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A Sea Of Broken Stars (Open For EveryOne!)

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Hello! I really like RPGs and have always wanted to make my own. 

Ok, so first keep in mind that this is my first, so don't be to judge mental please! Also, I suck a writing my thoughts, so.... I tried


You can learn from Chaos as well as Order.



The goddess of Chaos, Azulia, (it is just as important as order, people!) has been stolen eight strangers must for a party to find her and restore balance. With out her Zath, god of order, has been raining control over your home. New laws and stricter penalties have been made, making life dangerous and drastically unfair. (rich people can bypass laws while poor people can't)


Species to choose from:

The Kirthe (ka-earth) : Tree people, they have similar looks to their tree species. Their power include: some control over life and death.

The Rok-re (rook - re) : They look like humans, except for their eyes which are pure black. They have the power to temporarily take another's power and use it.

The Humans: You know what humans are... But their can be mages, who can rank up and learn spells.

The Galici (gal-i-cee) : Pretty much fire people. They're huminod, with grey to black skin. Their hair is fire and it can be what ever color you want. They can control fire and Temperature.

The Faraji (far-a-gee) : The beast people. They have some human some animals features. Its up to you about the ratio of human to animal, but it has to be a animal and no taking traits for different animals, you get one animal. They are hybrids so you may make up a power (non of the powers above) but their powers are pretty weak, and have long cool downs/re charging time



 there is not technology as we think of to day. No computers, TV or phones, back to the medieval times! There are two cities, one called Uhata (U-hat-a), the place for the rich, and one called Dispara (dis-par-a), for the poor. There Is no middle class as things have gotten so bad that middle class is unsuitable. 



If you have a species that you want to add just pm me and I might add it.



- DON'T MAKE YOUR CHARACTER OP!!! Please.(and no mary sues)

- Be nice and respectful

- You may NOT kill someone else's character without permission.

- Maybe write more than a sentence when role playing..

- May make up to two characters


Cool, I will add more lore if people actual joins. :) 



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How do i sign up? :3

Do i just add my character below?

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Race: kirthe 

Appearance: scar over his left eye, white hair, 5'8" tall he wares blood red cloths, blue as an ocean eyes 

Personality: kind and considerate. He always wants to help someone.

Abilities: able to heal others at the coast of his own. He heals by taking the wounds of another person. 

Other: he has a pet golden retriever named Amanda.





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I'll join

Name: Aria

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 16

Species: Human Mage, with many ice-based spells

City: Uhata, though she doesn't hate the poor like many others and instead pities the people of Dispara

Appearance: Slightly tanned skin and brown hair with blue eyes

Personality: Aria is a generally gentle girl, though she can fight when she needs to.

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hi viper! i'll join if you'll have me
Name: Onyx
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Sexuality: Maybe she'll tell you if you asked.
Species: Galici- With skin almost the color of soot. Her firey red and orange hair curls up in ringlets in the most peculiar way
City: Resides in the outskirts of the poor city of Dispara. Spends a lot of time in Uhata to try to make money for her kid siblings, which she takes care of.
Personality: Onyx is a difficult person to get along with. She is very eager to displease. She starts fights and she finishes them with a sizzling punch. When she's got her guard down, or on the rare occasion that she's comfortable, Onyx is a very passionate person. She pours warm love and attention into her family. Although she'd resist it, she might form close bonds of trust with the people she works with to find The Goddess of Chaos and restore balance.

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