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Shapeshifter Avatar: The Last Airbender rp

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link to ooc thread for posting your char forms and discussion about the rp - Shapeshifter Avatar: The Last Airbender ooc



After generations of peace a small group rose up from their respective nations and began to grow, seeding war and doubt throughout the lands and sea. Very few people know about this small group, and the ones that know are the nobility and royalty of the nations that are involved. Apparently, villages and towns have been decimated in both the Earth and Fire nations. No one knows who's doing it or who’s commanding them. People are scared and an avatar hasn't shown themselves. Meanwhile, the Water and Air nations are getting ready for war.


Most people in the Water, Air, Fire, and Earth nations are born with the ability to shift but there are some that weren’t and haven’t yet discovered the ability to. When the raid of the Fire and Earth nations occurred, that caused enough stress for some to develop the ability to shift but it also caused alienation and possible banishment or wanted death from other people that were afraid of their sudden new ability. Some of these people with the newly found ability to shift might feel scared of themselves and like they might hurt others so they hide, get consumed by power and go into a destructive rampage as a result, or they feel the need to want to use their ability for good and help others.



1. this rp is run by me and Merciless_Medic (medic for short) and what we say goes. don’t argue with us.

2. romance is to be at least PG-13 and violence is to be the same.
3. all DragonCave Forum rules apply.

4. posts need to be longer than a sentence and at least a small or big paragraph so that the other players of the rp have something to post to if they come into contact with your character and also in general.

5. you may also send us your character forms via pm and we’ll copy and paste them here in the characters section.
6. you may have as many characters as you’d like as there’s no limit to how many you can have.

7. have fun :)

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The morning at the little harbor in a small northern corner of the Fire Nation was the same as always since the landslide that triggered a tsunami. Yota woke up at the tail end of low tide, dressed and brushed his hair. Today- like every day since his father passed, he looked at the items he wore that ment something to his great General father. One by one, he put on the jewelry in order of significance to him. The arm band slipped on easily, fitting just loose enough for him to flex his bicep without hindrance. Next the hair wrap, tying it up just like his father showed him how before he went off to school. Once done, his fingers lingered on the blue dragon needlepoint just a moment longer before taking the lotus necklace and fastening it around his neck. A brief flip of the thin metal plate so the character for Dragon faced the mirror and he was ready. He always slept with the earring in and it bugged Kaiji when it got flipped around. 


Now ready, he collected his things for today's fishing trip, loaded the net into the small boat, looking like a pirate ship that was repurposed for fishing. The boat, aptly named the "Sea Dragon" was indeed a pirate ship his father captured and was able to keep,  uniquely green in color with a dull shine from the constant coating of flame retardant and water repellent that was applied bi-weekly and once bi-monthly respectively.


Alone on the deck, Yota raises the anchor, unfurled a couple sails and let high tide sweep him out to sea. He didn't worry or bother getting his brother Kaiji up. Kaiji had a hard time sleeping without the gentle rocking of the boat or the sound of water near him. Lately, because of constant nightmares Kaiji has taken to sleeping in his quarters on the boat. 


Speaking of which, Kaiji stretched with a yawn coming above deck with a peach bun in each hand, giving one to his older brother at the stern sitting on a barrel of fresh water. "Er'ly 'ut innit?" The boy said around chipmunk cheeks full of bun. "Don't speak with your mouth full. " Yota chided without thinking. "I know it's early Kai, but the currents changed and the spawning season is over. A whole lotta fish is coming this way and I'd like to at least make some money instead of breaking even again. We need to get more hair dye for you and that stuff isn't cheap or easy to get." He said glancing at his sibling's hair, large chunks of white sticking out among the faided brown. "Another two washings and it'll be back to normal." Yota continued. 

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Kirra was doing her morning routine of jogging around the island when the sun wasn’t so hot, taking a breather near an outcropping on a nearby cliff that she sometimes went to, to think. As she was taking deep breaths to get it back and to also give her legs and ankles a break, she looked out at the calm ocean and saw a fishing boat in the distance. It made her think of wanting to travel away from the island for a little while and explore the other nations. She knew that the people in those other nations probably wouldn’t take too kindly to her since she was a firebender and firebenders had a bad rep in many people’s eyes, especially with Fire Lord Ozai so many years ago and his guards as as well as his daughter.


She sighed after a little while longer of thinking and getting her breath back before continuing to jog again around the island until she got back to her house after about half an hour or so. When she got inside, she went to the sink after getting a cup from one of the cupboards in the kitchen, filled it up, and then drank it all within as few seconds or so. Running usually made her want to drink a lot of water when she got back from doing that and she refilled it before drinking half of the cup. She set it down on the counter before going to her room to change and then pack s as few things in a knapsack.

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[ yui || fire nation capital ] 


"Good morning, my lady. Will you wear the pearls or gold today?"


Yui stares down at the box being currently being offered to her, inspecting the jewelry with a careful, thoughtful look. It is a complete set; earrings, rings, and a delicate necklace, one glimmering silver with small pearls and the other brilliantly gold in the morning light. Making up her mind, Yui nods with a smile.


"The pearls please, Aka. I want to head into town today."


Her faithful maid closes the gold box with a snap, setting it aside, and rounds the corner to pick up the necklace and fasten it across her skin.


"Into the Capital," she murmurs, with only the comfort of one raised having spent her entire life taking care of her young mistress. "What are your plans, lady?"


"Just to see," Yui responds. In truth, she has been doing quite a lot of sightseeing recently -- ever since she had caught a glimpse of travelers on the outside of the Capital's main gates, seafarers and sky-travelers using ships, airships, trains, to get across the land, she had been fascinated with knowing more. What kind of lives they must lead, what kind of experiences they've had ... what she wouldn't give to talk to a traveler, lend a kind ear and listen to what he must have to say. How wise his thoughts must be, from all the travel. She had even gone far enough -- embarrassingly, buy one of the novels for young girls from a nearby bookshop, about adventures and romance and entirely too satisfactory for a girl of her standing.


"You're flushing, my lady," Aka remarks, and Yui brings a hand up and taps at her cheeks, willing the colour away.


"It's nothing," she says, dismissing it quickly. "Would you ready the carriage after my tea, Aka? I wish to avoid the busy streets."


Her maid sends her an even more curious gaze, but doesn't push, and Yui doesn't answer.




The Capital is alive. 


She loves heading into town. Yui shifts the basket of goods she is currently holding -- some small treats for the neighbouring children, some birdsfeed, and her book -- onto her hip, strolling along in the peaceful morning air. This is a side street, one away from the busy, scrambling Fire Nation centrefold, and so Yui feels quite secure in leaving her veil in the basket and allowing her to turn her face towards the sunny air, smiling as she feels beams of light scatter across her features. How lovely the wind felt across her skin, and such a rare occurrence it was, a treat only reserved for her favourite, small parts. 


"Yui, good morning!" someone calls, and Yui turns to find the shopkeeper to a small fabrics store standing nearby, waving to her. After repeated visits to this small street, Yui and the girl had struck up a bit of an unlikely friendship -- without Yui being too obvious about her true identity, of course.


"Good morning," she returns the greeting pleasantly, walking over. "You seem excited today, Miyuri." 


"We have some new wares," the girl replies, as Yui inspects the fabric with a careful hand. "Some shipments from off the border -- they dye the fabric beautifully, although getting it across the trading routes has been hard recently, with all of these disruptions ..."


Yui hums noncommittally, allowing Miyuri to keep on talking as she looks at the beautiful pieces before her. Truth be told, Yui doesn't really understand -- the complications of a political government that was beyond what she was allowed to access. She had heard her father whisper before, on his visits towards her estate, about raids and preparations and warships, but all of that seemed like distant noise when she lived in a world where most good were so easily accessible.


"This one," she says, pleasantly gesturing to a beautiful, crimson-silk pattern with overlaid, breezy fabric that draped over the silk, giving one the appearance of a dancer, "I'll take the entire roll. Please forward the cost to the manor."


It'd make a good dress, she thinks to herself, standing back to allow Miyuri's stunned self to collect the bolt. 



[ jun || crescent island ] 


So -- this is the infamous Crescent Island?


When he had originally set his sight on the Fire Nation's religious capital, Jun had expected something ... more. Far from the enforced walls and distinct bureaucracy of the Earth Kingdom's Dai Li, the Fire Sages were scattered, dressed in similar uniforms and going about their everyday lives. Apart from the giant volcano and the red-themed clothing of the commoners he saw everywhere, Jun wouldn't have guessed this small island belonged to the once-illustrious Fire Nation at all.


Looking down in distaste, Jun folds his arms across his chest and grimaces at his clothing; he had bought a standard Fire Nation military outfit once landing in the area with what money he'd had remaining, and then the next day a new coinpurse had been abruptly shipped to him via delivery bird. It seemed, although neither Hao nor his father were on speaking terms with him, they were still looking out for him.


Jun had abruptly spent the money on an abundance of drinks, although he was almost certain another delivery bird would find him soon enough. The wonders of having a family that tracked, but didn't want to speak to you.


Strolling along the dirt road, Jun tucks his hands into his pockets and tries to appear inconspicuous. For what it is worth, he looks remarkably like a Fire Nation citizen in his outfit; golden sashes and red robes, wound tightly around his body in a constricting way that made him miss the loose, flowy robes of the Earth Kingdom. Regardless, he keeps the metal bracelets around his wrists tightly folded, always prepared to bend the items to ward off an attack at any time. The memories of Fire Lord Ozai were still strong, after all. 


Lavabending. Perhaps getting physically close to the volcano of the Fire Nation would show him the way? Jun doesn't quite know exactly how, but he reassured himself by considering that perhaps the answers would just open up, along the way. Staring up at the faintly smoking tip, Jun grins to himself.


"Better get climbing," he says to no one in particular, taking a side road into the outskirts of the main land, trying to find a slope without anyone watching where he could bend himself quickly up the mountain.

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Kaiji swallowed the mouthful of sticky peach bun and got off the water barrel grabbing a metal cup and lifting the lid. Glancing inside he blinked, rubbed the sleep crusties out of his eyes and looked again. "Um.... We may have to go to port on crescent island.." Yota, at the till of the boat focusing on getting the ship into a jet stream, raised an eyebrow at his brother. "Why? Are mom's buns not good enough for you? We have fire flakes and roasted turtleduck too."

"It's not mom's cooking, she's been getting better at it, it's fresh water we need. The barrel had a leak, all the fresh water for the next month is gone..." Kaiji said softly. 


"WHAT?!" Yota roared throwing his hands up in the air sending a stream of brilliant blue flames into the sky. "It's your job to keep track of it! You staid on this boat for four weeks and you didn't even realize that we don't have water?! Did you even check the barrels last night? You always check them before we ship out! I-" Splush


In a moment Yota was silent and drenched in salt water and steaming, literally. Kaiji exhaled and got out of his bending pose then pinched his nose. "Yu, I know you are stressed. With dad gone it falls on you to take care of the household. But you need to calm down and cool off. I did check it last night before I went to bed, it was one quarter full, enough for the four weeks worth of fishing trips for the two of us. Look at this thing, it's old." He said kicking the empty barrel with his foot twice so the wood made a drum sound. "We had a good bit of artic air the last month, and a warm front moved in earlier this week and we're heading south so it's getting warmer. The wood probably got cracked and expanded in the cold, then shrank in the heat widening the hole. Look, you can even see where the water came from." He pointed at the wet deck as the trail went to the main mast. "We just need to dock, get a new barrel and find a river and I can bend in water quickly so we'll leave before the next high tide here. " He said calmly as he bended the water out of his brother's clothes and streamed it back into the sea. "I'll even wear your hat. When we get back from our trip, we can stop by the capital and get more dye." Kaiji added and watched as his brother took a deep breath and let it out. 


"Alright, help me make a sharp turn, we passed the port." Yota said once he cooled his head grabbing the till again and watched as Kaiji ran up to the bow, then started to move his arms around then felt the boat turn as if the anchor dropped, the water going against it's natural flow to obey Kaiji's will. It wasn't long before they pulled into port, docked the boat and headed to the market place for the new barrel with what little savings they had. Kaiji made sure to have the straw hat low on his head covering every inch of his hair, even casting a shadow over his eyes. Both boys had duel broadswords on their hips in case they ran into trouble. 

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After Kirra was done packing, she went out the front door of her house, locked the door after she closed it again, and then headed down to the marketplace. On her way down, she looked over at a nearby cliff and saw someone (Jun) climbing up it (can edit if you didn’t want him to be seen that quick). “Nice day for a climb, huh?” she asked with a friendly smile before continuing on her way towards her destination. The port was near the marketplace but she wanted to look at a few wares there first. She was looking for a few more pieces of jewelry that she could wear as well as maybe a few more thing for her kitchen like bowls and such.

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< Kui - Crescent Island Dock >


The fish market near the docks was buzzing with activity. Between the natives running errands, sailors mingling before heading back off the sea, and the fishermen bringing in the latest haul, Kui barely had any room to move. The brine scent of the sea was thankfully masked by the sharper scents of the charcoal and wood burning behind some of the nearby food stalls. Under any other circumstance, Kui would love to leisurely stroll through the docks and browse the food and wares that were on sell. Now, Kui could only glare that the port with thinly veiled distaste 


A few feet away from the crowd, Kui leaned against a stack of crates neatly tucked away at the entrance of an alley. He had arrived at the island just a few days prior after receiving an invitation to perform with a troupe of non-bending dancers that were scheduled to arrive within a few weeks. Apparently, the troupe had been for a firebender to enhance their performance. Kui hadn’t expected the home of the Fire Sages to commission performers, but who was Kui to judge? He had accepted the happily accepted the offer and paid for a ride to the Crescent Island. What he didn’t expect was for the troupe to cancel at the last minute. His employer canceled the event entirely and now Kui was stuck on an island with no money. 


The map between Kui’s hands wrinkled as he pulled it out wider. His coin purse was getting emptier the longer he stayed, but leaving the island was no longer an option with what few coins he had left. He was almost out of silver pieces entirely and only had a handful of copper pieces to keep his stomach full. Kui bit his lip. In just a few more days, he’d be unable to purchase a room in one of the local inns. What was he supposed to do then? Sleep in the bushes? 

With a frustrated huff, Kui closed the map with more force than necessary. There weren’t any businesses on the town map that would hire Kui for what he was trained for. What was the point of buying the map in the first place if it was just going to tell him what he already knew?  


“What a waste of three copper pieces,” Kui mumbled his breath. He had already tried a few solo street performances, but that had only yielded a sliver of the amount of money Kui needed to get off the island and somewhere more profitable. Maybe he could ask around again for some more menial work. He could clean tables or help cut up fish for a day or so. Humming to himself, Kui pulled open the map again and began scanning it desperately. There had to be someone who would hire him. 

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[ yui || fire nation capital --> crescent island dock ] 


"Docking now, my lady. Allow me to accompany you to the docks for your own safety." 


Yui nods in response to the guard who bows low with the news, straightening and dipping his head as he waits, expectant. Closing the book she had been reading just a moment prior, Yui takes a second to straighten out her appearance in the mirror of the Fire Nation ship's inner quarters. Adjusting the delicate, thin crane piece woven into her braid, she carefully looped the bird's golden claws through the strands of her hair until the crane's golden tail was once again centrefold at the back of her head, having been slightly knocked awry by her relaxed manner during the ship's brief ride. Really, she should have known better -- for how short the ship ride was, she'd come awfully undone.


Shortly after returning from her visit, basket empty of the sweet buns she had brought out and gifted to strays and vendors that had called out a kind good morning, Yui had returned to see what her day's plans were. To her surprise, Aka had informed her that her mother had sent a direct address, from her villa where she had been so busy educating Hideyoshi that she had not sent word for two months, now. Yui was to dress herself appropriately and represent her family by going to Crescent Island and praying to the dragons for the success of her father's current military campaign. Yui supposed it was a sign of goodwill -- the other members of her family were far too away currently to do such a thing, and rumours would spread if they had not gone to the Island for quite some time. So Yui, unable to reject a direct command penned by her mother's impeccable penmanship, ordered the maids to bring out some of her more elaborate jewelry, clasped a scarlet-red cloak over her dress, and headed to the Island.


"Lead the way, General," she says, straightening from the mirror as she takes the hand the Guard holds out, allowing him to -- for formality's sake more than anything, because it would not be good for his ship should she trip and fall while on board -- guide her down the ramps of the ship, the large airhorn blowing steam into the sky and pushing past a few smaller ships with all the superiority of Fire Nation royal command. 


"Thank you," she says, smiling in a faintly amused way, and almost immediately the man brushes past her words.


"I'll leave you here, my lady. Orders from above say to return in a week's time."


A week? Yui wonders if there is something more going on, or if her mother has decided to give her an impromptu vacation. Perhaps there is reason to take her out of the Capital -- something to do with her cousins, or the Fire Lord, perhaps?


Regardless, she smiles harmlessly and bows to the General, nodding. "Thank you, General. I'll wait here in a week's time."


He makes a noncommittal sound, immediately heading back to his ship, and nearly as soon as he steps foot onto the doc the imperial ship blows its large horn and begins to turn away, caring little for the other ships currently docked or the surrounding citizens, abruptly confused. 


Left alone, Yui turns to the dock. In the confusion of the ship's ringing horn, most people had looked completely over her -- thank goodness -- and she was now left to her own devices, on the island. What should she do now? Knowing her mother, her stay and the finer details of her schedule had been arranged already -- she simply had to find the right people.


Where ... ? She hadn't brought much separate from the basket by her side, holding her gloves, a book to keep her company, and thirty gold pieces -- hardly enough for a night's meal, Yui thinks.  


Looking around, she turns her gaze towards the travelers spilling in and out of the dock's entrance, obviously confused. Perhaps she can find a guide -- someone to tell her where the Fire Sages must reside? 



[ jun || crescent island volcano --> crescent island dock ] 




The sound of an abrupt voice makes Jun almost immediately crash from his location; determined to climb the mountain without the use of bending -- stupid Earthbending, benefiting nothing except to slide up some rocks really quick. The surprise of having someone suddenly speak to him in a location Jun was so sure was safe makes him crash backwards, unable to see the other person as he falls on his back and stares at the sky, stunned.


The clouds are pretty. Despite the slight smoke in the air from commercial matters down the island, towards the dock, the sky further up the island is blue and clear, stretching infinitely beyond. 


And then Jun remembers his current situation, and leaps up immediately. Huh?! Where had the other person gone?


This is bad. If someone had seen him trying to climb the mountain -- trying to take the Fire Nation's secrets, surely that wouldn't end nicely for him. He had to find the speaker -- who had spoken as if she had been suggesting a nice conversation, as if anyone from the Fire Nation would be capable of holding nice conversations, in the land of the enemy -- and stop her immediately.


Mind made, Jun quickly slid down the rest of the mountain. The dock, the centrefold of the island, would be the quickest way to find his way around the area; under the cover of the branches, Jun earthbent himself down until he reached the dock. Entrance quickly disrupted by the appearance of a royal ship -- why? -- Jun takes advantage of the brief confusion to slide into the dock, appearing perfectly normal. Like a Fire Nation citizen. Yes. That is him.


He catches sight of a young, feminine-looking boy leaning on the edge of the dock, frowning confusedly at a map. Ha. Is he confused? Jun supposes it is the same as back in the Earth Kingdom -- the commonfolk were easily confused by simple tasks. Marching up, Jun thinks that there is a much better use for the map than between the confused boy's fingers. Such as finding his assailant, for one.


"Give me that," Jun says, grabbing the map out of the boy's fingers in one swift, quick motion, his metal bracelets hitting the edge of the boy's fingers. Scanning the document, Jun takes note of the markets nearby. That should be the best way to find someone, he decides. 


((disclaimer i cleared this with doc beforehand i am not violently assaulting her character)) 

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< Kui - Crescent Island Dock >


“Give me that.” 

Without warning, the map was roughly torn out of Kui’s hands. He let out a startled yelp, feeling something smooth but hard scrap against his fingers. He instinctively took a step backward, raising his hands up in a sign of surrender. He blinked owlishly at the stranger who had so audaciously claimed his map for their own. It was a boy, around Kui’s age if he had to guess, dressed in typical Fire Nation attire. He had identical metal bracers wound loosely around his wrists. Kui couldn’t help but eye the pretty rocks. He had seen similar types of bracers back when he was traveling through the Earth Kingdom with the Weiyue Company. Did the stranger import them from the Earth Kingdom, or had he traveled there himself to get them? Either way would have surely cost him a good chunk of coins. Maybe if he played his cards right, the stranger could direct him to somewhere he could work or, better yet, hire Kui himself? 


Kui shook the thought out of his head. No, no! Before he could fantasize about getting paid, he needed to get back his only earthly possession he had beyond the clothes on his back. With the stranger so intent on staring at the map, Kui had little problem with sauntering up to the boy and gently prying it out of his grasp. 


“Excuse me,” he said, maintaining eye contact with the stranger as he rolled the map closed. “If you wanted to use a map, you could have bought one yourself or simply asked me to borrow it. There is no need to be so assertive.” Now that he was looking at the stranger, Kui noted that he could make out the muscles underneath his clothing. The boy was... muscular. Far more muscular than Kui. In fact, he could probably easily overpower Kui if he felt like it. Kui resisted the urge to swallow against the dry lump forming in his throat. This wasn’t the first ruffian he had faced, and it wouldn’t be the last. All he had to do was placate the boy before he got too rowdy. If he could just keep his cool, everything would be alright. 


Shoving his growing anxiety to the back of his mind, Kui smiled at the stranger coyly. 
“If there’s something I can help you with, you can ask,” Kui said. “So long as it doesn’t involve tearing my map out of my hands again."

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[ jun || crescent island dock ] 


Jun feels the map being suddenly pulled from his fingers, the other boy having reclaimed his prize. Huh? Commoners would as far as to challenge him? Jun bares his teeth, ready to fight back, but to his surprise he finds himself gently lectured instead. As if he was a wild boar, and -- who is this Fire Nation boy to talk to him in such mighty airs?


The other boy is delicately pretty, with soft black hair falling in effortless strands down his back, wide amber eyes meeting his head on. He folds the map in his hands with a dancer's grace, his pale fingers slim and long. Jun swallows, finding himself suddenly disrupted -- on the road, he is used to running into ruffians and thieves, people he could easily communicate with by striking them with a well-placed metal punch, but the other boy is not goading him into a fight as he had suspected. Without the chance to show his clear and utter dominance on the docks, what was Jun to do?


Clearing his throat, Jun grumbles something vague about the Fire Nation and how there seemed to be Fire Nation citizens everywhere, as if he had forgotten where he was. He turns his gaze towards the younger boy, offering his -- help?


A spy? There is no other explanation for why the boy wants his map back, and is suddenly offering to help Jun with honey-sweet words. Crossing his arms, Jun debates mentally with himself for a second on what to do, before he begrudgingly nods his head.


"'M lost," he confesses, slurring his words in a way that would surely horrify his father, should he have heard. "And the people here haven't exactly been nice." Jun, conveniently, left out the part where he'd smashed two firebenders into the ground last night in a drunken rumble. 


Without the other boy's knowledge, Jun scans his eyes down his body. A slim, petite form, smaller than most and one that Jun could easily beat in battle, but that wasn't what he was focusing on -- 


Ah. He finds the boy's coinpurse with a stir of metal, and checks it.


"Wow," Jun says, momentarily forgetting where he is. "You're poor. Want some gold?" 

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Kiyo Yaniho [Southern Water Tribe -> Crescent Island]


It was a sad day for a young female Water Tribe member, as she needed to find her good friend, but that meant leaving her family behind. She had spent extra time playing with her little brother and sister, who have been pestering her for most of the morning to tell her where she was going. She, being her natural self, was telling them off about it, trying to keep it a secret.

"Oh, please, stop asking. I will never tell. Do you two stinky-heads know why?" The 16-year-old spat, giving her brother and sister a deadpan look.


"What? Is it because you are afraid we'll get hurt?" Her brother, Kyu, asked.


"No wait, you just don't want us to embarrass you!" Her sister, Esko, exclaimed.


The young woman had been gathering her things and had been setting them in her little boat that had her backpack as she heard her siblings get into a little fight. She pushed the two away from each other after she was done prepping her backpack and sighed as she brought them close to her. "You are both right. Please, be careful and take care of mom and dad for me."


"You got it, sis!" Esko hugged her sister around the neck, giggling a little.


"We'll miss you, Kiyo..." Kyu was a little upset that his big sister was departing so soon, and him and his little sister haven't hit their double digits, yet. The little brunette boy received a sisterly hug from Kiyo that encompassed their other sister, as well.


"Awww, don't cry, Kyu. You're gonna make me cry." She chuckled, but then continued. "I'll be fine. I'll give you messages when I have the time. Hopefully, the courier can find you guys." She smirked as the two little kids got a little upset that their village was also moving at this time, but Kiyo dissuaded their fears the best she can. "Don't worry, I'll always find my way home, and my family is home. No matter how much I boss you guys around, alright?"


Esko and Kyu looked at each other with a smirk and Kyu wiped away his tears as Kiyo let them go. The two little siblings ran off to play in the snow while Kiyo's parents walked up. Hakoda and Pakku Yaniho embraced their daughter for what felt like the last time.


"You have grown so fast. It just seemed like yesterday when you were Esko's age," murmured Pakku, who looked to be like she was crying.


Kiyo held her tearful mother tightly before looking up at her father, who gave her a very proud look in his eyes, with the corner of his lips curling up in approval. Yet, there was a sadness that dulled the normally vibrant color in his eyes. Kiyo held her father tightly as well while Hakoda took his turn to talk.


"Don't forget what you have learned here. Your waterbending and spear fighting is going to protect you. Hopefully, you can find your friend."


Kiyo nodded. "I hope so. I better get going before the sun descends anymore than it does."


With that, she gave her mother and father a kiss on the cheek before hopping in her boat. She waved at her family and, with tears welling up and the cold wind stinging them, she shoved off with her waterbending. She controlled the flow until she was out adrift like the rest of the ice floes around her. She didn't like showing her emotions around anyone, so once she found herself alone she cried. She curled up in the middle of her boat holding her backpack and cried. And cried. She felt so heartbroken that she was leaving her family behind. She had never left her family before, and the crushing feeling of homesickness weighed down on her. She thought about going back, but she needed to make sure her friend was okay. Hopefully.


Time to not cry anymore. She wiped the tears from her eyes and face before standing up, getting into position, and then waving her arms around in big circles to propel her boat until she quickly headed over to Crescent Island. She had taken the trip before, but on a bigger boat with her family. Never alone. This was going to be incredibly weird.




Kiyo made it to the island and parked her boat off to the side of the dock. Her boat was too small for the pier, so laying it to the side wasn't going to be a big issue. She got off the boat and slung her backpack across her shoulder. Immediately, the heat of the sun began to radiate a wave of heat at her and her parka was making her sweat. She took off her parka and put it in her backpack for now. Her winter boots were also starting to really bother her, so she took those off in favor of her sandals, which she pulled out from her backpack and slipped on immediately, while stowing away her boots in her backpack. Her pants... Those were going to have to wait. She didn't want to make a scene by taking off her pants and mooning everyone with her panties, no matter how secluded the area was at the dock. She walked ahead until she saw what looked to be two males fighting over a map. They looked to be around her age, and she only recognized one of them. Because she had spent several days with her friend here in the Fire Nation, she was able to watch the Weiyue troupe when they performed somewhere. She squealed loudly and rushed up at the Weiyue troupe member and basically fangirled, holding her hands together and hopping on the balls of her feet excitedly.


"I know you! Are you Kui? You are amazing!" At least she kept her distance, but she was really turning on her doe eyes.


No matter how small a performer is, they have their own fair share of fangirls...


Miho Izisato [Crescent Island]


Unlike her Water Tribe friend, she wasn't all that close with her parents. She lived up near the volcano and it was really easy to leave her house undetected and meld into the human mass below that held the docks. All she had to do was take her backpack, put on her more public friendly clothes, and go on a little adventure. But this time, this adventure had a purpose beyond sightseeing. She had to find a way to the docks, so she could leave and find her friend. As she made sure her sweater, pants, and combat boots were on and her backpack filled and slung over her shoulder (with a good amount of coins hidden in her pants that held pockets), she hopped out her window. Because her house was a little up off the ground, she used her flames to shoot downwards, propelling herself from descending too fast. Once she landed safely, she ran away from home and found the bustling city. She couldn't help but get lost in the crowds until she found a young woman of nobility among the crowd. She stood out of place with her dress and gloves. She walked up to the lady and gave a little curtsy that showed off her status, despite the lack of a dress.


"Why, hello, my fellow fair lady. What brings you here? My name is Miho Izisato. Before I can help you, have you seen a young woman in blue clothes? Like, all blue. And she looks to be of the Southern Water Tribe." She asked in hopes of being able to find her friend, but she knew that with where they were, she wasn't going to be able to.

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{ Riorri | Air Nomad | Arrived ; Crescent Island }


They always favored ruins. Such beautiful and tragic keepers of history that suffered the grip of time. Riorri ran their fingers across crumbling stone, heat soaking into their skin as if the volcano never ceased its weeping completely. Hardly anything remained of the original Fire Temple by the end of the great war. Only fading chunks of wall and shattered pillars. Everything else had been claimed by the volcano. Sweeping their gray gaze over the charred land, they studied the new temple in the distance. From the records they'd read, the second temple was designed to be visually similar to the original one. Of course, Riorri wanted to see it for themselves, to confirm for themselves the similarities and the variances. But, they dared not. It was too sacred a place for the Fire Nation to simply allow tourists and non-sanctioned individuals within its walls. No matter how spiritually aware Riorri was raised to be. So, they would admire it from afar.


With a soft sigh, they tapped the butt of their glider-staff against the ground, coaxing the wings to unfurl, and left the mountaintop with a rush of air. From above, they could see nearly the entire coastal city. They'd been here for a few days already, taking their time to learn what they could, and had been told bits of the city's history--like how it struggled in its beginning to survive on a largely unforgiving land before the citizens managed to find a balance. Now, it thrived and, though most of the inhabitants were of Fire Nation origin, many from all sorts of lands came. Riorri could see the various colors of the outfits that signified Fire from Earth from Water and from the sparse Air. It was exciting to see, truthfully. 


Tilting into a roll, Riorri spiraled down to the city, finding a relatively flat rooftop to land upon. They sprinted across the crimson tiles and leapt to the ground on silent feet. The streets had been too full for them to comfortably use, though Riorri knew it wouldn't have been an issue. Still, they never could tell who might find issue with an Airbender dropping in unannounced. Glider wings folded safely away, Riorri entered the flow of bodies, aimlessly wandering the streets. Maybe they could visit the markets again and discover different wares today. Or they could look through the city, beginning at the oldest part and traveling to the newest area of development. Either way, Riorri didn't mind how their day might progress.


{ Gyiroh Lemeng | Earth Kingdom | Arriving ; Crescent Island }


Apparently, she hated being out on the water for an extended amount of time. Even with wood and metal beneath her feet, Gyiroh much preferred the steadiness of solid ground. Not for the first or last time, she wondered how she ended up on a cargo ship to begin with, leaving the Earth Kingdom behind to make for the Fire Nation. Gripping the railing, metal crunched beneath her hands, and Gyiroh scowled. She wasn't seasick so much as she was tired of seeing nothing but ocean. So, when the ship's Crow hailed about land, the Earthbender gave an exasperated shout. "Oh, finally! Get me off this wretched thing."


The ship came to port and Gyiroh made sure she was the first one to step on the dock, hurrying away from the water until she could feel real ground under her shoes. She closed her eyes, inhaled the smoky air, and the vibrations of the city came to her senses. Now that she was at the Crescent Island, she wasn't entirely certain of what she would do. That was likely to sort itself out eventually, though. She was just glad to see somewhere new for a change. The ache of home, however, hadn't begun to lessen since it first crept into her flesh part way through her trip. Gyiroh shoved it aside, resettled her bag over her shoulder, and looked to find something she could eat right away. She was extremely tired of fish and missed the savory meat of mammals. 


As Gyiroh bumbled about the streets, making her way from the piers to the markets, she ignored the people she bumped into and their subsequent protests. A blast of fire raced past her head and she halted, glancing over her shoulder to see the offended Firebender civilian. The man was grumbling something and Gyiroh smirked, leaning towards him with her hand cupping an ear. "I'm sorry, what? I can't seem to hear you."


"You got a lot of nerve, Earth girl, to be barging into people," the man said.


Gyiroh rolled her eyes and waved her hand dismissively. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Maybe people should learn to stay out of my way. Now, buzz off; I'm hungry." She started walking away, ducking beneath the next stream of flames and twirling to the side to face the grumpy man. A grin spread on her face and she leapt aside from another blast. She swept her body low, sliding a foot out and thrusting her palms forward. The ground bucked and surged, racing towards the Firebender and chucking him into the crowd of people behind him. Sniffing, she stuck out her tongue and pulled down on a lower eyelid. "You're lucky I'm more hungry than in the mood for a fight." With an upward thrust, a wall rose from the ground, driving people to hurry out of its way and providing Gyiroh a chance to vanish among them. Someone yelled after her, likely the grump, but she ignored it and headed to find a food stall or restaurant.

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< Kui - Crescent Island Dock >


By some godly miracle, the stranger backed down. Kui let out a small sigh of relief as he watched the anger sparking in the boy’s expression shimmer into a look of bewilderment. Oh, thank goodness. Kui didn’t know what he would do if the man yelled at him or, spirits forbid, get physical. Even though Kui had his fair share of experience with ruffians, he had limited knowledge with using his firebending for self-defense. If anything, he’d probably wildly throw flames around while sobbing as loud as he could and Kui would very much not like to go through that scenario a fifth time.  


The boy mumbled something incoherent under his breath, his eyes darting up and down Kui’s body, before admitting he was lost. Kui felt small under the boy’s scrutiny but also oddly relieved when the boy claimed to have a problem finding someone to help him. Maybe Kui had been too quick to the judge the stranger. The thought made Kui feel somewhat guilty. The least he could do was give the stranger some help.  


“I’m sorry to hear you haven’t found much hospitality here,” Kui said with an apologetic grin. “I’ve been having some trouble myself, but never mind that!” Kui waved a hand nonchalantly. “Where did you need to go? I’m sure we can—” 

“Wow,” the stranger said. “You’re poor. Want some money.”  


What? Kui stared at the stranger, his mouth formed into a perfect “o”. How did the stranger know he was short of cash? Was it how he looked? Did he look poor? Was the offer of money... supposed to indicate something? Despite his best efforts to maintain a modicum of professionalism, Kui sputtered.  


“Well I—doesn’t everyone want money?” Kui asked. His fingers fidgeted with the rim of his sleeve, nails digging into the cloth. “Where did you even get such an assumption?” Kui mumbled, softer this time. The stranger was spot on with his accusation, but how on earth did he figure out Kui’s money problem so quickly? 


Before the boy could answer, Kui could hear a stranger call his name. His brows furrowed as he turned his head towards the direction of the voice. He thought that perhaps someone was calling someone who shared a name with him, but no. As it turned out, there was a girl Kui had never met before excitedly bouncing right in front of him. She knew him? Kui blinked rapidly. He had several fans, yes, but he was used to the troupe as a whole getting praise as opposed to singular members. Kui had done decently once he had left the troupe, but he hadn’t expected a fan to greet him on Crescent Island, somewhere he hadn’t been here before. 


“Oh, hello there!” Kui said as he turned towards the girl. “Yes, I’m Kui Baiyan. I must admit I’m a bit surprised to meet a fan here, but I’m glad all the same.” Kui smiled at the strange girl. “Now who might you be?” 

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 The chaos was almost too much to take in. Almost. Several things happened in the first few minutes that Yota's sharp eyes had been trained to note. First two people where fighting over a map, conflict quickly resolved itself as a girl in blue came running up to the pair of guys. The horn of a fire navy ship sounded behind him as it pulled away from the docks, narrowly missing the Sea Dragon's tail that doubled as the rudder. A high class Noble lady was now standing alone beside the two brothers until another approached her and showed from her gesture she too was of high class. Then fire shot out of nowhere, a stray blast flying fast to the girls someone in the crowd shouted at another person. 


Military training kicked in at this point, identifying the immediate threat and quickly lept behind the two noble ladies blocking the orange flame with a short blast of his brilliant blue flames. Spotting the culprit, a grumpy guy shouting at a person not there anymore, in a wide berth of people who wanted to avoid getting burned. "You there! Watch your bending in a crowded place!" He turned to the women and bowed as he was taught.

He wasn't exactly noble class, but his father was well known as the Blue Phoenix of the sea, and had retired with high honors and still had plenty of connection with the upper classes as well as their respect. Commander Ixou would have been named Admiral before he decided to retire early. Still, from going to an elite military school, and his father's teaching, he knew how to pay proper respects to a high class citizen of the Fire Nation.  "I apologise for interrupting your conversation, and for overhearing a little bit, but the words Water tribe caught my interest. Are you, by any chance, looking for the girl over there near the crates by the alley?" He said softly waving in that general direction before realizing that his brother Kaiji was nowhere to be found. He took a deep breath in  then puffed out blue flames. His brother is good at melting into crowds. 





Crowds. Kaiji both loved and hated them. He could blend in easily, weaving through the throng like water through the smallest cracks in a dam, yet it was well, crowded. Too many people, too loud, too anxiety inducing, he just wanted to get the barrel, water, and leave. Be out in the quiet sea. So, while his brother was taking his barring and assessing the situation, he slipped off to the small shop near the alley way where three people where. One in blue caught his eye, and he paused briefly taking another look around. There's earth, air and water nation's here. It was so unlike his little sea town in the north, most of whom still hold on to the way it was during the 100 year war. Kaiji doesn't remember much of his childhood at the Capitol before they moved, so this was an absolute cultural shock to him. It wasn't until a ruckus was being caused did he snap out of his awe and pulled his hat low heading to the shop. He passed the three people there, stopping beside them to check the barrel he wanted for any cracks or defects then pulled out a couple silver and paid for it before rolling it off down the alley looking for a private well or a stream he could draw from. 

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[ yui || crescent island ] 


Yui had blended into the crowd, going along with the flow of people to avoid drawing too much attention to herself. Although she was still confused, the young girl didn't want to cause a stir -- after all, surely nothing too bad could happen on the normally-peaceful island, right? The citizens of Crescent Island went about their days, as the Hundred Years' War had ended so long ago, with an accepted peace that nothing could threaten to break. 


To her extreme relief, it isn't long before she is sighted -- by a kindly stranger, it seems. To Yui's surprise, the girl that appears before her is clear nobility; she carries herself with an elegant dip of her curled black locks, her red eyes calculating but not unkind. 


Yui returns the curtsy in kind, noting the girl's clear, correct posture. She smiles softly, a tingle of anxiety at the back of her mind. The girl clearly belonged to the Fire Nation's upper class, and while it is relief to find someone accustomed to her thoughts, Yui is aware she runs the danger of being recognised, too. She had left her veil in her basket, as to have one's face covered while going to pray seemed somewhat disrespectful to the dragons. 


"Good morning, Miss Miho," she replies, dipping her head as a sign of respect. "My name is Yui; it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm here for a small ceremony to hope for General Toukaku's military success." Conveniently, Yui left out the fact that she was related to her father, uncertain what kind of assumptions the other girl might draw. 


At the other's words, Yui thinks back, tilting her head curiously. A girl dressed in all blue? Certainly, such a sight would be visible, but she had followed the main road off of the dock as soon as she'd watched the Fire Nation ship sail off, and nothing of the such had caught her eye.


"I apologise," she says, "I was accompanied here by the military, and I haven't seen anyone of your description. However, if you're looking, I could --"


Before she can finish her suggestion, however, Yui's attention is drawn by a disruption further up the road, leading into the markets. It seems two benders had gotten into an argument, and before Yui could process the harsh words exchanged between the two, she pales instantly when a sudden wall appears further up the road. An Earthbender? This far in the Fire Nation?


Why -- ? Suddenly, Yui feels somewhat self-conscious of her own being, in particular her own light-eyed gaze. If there were Earthbenders here causing a ruckus, she certainly didn't want to be mistaken for someone causing trouble for the people of this Island. That would get her in a lot of trouble with her family, certainly. Unconsciously, she draws closer to Miho.


"Oh my," Yui says, covering her mouth with the gloves still held in her hand. "Does that happen --" 


She is interrupted again, this time by the appearance of sudden bright flames, heading right in their direction. Yui panics, taking a step back -- she is not dressed for the occasion, at all, and this is was -- 


To her surprise, however, a boy appears out of seemingly nowhere; his bright blue flames cut into the stranger's orange blast, separating the flames into harmless flickers that die off in the morning light. The newcomer, entirely unphased, bows low. She does not recognise him -- although he is dressed in familiar Fire Nation clothing, there are marks on his cheeks that are unlike anything he has ever seen, and he radiates a confidence that makes Yui feel somewhat wary.


She hasn't interacted with many men before -- only false suitors sent to her by her parents to access her abilities, and military men that frequented the house when her father had visited. It makes her somewhat anxious to interact with strangers, especially people she has never really held a conversation with, beyond the pages of dialogue found in her silly books and her own fantasies.


Thankfully, the boy seems to be speaking primarily to Miho. Yui shyly dips her head as a greeting, her tongue feeling too clumsy to thank the boy for his intervention, before she takes a small step back, almost hiding behind the other girl as she waits for Miho's response. Ah, her friend -- ? Before she can turn her attention to the pier, the boy puffs out a sudden blow of blue flames, making her jump slightly. 


Should she put on her veil? This turn of events is so ... unlike anything she had expected, originally heading to the Island. 




[ jun || crescent island dock ] 


Is the Fire Nation boy looking for a fight? Jun has half a mind to begin destroying things right now. Why is he sorry? For what? 


Jun squints at the other boy suspiciously as he picks up a delighted, light tone, offering to -- help? But, at the same time, he had become so flustered at the suggestion of Jun giving him money. Jun didn't understand. He had been hoping that the offer of gold would reassure the boy he did not have any ill-intentions when taking his map, and somewhat as a physical apology where he is not good with words, but his offer had been rejected in such an ... interesting way.


Well. That is the last time he will be nice to anyone, Jun decides, and he is opening his mouth to tell the boy to leave him alone when he is interrupted.


A girl rushes onto the scene, squealing something about the boy's name? A 'fan'?


What exactly did the other boy do? Jun glares daggers at the both of them, interacting in such a friendly way that it instantly has his entire body on guard. If he knew anything, from a childhood spent growing up in the Earth Kingdom's false monarchies, then it was that people interacted in nice ways out of necessity, and not true feeling. This could only mean one thing -- that the boy he had plucked the map from was more than just an ordinary citizen, and that he was potentially in danger.


Jun feels the metal bracelets around his wrists stir in response to his emotions, prepared for an attack, but he does nothing except stand there watching the two. A twinge of metal tells him that the other girl isn't exactly wealthy, either, which further adds to his confusion -- what use did commoners have for fake words and false niceties?


"I could tell because of your coins," he interrupts the two's interaction, crossing his arms. "You should be more careful with your possessions, Kui," he adds, the name sounding like an insult more than anything, before he dips into his pockets, metalbending a handful of gold coins that his father had sent before holding it out to Kui.


"For your map." Without pausing to see the other boy's reaction or taking a breath, he immediately turns to the girl. 


"Who are you? You're poor too." 

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Kirra walked around and found the bowl stall, starting to browse the selection of it. She had just picked up one and was looking a bit closer at it when she heard  commotion around there. She looked around and saw a girl conversing with a grumpy elder before there seemed to be an earth wall going him away. She heard what the girl said to him before watching her walk away towards some restaurants that were passed the stall that she was at. She put the bowl down, figuring that she would get it later and then went after the girl.


“Hey. That was a super cool thing you did. I’ve always admired earth benders. You’re not as destructive as fire benders. All we do is burn things. I know a nice food place we can eat and continue to talk if you’d like,” she said with a small smile before adding a few minutes later, “I’m Kirra by the way.” Then she started to head to her favorite restaurant before stopping to wait for her a few minutes later.

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{ Gyiroh Lemeng | Earth Kingdom | Crescent Island ; Markets }


It was a good thing food always smelt so good, or else Gyiroh would probably end up lost amidst the locals and the confusing streets. This way, she could just follow the aroma that eventually found its way to her. As her mouth started watering, someone began speaking and she stopped. Glancing over at the source, Gyiroh blinked slowly and registered who stood before her. A smile started to cross her face, tugging at the corner of her lips and lowering her eyelids. "Hey, yourself," Gyiroh replied. At the woman's complement, she stretched her arms up then clasped her hands behind her head. "Oh, that? That was nothing, but thank you." 


She would have added more but the woman continued, talking about firebenders and destruction. Gyiroh hummed. "True, fire burns. But, I like firebenders and their sense of style." She gave the woman an exploratory glance before continuing. "Both in bending and in clothing. Red wouldn't look all that great on me, though, I don't think." Looking ahead again, she followed Kirra's lead, accepting the offer of a place to eat. "Kirra, huh? That's a lovely name. I'm Gyiroh, kind of like gyra--" She cut herself off, humming a single sound. "Food sounds amazing. How long have you been on the Island? Or do you live here?" 


Should she worry about some random stranger's offer for food? It was entirely out of the blue but, Hell, Gyiroh wasn't going to turn it down, let alone complain. Talking over food was also an enticing thought. She could learn more about Kirra. Sailing the ocean didn't seem like such a bad idea after all. Quickly, she ran a mental count of the coin she had in her pouch, reminding herself of what she might be able to afford. She knew she could buy her own meal and maybe something for Kirra, too, depending on just how expensive this favorite restaurant of hers might be. 

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“You’re welcome and oh thanks,” Kirra said in reply to Gyrioh’s first few statements with a shy smile before listening to the rest of what she said while leading the rest of the way towards her favorite restaurant. “Thanks. My mom named me after my grandma. It’s nice to meet you,” she said in reply to her next few statements before hearing the questions and the other statement she said.


“Okay and it does. I’m starting to get a bit hungry now myself. I’ve been here all my life,” she said in reply before going down a few more stalls or so until she stopped in front of her favorite restaurant. “This place has really good food as well as dessert. I don’t come here as often as I used to but I still come here whenever I can get the chance to,” she said before opening the door and holding it open for the other girl.

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Kiyo Yaniho [Crescent Island]


Kiyo watched as Kui went from surprise to some happy expression, at least. He asked who she was and Kiyo had to swallow her fangirl nature to make a more public appropriate comment, as she already could feel the eyes staring at her from the immediate crowd.


"I'm Kiyo, a hunter from the Southern Water Tribe. Sorry about that, I get excited easily."


She chuckled nervously and scratched the back of her head. Of course, this was interrupted from the guy next to her. He was fairly buff and it actually kind of startled Kiyo a little bit. Until she realized she could make the water from the ocean freeze his feet if she wanted to. Still though, she wasn't all that great with waterbending. She was better with her spear than anything else. But she looked between Jun and Kui. What happened between the two of them, she didn't know. When Jun said something about judging his coinage for how poor he was, Kiyo got suspicious. How did he know? She looked over at Kui to see that his coin pouch was, indeed slim, but there was something off about the taller, more built man. When Jun targeted her for being poor, she scrunched up her nose at him in a more of a snarl, and she let her snootiness get the better of her.


"How did you know? My coins are in a hidden pocket." Of course, a thought occurred to her and she was a lot nicer in tone. "Wait... Are you an Earthbender? What's with the getup then? Why do you look like a Fire Nation civilian? It's not like the Fire Nation is going to hurt people who come by. That was at least a few centuries ago." She knew she was really on the line here, as she noticed the young man was on guard about something, looking like a cornered animal ready to pounce out of either fear or annoyance. She didn't know much about Earth Nation culture, especially ever since the divide between the nation's difference in their choice of government. All she knew was that some Earth Nation people are a little blunt when speaking about the truths in certain situations.


Miho Izisato [Crescent Island]


Miho smiled as her curtsy was returned in kind, but found this lady somewhat familiar. Though, she didn't know of her or her family, but she did have a book about the nobility of the Fire Nation families. Still, she hardly ever read the book and all it had were family trees with a very brief summary of the parent's positions and how good they are at Firebending or fighting in general.


As Yui introduced herself and stated her business, Miho nodded in acknowledgement and knew where she was going. Her father was going there, too. "Ah, yes, the ceremony. My father's going there to celebrate his success. Of course, I was told to wait at my house, so I snuck out." She gave a cheeky smile before quickly adding a more courteous sentence. "Oh, and it's a pleasure to meet you, too."


While Yui was apologizing and stating that she hadn't seen Miho's friend, she heard a rise in a stir of the crowd. She looked over just as the rise reached its peak and she saw a wall of earth erupt from the ground and then a flame came out towards them. She was just about to use her own Firebending to stop the flame, but all she did was a flinch forwards as she stopped herself. The only fluid motion she did was put out her arm in a protective stance to cover Yui. Of course, the flame was cut apart and flickered away in little embers as a boy used his own blue flames to destroy the orange blast. Miho relaxed from her battle stance and looked at the boy with a nod and a small smile of gratitude.


Of course, now she wanted to get into a fight, but she wasn't about to disgrace her family's name just for some little urge. She was much more disciplined than that. When Miho was in a private school, she had many friends, most of them being male. When her family went off to different nations and dragged her along, she would make at least one friend wherever she went. Because of that, she tended to have a lot of connections everywhere else. Of course, she also has had false suitors who wished to have her family's noble status, but she knew the difference between a man wanting to help and a man wanting something from a woman. Though, her detection of "real men vs fake men" wasn't all that great anyway. But she had full confidence that this one wasn't a fake. So, she gave him a curtsy.


"Why, thank you. Our friend and I are grateful for your intervention. Although," she gave a playful sneer at the young man. "I would have liked to show off a little bit, but seeing as how you beat me to it, kudos to you." She looked towards the general direction of where her friend could be and, for a split second between the moving crowd, she saw a flash of light blue and a large backpack. That must be her! She turned back to Yota again and nodded in thanks. "Thank you so much for being able to spot her."


When she was about to take a step forward, she saw Yota puff out a blue flame. That, as what she would have mostly found from others, was a sign of exacerbation or annoyance or something of the like. Usually though, it was a soft ember or a plume of smoke. Never something that large in size (even though it wasn't a whole lot bigger than an ember). She offered to help, too. Her friend can wait.


"What's your name? And you seem to be annoyed. You looking for someone, too? I mean, with how big this place is and how bustling it is, I wouldn't be surprised." She gave a slight giggle and looked over at Yui to see she was a little nervous. She stepped back a bit and offered Yui her arm.


"Hey, it's okay. You can stick with me. You'll be safe. I can guide you anywhere you want to go. My friend can wait for a bit."

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Without missing a beat he introduced himself. "I'm Yota Ixou, son of the late comander Lee Ixou Blue Phoenix of the seas. Bending in such a crowded place, and a flamable one too, shouldn't be considered suitable to show off one's skills. Even the best can't control their flames in a crowd. As for my annoyance, my brother wondered off. Our ship needed a new water barrel and probably went off to get it and fill it." He said waving to the Sea Dragon. "Although we would have been morred here if the young misses ship had struck our till. " He said softly and tilted his head to Yui speaking softly like one would coaxing out a frightened fire ferret. "The ship seemed familiar to me, do you by chance know the captain of the vessel? He seemed to study my ship like he'd seen it before. Perhaps he's one of my father's friends. " 

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ill let doc reply before writing one for jun : D ))


[ yui || crescent island ] 


She snuck out? Yui blinks, half in wonder at the girl's clear, joking attitude. Although Miho certainly has all the markings of the upper class nobility of the Fire Nation, there is a certain adventurous spirit to her that makes Yui instantly at ease in her presence, despite how chaotic her experience has been on the island thus far. She stands by, watching as Miho and the newly-named Yota exchange words, Miho's quick wit paralleled by Yota's polite curtness, despite his earlier entrance and his wild, blue flames.


To her surprise, instead of heading immediately for her friend, Miho offers her her arm instead. The girl's words are reassuring, kind beyond anything Yui could think of -- nevermind  what kind of reason Miho might have to help her in this way, and so Yui dips her head and smiles, taking the other girl's offered arm. 


"Thank you, Miho," she says earnestly, "I don't mind. I just have to attend the ceremony, and afterwards I don't have any plans ... if you'd like to see your friend, that's perfectly okay with me." 


Yota's words still make her wary, and she unconsciously draws closer to the girl by her side; regardless, Yui pokes out, lulled by the change in his demeanor and Yota's calm presence. At his words, her eyes widen -- ah, his brother? Maybe that is why he had been so reactive, earlier -- Yui imagines she would certainly be panicked if she had lost her siblings, although losing someone she has not seen for years now would be quite a challenge ...


"i-I'm so sorry," she immediately stammers out, upon hearing that the military ship had almost struck theirs. The General ... while he is a high-ranking man skilled in battle, he often has little care for the daily lives of ordinary citizens, a trait shared by her own father. Yui finds it disturbing -- how easily they disregarded the lives of others.


"He serves under my family," she confesses, despite having been distinctly wary of her status earlier, too caught up in the realisation and slightly upset at the General's lack of care. "One of the generals in the Fire Nation military -- I've known him since I was small. Perhaps he would have met your father in the military?"  


She tilts her head, thinking back -- the earrings she wears, small inlaid pearls in gold, brush the edge of her travelling cloak as she does so. General Ixou ... perhaps she has heard that name before, for it sounds vaguely familiar, but her father was hardly one to discuss battle with her. Regardless, the name sounds vaguely familiar, and it makes her stare at Yota in a new light, curiously wondering where she would have heard his name before.

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< Kui - Crescent Island Dock >


"Oh! The Southern Water Tribe!" Kui clapped his hands together excitedly. "I was only able to spend a short time there when I was with my troupe, but I loved every second of it. There was lovely scenery and even more lovely people." It was a slight exaggeration, but Kui had genuinely enjoyed the time he spent with the locals. It just so happened that he had visited the water tribe shortly before he decided to leave the troupe. There was some bad blood between him and a few of the other members of the group which had soured the experience. Despite that, Kui knew there was no reason to poison a fan's enthusiasm family drama. Kui smiled softly at Kiyo. "You don't need to apologize. It's always nice to meet a friendly face."


The pleasant atmosphere was shattered as soon as the aggressive boy positively snarled Kui's name before roughly pulling out a handful of gold coins and holding them out in an outstretched hand. Kui blinked at the stranger with a mixture of awe and confusion. The stranger was abrupt and crude, but he was also offering Kui far more money than the map was worth. It was... an alarming amount of money actually. Kui didn't usually see someone overpay that much unless they were a rich noble who didn't understand how valuable money actually was or they were paying for silence. Kui had seen the troupe accept "generous donations" several times for reasons that he never agreed with. It was actually one of the contributing factors to why he left in the first place. Kui eyed the money warily. He couldn't be certain if the stranger was naive or malicious and, if the was the latter, he would feel bad involving an innocent bystander in such a shady deal.


Fortunately for Kui, Kiyo managed to distract him from his moral dilemma.

"An Earthbender?" Kui echoed. He narrowed his gaze, glancing at the stranger from head to toe. Now that Kiyo mentioned it, some of his physical features, his gray eyes especially, were more befitting of that of a citizen of the Earth Kingdom than a local. Kui cocked his head to the side curiously. "You do look like you're from the Earth Kingdom," he said. "I recognize your bracers as an accessory I commonly saw on a lot of Earthbenders when I was traveling in the Earth Kingdom. I thought you might have gotten them imported in but..." That would explain how he could figure out both Kui's and Kiyo's financial status so quickly. He must have felt the coins with via Metalbending.


A thought came to Kui. If this stranger was from the Earth Kingdom then he might not understand the value of Fire Nation currency. It was a bit of a stretch considering that both kingdoms used copper, silver, and gold pieces, but it had been awhile since Kui had used Earth Kingdom money and he was not completely certain of its worth.


"Please," Kui said, gently closing the stranger's hand and pushing it away. "You're giving me more money than this map is worth. I can't take it in good conscience. If you'd like to borrow it for a few minutes to find where you need to go, I'd be happy to help." Kui couldn't take that much gold from a stranger, especially now that he decided the boy was simply rich and didn't know the value of his own money. As much as Kui needed to make money, he simply couldn't take the gold.

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[ jun || crescent island dock ] 


Jun blinks, instantly stunned -- how had his cover been blown so quickly?


He blames it on the multicultural aspect of the dock. With this many people blending in and out, there were undoubtedly Earthbenders that drew a scene -- whether through challenging other benders to fights or making terrible impressions on the Fire Nation, other people's insolence had lead to his identity being so easily discoverable.


Which begs the question -- what is he to do?


The instant answer that jumps into Jun's head is to knock both of them out. During his travels he has come face-to-face with bandits, wayfarers, horrid people willing to go as far as to sell the clothes on his back for money, and even though the girl and boy before him now do not seem malicious, Jun does not trust them.


But he is in a public place, too surrounded to hide two bodies, too crowded to make a quick escape, and so Jun draws back, bristling. He is just preparing to throw the coins up, metalbend them into tiny disks and throw them forward as a distraction to get away, when --


The other boy's -- Kui, as had been named earlier -- warm fingers touch on his own, and Jun's head snaps up in awe as Kui gently closes his palm, pressing him back and offering the map with a kind smile.


In good conscience?


That is something only his father -- with his head buried in books, always reading, always thinking -- would say, and hardly something that would apply to the current world, Jun thinks. He has seen enough military expansion, Earth Kingdom governmental policies, to realise that the world is harsher than the ideal moralities found in books.


But the two travelers before him now, the girl blinking at him challengingly, defending -- imagine that, someone so obviously from the Water Tribes defending the Fire Nation -- a land she has just landed on, and this Fire Nation boy turning away his money ... it is ... unexpected.


"Metalbender," Jun mutters, snatching his hand back from Kui's warm fingers and crossing his arms. "I don't Earthbend unless I have to do. Don't agree with it politically." Looking up, he dares either one of the two to challenge him on his thoughts. "i'm giving you the money, so take it. If you want to help, I want to go up the mountain and touch the lava." 

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{ Gyiroh Lemeng | Earth Kingdom | Crescent Island ; Markets ; Dining }


So the woman was local. Staying on an island all her life was a thought that made Gyiroh itch for different scenery. After all, it was largely why she was even on Crescent Island in the first place. "Don't you ever wish you could travel somewhere else?" she asked. "You know, see the world a little bit?" Then again, Gyiroh hadn't lived in one place for her entire life; she'd already traveled a bit of the Earth Kingdom. However, that had been out of necessity, not out of a desire to. 


She paused for a moment at Kirra's comment. "What made you stop?" Gyiroh was probably prying, but it was a curious thing to suddenly change one's habit. Grinning when the other woman held the door open, she slipped into the small structure and quickly glanced about at the surroundings. Cozy, the place only sported a handful of tables and was mostly lit by sunlight that streamed through the windows. Lanterns on the walls chased away whatever shadows they could in the corners. "Since you picked the place, I'll treat. Where do you want to sit?" Gyiroh knew some people tended to have preferences or such. Personally, she liked being near a window--it meant she had somewhere to go. 


[[Hey, Aroara, are you alright if I have Riorri cross paths with Kaiji in my next post?]]

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((I'm waiting for medic to post before I post Yota again but kaiji's turn is now.))



Rolling the barrel past a well, he went to the outskirts of the bustling town to a stream that was naturally filtered through the pumice stone. Looking around for anyone watching he popped the lid of the barrel and started to waterbend the stream into the barrel. He was there for almost five minutes and it was a quarter the way full and he mentally debated on leaving with it like that, but since they where on land, he might as well just fill it up completely. That would take him at least another fifteen minutes. 

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