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Harrowing Gates || An Expedition RP

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|| Dark Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Mystery ||


The shoreline was quiet this time of year. In surrounding beaches, people still bustled to bring in freshly caught fish and shrimp to fill little restaurants in dingy urban neighborhoods that pressed so close to the beach that even the vastness of the ocean felt it couldn't quite breathe, but here the air was crisp and cold from the recent rain. The sand had become a loose mud that sucked hungrily at the bottoms of your feet and the only other noises were the sound of distant gulls playing on wind that curved in tandem with the waves and the woman's own breathing as she stared across the sand to the dark shape that loomed before her.


At first she had thought it to be a beached whale and had called authorities to do damage control, but now that she was close enough to see it, she could tell that she was wrong. It looked more akin to a barracuda, though it was absolutely massive and its fins looked to be stretched long and powerfully, like the beginning of legs in some prehistoric or partially amphibious fish. Oddly enough, as far back as where the tide ended, there were deep gouges of a dragging body bordered by intermittent holes surrounded by displaced sand that could have easily been from lifting fins.


As a marine biologist, she had seen many strange things in the ocean, but nothing came close to the occasional hoax that found its way upon the beach surrounded by dried seaweed and looking as though it had mummified there rather than dried naturally in decomposition. This, on the other hand, looked much fresher and had only just started to swell like a whale would in the sun. If this truly was a hoax that she was looking at, she had to give the individuals involved some credit where credit was due. The attention to detail was spot on, and the materials it would have taken to look so lifelike and fresh were beyond anything she had seen prior. In that case alone, she lifted her camera to start taking pictures.


It wouldn't be until a week later that the tests would come back ruling in favor of authenticity. Within half a year, several other creatures were netted and found washed up along shorelines. Entire schools of fish would be found sporting traits that did not coincide with the rest of their species and scientists scrambled to find a reason why. It wouldn't be until a year later that a rather beloved family of whales would go missing. When researchers attempted to come close to where their signals vanished, they too disappeared. After their vacant ship reappeared months later, a new discovery was made. Although no remains could be found on board, journals, research, samples, and captain's log were filled with the strange truth.


In their tales, they spoke of many new types of fish that had been previously unknown or, perhaps, no longer ones we recognized. They spoke of how the uniqueness of each new fish become increasingly pronounced the closer they got to the vanishing signals. The final log, however, spoke of an island in the distance.


For the past two months, our sponsors have been preparing to send us after the truth and we are now ready to embark on an expedition of a lifetime, one of which had not been done for generations. What we stand to gain is money, renown, knowledge, and possibly the lives of those who have vanished before us. What we stand to lose are those very lives we have. We don't know what stands before us or what we might face when we get there, but we are prepared to face it.




This roleplay is a story with an end projected to last a few months of activity roughly. If it does well and we wish to continue it, I might spend the time to create a sequel but for now it's set up to be a stand-alone narrative. In it, there is rich world building and many secrets that may or may not be found depending on the choices made by the characters involved The more you explore, the more likely you'll have what you need to face "the source" later on. Characters are likely to die so it's encouraged to have at least two, though it's not required.


Our objective is to research the island spoken of in the captain's log of the previous researchers' ghost ship. Our secondary objective is to find the missing researchers should any of them have survived and bring them home. We have been offered many supplies to utilize, which will be listed in a post below. All supplies listed will be post-landing on the island.




•No characters under the age of 18.
Strangely, kids aren't usually found in dangerous research parties.
•All site rules apply
A bit obligatory.
•Semi-Lit Requirements:
Posts should be one or more paragraphs.

Try not to be redundant to fill a long post.

General good grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
•No godmodding.
This world and the possible events have already been noted.

Making up new monsters and environmental situations is prohibited.

If you would like to write your character's history into the lore of the island

Please contact me privately so we can work something out.

•Your character can die

I feel it needs to be said again, but your character is mortal and taking

the wrong steps can end up in death. Keep this in mind and try to

have more than one character.








The use of this form is to give your employer a way to add you to the crew manifest and take inventory of belongings, Thank you.







Extra Belongings: (doesn't include clothing.)


Medic, Researchers, Cook, Navigators

Job Descriptions
Medic/Cook: A dual position awarded to a general physician trained to monitor dietary intake, physical limitations, and first aid. Background as a paramedic preferred.

Navigators: Technically trained individuals who know how to use surveying and scouting tools in order to plot the safest course through the expedition without sacrificing any of the main objectives. Also responsible for keeping the group from becoming lost or doubling back on where they have already been.

Researchers: A team of biologists, geologists, and otherwise sent to study the area and the phenomenon surrounding it. They are required to set up camp as well as gather as many samples as possible to bring back for both in-field and post-return testing.


Captain, First Mate, Muscle, K9-Units

Job Descriptions

Captain/First Mate: Sailors meant to monitor the ship's voyage. Later, tactical command over units and the leaders of the operation responsible for keeping people alive and making executive decisions.

Muscle/K9-Units: Trained guns and likely former military/law enforcement personnel, the Muscle is responsible for defense and hunting for food to keep rations leveled out during the island stay. Two K9's are trained and owned by two of the members of the Muscle team trained specifically for search and rescue.



~~~~~|CREW MANIFEST|~~~~~


First Mate

| Samuel Havond| 54 | Male | ChangelingVora |

| "Riah" Daniels | 29 | Female | ChangelingVora |


| David Willows | 30 | Male | ChangelingVora |
Open Geologist
Open Other (choice)



~~~~~|SUPPLY COUNT|~~~~~


Rations: 10 Days Remaining
Drones: 3 Remaining
Tents: 6 Remaining
(Fill later)


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Hi there :) Just want to pop in and let you know that I see your thread. I'll be helping you get this approved but it'll have to wait for tomorrow morning. 

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You have some very clean, in-depth writing :) There were only two notable things that I caught:


there were deep gouges from a dragged body bordered



the choices made by the characters involved. The more you explore,

(Missed punctuation)


The only other thing is, you use a lot of long-winded sentences. This is very much a stylistic choice so you don't need to adhere to this and make edits for it. However, it's often important to keep in mind that long-winded sentences can leave your readers feeling breathless. Varying the length and rhythms/patterns of your sentences can often make the writing/reading more exciting, preventing it from taking on a monotonous sound. Again, this is heavily stylistic and not a concern, especially as you display fantastic control over these sentences.


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