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Project: Eternal Black In The Sky

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to...

Project: Eternal Black In The Sky



What is EBITS?

EBITS is a sort of goal of mine- to get a second gen alternate black. That's about it.

So, in other words, I'm hoarding CB black dragons. Whee!!!


How's this going to go down?

First I'm going to have to collect at least 25 male and 25 female CB black dragons. (This is the first mini goal; obtain 50 CB black dragons) and I'm going to breed them all in set pairs. I will repeat this until every pair had a male and female. From the 50 originally,  I will than have 24 children that will breed, Why 24 and not 25? Well, somebody's gonna get the free rare boot. I'm striving to avoid inbreeding! After that, those 24, (12 males and 12 females) will breed and have 6 left (3 males 3 females) which will than breed to become 3 of them (1 male and 1 female) in which one of them will get the free rare boot as well. Those last two will continue breeding until I obtain an alt black, which will have a squeaky clean lineage! 

So you may ask yourself: What happens if one of the ones you're bred ends up being an alt before the last gen? Well heck, great!!!  I probably will keep it and not put it in the project as to not throw off the lineage, though, But heck, an alt's an alt!


Can I join?

Yes! This brings me to my second mini goal; have others participate as well. So yeah, go ahead! I even made a banner!



End goal: Obtain a clean lineage black alt with nothing put my willpower.






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