself back as she thinks of her father and his unruly crowd -- may flirt with any cat that catches his eye, but Lightstep has always been a little more careful, a little more judgemental; not exactly prude, but also not nearly as shameless as Oakstar.


The question fills her chest with glee, showing that the other chat is willing to talk to her. Lightstep swims to the shore, a little bit away from the strange cat, and draws herself onto the rock easily, slipping her sleek, wet form onto the rocks and purring as she feels the heat of the sun touch upon her pelt.


"Only sometimes," she responds. "The Clan doesn't have any orders, as Oakstar is ... busy. This is my favourite creek, but I usually come after hours. The water at night is cold and refreshing." As she speaks, Lightstep lies down on the rocks, unmoving. "Don't worry," she says, voice amused as she curls her tail around her paws. "I won't go deeper into your territory; I just want to bask. What about you? I've never seen you around here before. A cat like you I would remember, certainly." 

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