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Hello People of Dragon Cave

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I joined Dragon Cave on April 28th, 12 days ago. So far I really love it, it's fun to grow cute dragons. (I don't use a name generator to name my dragons by the way). One day I am going to collect all of the dragons and sort them by the Dragonopedia so other users can fill their 'pedias. I came to the forums so I could suggest something (most people have problem also suggested this). I feel like it would be a nice addition to add dragons with different colors through breeding, sort of like an inheritance thing. It would add more variety and probably attract new people to the site, while also gaining returning members. *This is starting to sound like a boring ELA essay lol*


Anyways, I hope all of you have a good day.

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Hello, welcome! Be sure to read the rules for each section before posting, and it sounds like you're looking for the suggestions forum! Happy posting :)

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