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Enable Throwbacks from Hybrid x Hybrid

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12 hours ago, Ruby Eyes said:

Wasn't it said that Geodes aren't actually considered hybrids, but rather alts? I may be misremembering ...

Avatars are special as well and should be excluded from this suggestion either way.

I don't think anything needs to be disabled though. It just wouldn't get enabled for them. Tiny language nitpick :)


That *would* consider the actual lineage, though. I don't think it needs to be that complicated.


Same egg - what it hatches into is owner's choice, so I don't see any problem there.


I'd actually like that option XD Considering that both are able to make the same hybrid with the same Skywing mate, it seems "genetically" they are close enough to each other that it could happen.


You make it sould like this would affect ALL breeding. What I see, though, is that a large proportion of lineage breeders go for checkers or other 2-breed lineages and often avoid hybrids anyway. The percentages of overall lineages this would affect at all seems rather small to me.

Then we have breeders going for other fun lineages (I consider myself one of these). I think we would find joy in that breed mechanic, too (which is why this suggestion exists).

Then we have breeders who don't care about lineages, only about the resulting sprite. I agree, these might have to try another time (or with another pair) in case of unexpected throwback.


So we have these hybrids, EXCLUDING Avatars:

Carina Dragon

Geode Dragon - Stone x Green, Stone x Stone, Green x Green

Hellhorse Dragon

Risensong Dragon

Setsong Dragon

Shallow Water Dragon

Soulpeace Dragon

Storm-Rider Dragon

Two-Finned Bluna - Skywing x Deepsea, Skywing x Water

Ultraviolet Dragon - thowback limited to 1 breed

Dusk Pygmy

Jester Dragon

That's about 5% of the currently in-cave breeds.


I think if the throwback chance is sufficiently small (maybe 10% or less? Definitely less than what UVs are doing right now!) it wouldn't be too much of a bother to those who'd want the hybrid baby and enable additional lineage plans for those who're waiting for a *different* outcome. Kinda like people are already breeding multiple times to get their alt Dark Green, alt Black, green Spinel, tan Ridgewing etc etc etc.


Amalthean is missing from your list of hybrids. 

I have conflicted thoughts about this, one one hand i dont mind having more lineage planning option, on the other it would get even more complicated and long. I made a lineage using all the available hybrids at that time: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zSUHQ


Jeez if i breed it to one of his siblings it would be quite a mess XD

I'm more pendong to support this suggestion, but as others have said i would see fit if the chance if getting a trowback is very limited. 


I would compare it to getting an alt black, dark green or undine. 

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39 minutes ago, Naruhina_94 said:

Amalthean is missing from your list of hybrids. 

Indeed it was XD Doesn't change much of the percentage though.

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This sounds like such a fun idea! So many new lineages could be made from this. :]

I'd love to see this be made avaiable to as many hybrids as possible - barring GoN and sinomorph; including them could could make things tricky.

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Sinomorphs aren't hybrids, nor can they breed any. And GoN - well, I think it's clear why we can't enable this mechanism for avatars.

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