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This Site is Beautiful Now

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Many years ago I remember this site just barely starting to ckick up in forums and spreading to certain few audiences. The whole site was themed like a scroll and there wasn't much to it. I remember making an account that probably lasted only a couple of weeks or so, but I can't remember anything about it.


Years later, I decided to check back in since it looked like it was still pretty popular and I'm not disappointed. I think this time I'll stick around for a lot longer, hopefully, and figure out the ins and outs. 


My name is Vora and it's nice to meet you. ^~^ I'm an artist who loves dragons and fantasy as well as collecting pets in my spare time... mostly because I'm a bit of a completionist. I have a slight obsession with mutant designs and love eldritch horror. I'm a little awkward, but I do love deep discussions and friendly debates so messages are always welcome and appreciated.

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Welcome! Site had been changed a lot since then XD


My actual join also has five years gap between first visit XD 

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Thank you both for the warm welcome. It's a pleasure to meet all of you~ 

I think my gap has about the same amount of time, actually. XP I think the last time I was was back in 2013? Somewhere around there. Long enough that it's silly.

So what kind of community would you say this is? One based more around the trading and selling of dragons, roleplay, art, or a healthy mixture of everything?

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